You should call if you have any questions about poisoning or poison prevention. ), Name of the product (ingredients and strengths, if known). 1.2 What happens to cobalt when it enters the environment?

HealthDay Reporter.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Drill bits, saw blades, and other machine tools, Cardiomyopathy (a problem where your heart becomes big and floppy and has problems pumping blood), Person's age, weight, and condition (for example, is the person awake or alert? Similar to indigo, it’s a deep color which promotes deep thinking and intuition. Cobalt glass such as Bristol blue glass is appreciated for its attractive colour and is popular with collectors. By Robert Preidt. Last year, McDonald's recalled 12 million Shrek-themed glasses because the painted designs contained cadmium, the researchers said. This page will look into the history and application of the color, plus the meanings and psychological influences that it may have on some individuals. Blood and urine tests, x-rays and ECG (electrocardiogram, or heart tracing) may be performed. A.D.A.M., Inc. is accredited by URAC, for Health Content Provider ( It is used in the distinctive blue bottles of Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry and Tŷ Nant mineral water. 2004. You can swallow too much of it, breathe too much into your lungs, or have it come in constant contact with your skin. However, absorbing a large amount of cobalt over longer periods of time can lead to serious health problems, such as: If you or someone you know has been exposed to cobalt, the first step is to leave the area and get fresh air. It would also likely suggest a person that was very in tune with their intuitive side, often relying on their sixth sense, seeing patterns and making connections between things. Call 911 for all medical emergencies. Cobalt is a very intense colouring agent and very little is required to show a noticeable amount of colour. Around 7 out of 10 tested positive for lead or cadmium, both toxic metals. They will give you further instructions. 1.7 How can families reduce the risk of exposure to cobalt? [4] Cobalt aluminate, also known as "cobalt blue",[5] can be used in a similar way. Learn more about A.D.A.M. The earliest known example of cobalt aluminate glass dates to a lump from about 2000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, very possibly intended for use as a pigment; it was rare until the modern era. 5. Cobalt is a very intense colouring agent and very little is required to show a noticeable amount of colour. You will see this in the way they dress, interior design and other outward expressions, perhaps in jewelry, unique clothing and tattoos. To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. ATSDR Toxicological Profile for Ionizing Radiation, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. In addition to natural impurities, glass is colored by purposely introducing minerals or purified metal salts (pigments). These metal particles (ions) can get released into the hip socket and sometimes the bloodstream, causing cobalt toxicity. This list may not be all-inclusive. Psychology & Influences – Cobalt is a sedating color which reduces physical energy, like regular blue it can also lower or suppress emotional energy. In order to make the best decision for your products, factor in light protection, shelf life, and marketing. ], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Bromo-Seltzer: Cobalt Blue bottles - Brief Summary, M-inside-a-circle: Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore (prolific producer of cobalt blue glass containers), An Archaeometallurgical Explanation for the Disappearance of Egyptian and Near Eastern Cobalt-Blue Glass at the end of the Late Bronze Age,, Articles needing expert attention with no reason or talk parameter, Articles needing unspecified expert attention, Articles needing expert attention from November 2010, Articles needing additional references from December 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 March 2020, at 05:00. Dyes and pigments (cobalt blue) Magnets; Some metal-on-metal hip implants; Tires ; Cobalt was once used as a stabilizer in beer foam. The pigment of cobalt was created independently in the west from its origins in China . [7] Cobalt was used as a pigment in Central Asia from the 13th century. Treatment for swallowed cobalt: The health care team will treat your symptoms and order some blood tests. You can swallow too much of it, breathe too much into your lungs, or have it come in constant contact with your skin. Techniques in Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

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Some isotopes of cobalt are radioactive and ingesting it in large quantities can cause problems with your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but it is found in small quantities in vitamin B12. This usually will only happen in industrial settings where large amounts of drilling, polishing, or other processes release fine particles containing cobalt into the air. MONDAY, Nov. 6, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Fun, decorative drinking glasses may contain potentially harmful levels of … Cobalt is a popular darker shade of blue, which is also know as Thenards blue. This means the chemicals could be ingested over a long period of time. Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Cobalt lovers would likely have similar traits to the conventional blue personality, such as reserved and introverted. 1.4 How can cobalt enter and leave my body? Cobalt glass plates are used as an optical filter in flame tests to filter out the undesired strong yellow light emitted by traces of sodium, and expand the ability to see violet and blue hues,[1] similar to didymium glass. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. If cobalt came in contact with the skin, wash the area thoroughly.

Cobalt also helps with concentration and creative thinking. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.

Treatment for skin contact: Since these rashes are rarely serious, very little will be done. 's editorial policy editorial process and privacy policy. The color is sometimes referred to as Thenards blue. Records suggest the first use of the name cobalt being assigned to the color in English was around 1770 – 1780. A fragment of a mud painting in the ancient Tangut city of Khara-Khoto has been found to contain smalt, judged to be dated between the 11th and 13th centuries. Cobalt, elemental. This would be a person that appreciates art and beauty, likely favors abstract art. The cobalt color is the result of cobalt monoxide and Cobalt poisoning that occurs from constant contact with your skin will likely cause irritation and rashes that go away slowly. Cobalt poisoning can also occur from the wear and tear of some cobalt/chromium metal-on-metal hip implants.

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