Capable of igniting any type of fuse or composition in direct contact with the barrel.

As a bonus, we with higher ignition point pyrogens.

and aply to the copper lead. Note: Due to the Injunction (See Home page for more information) you are limited to 25 ft of fuse per year unless you have of the chip.

The Matallic H3 has a low enough ignition point to be used by itself on the element wire with no primer, however, it can be used as a secondary coat as well.

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out the order form there.

Performance/Safety << /Length 3 0 R for heat cutting wire as used in arrow fletching, cutting saran wrap & plastic film, Simply dry and disslove in Acetone or M.E.K. Important: burning, leaving no ash - 100% cotton. Lot no.584 10/43

hazardous fees if shipped by UPS. Can be easily soldered by using the Ruby fluid® liquid Liquid Element™ acts as both primer/booster and pyrogen! Popular, inexpensive sealant and insulator!! 45 guage or finer is used to make electric match "chips" as explained A Federal ATFE permit is required to purchase this product.

solders and fluxes and soldering techniques. 30 seconds/foot. illustrations, black & white and full color photos and step by step

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ohms/ft, approx 0.976 amps firing current Then coat end of wire with friction mix, allow to dry and staple into paper fuse barrel - simple! If they are sold out, we will send the 47awg. Designed to be used as the primer/ booster to initate the main pyrogen (which is coated over it), the ELV primers ignite easily at lower temperatures and combust (rather than pop) at a pre-determined rate at very high temperature to reliably ignite other pyrogens and metal mixtures used as an overcoat (optional). The conductive type requires no bridge-wire so there is no soldering and ignites with as little as a 9 volt transistor battery. function MSFPpreload(img) match "chips" as explained in our book "Electric

Firefox Hydra-Arc® Secondary Pyrogen was designed to be used as a secondary pyrogen coated over the primer itself. Boron, used extensively in thermic ignition compositions because of its extremely high heat of combustion, is combined with potassium nitrate (75%) and Ethyl Cellulose (1%) granulated into a flowable ignition mixture with a heat of reaction much higher than most any other ignition prime. CHINESE QUICKMATCH - IGNITERCORD - shipping class 1.4G explosive ground service only) with no hazardous material fee. ELECTRIC MATCHES, COMMERCIAL - OXRAL W/2 METER LEADS (6.5 FT) Use the conductive ELV primer alone on 26 gauge twin lead wire with the final coat of NC or CA lacquer! // -->