I switched from BR2 primers to a 215M primer just to try things and it now shoots consistently .5" groups.

The 200 CT came apart and penetrated the least of all (including all 338 Fed bullets).

Did some fiddling with primers today.

I received a response regarding my email to Alliant about the Power Pro powder.

I use the RCBS dies for resizing and the Redding neck sizer for follow on work. 48 gr of Reloder 15 pushing 185 gr TSX and 200 gr Hornady Interlock bullets. So go slow and make small changes like you have already. The trigger had some serious trigger creep. The 210 Scirocco II and the 185 TTSX came just short of penetrating all four. Anyone got any updates on loads? I missed Fed Ex today.

It gives me about 2700 FPS or a little better and kills deer like lightning. Guys thanks for this discussion. I also ran the 180 BTs with TAC. Limited to one per load. See, you can get 11 pounds of [bleep] in a 5 pound sack.... You have to admit it does "look" accurate. VS the new powder? I also ordered 2 boxes of Partitions seconds.

It's my go-to bullet now. correct? Blew up everything inside.

Assuming you meant to say "work up to some max loads", yes, you can simply run 308 brass through a 338 FED full length sizing die and then load away. Any suggested starting points would help as I've never shot all copper bullets before. 49gn was 2826 and was starting to show signs of pressure. Threw a small piece of lead all the way through a ham.

Groups were under 1 inch and I�m pleased. powdr.

Short story,I purchased a Sako 85 S in 338 Federal.

Some I would consider include TAC, RL15, IMR4198, BL(C)2 and A2230. If it's big enough to mount it's big enough to worry about the sst. In fact, I've loaded a bunch of .338 RCM loads with standard primers, to see if I really need magnums with them. Due to unprecedented sales volume, please expect shipping times to be delayed 7-10 days. I was also trying different techniques with the Kimber so I'm sure there is plenty of room for improvement there.

Eh? I haven't shot the SSTs into game so take it for what it's worth, but it's probably the one bullet I would not use on anything.

Another bullet that has pleasantly surprised me is the 200 Hot Cor.

Your 47gr of 8208 with a 185 is nearly 100FPS faster with a grain less powder than I use.

180 BT vs. 185 TTSX, the Barnes shows less psi signs at the same charge weight).

I would use it again on deer but it is primarily a hog gun so I switched to 185gr ttsx.

It's built for 338 WIn Mag speeds. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR…

Wanted to use the trophy bonded tip bullet, but last price I saw was unbelievable, could buy premium factory ammo cheaper than could reload with them. Thanks, I kind of thought that RL-15 was too slow. Been seating them to magazine length in a save action, Yeah we did that this morning with the accubond load. I shoot a Remingto 700 BDL short action with a Shaw barrel and Remington laminated stock in 338 Federal. I guess the 2000MR powder doesn't outperform TAC. Its a full length die. Just found this thread.

There is a great selection of .338″ bullets with high ballistic coefficients. It is 2000MR, and he said they don't have any loads for the 338 Fed and are working on getting it to market. Accurate 2230-C has been shooting great (five shot, 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards) but I just don't like using ball powders in cold hunting conditions. IMR® ENDURON® 8133. Against the wishes of many, my W-W brass is now on it's sixth firing.

It has been by far the most accurate bullet so far. of Lever was yet another 2 1/4 in.

L6: 2.820 inch = 71.63 mm Barrel Length : 22.0 inch = 558.8 mm Powder : IMR 8208 XBR Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge, I think the 200-210s may be better suited to the 2000MR.

Any sugestions on where to start for a short (20") barrel?

Getting a 225 to 2625 is essentially matching a 338-06. Is it compressed much? The good news is the bullets you listed will probably kill just about anything you want to shoot. 2725 without even the slightest hint of pressure. In some powders there are lot to lot variances. Can't wait to try some of these loads out.

Shot some IMR 8208 XBR in the 338 Fed yesterday.

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