... Haga, Suunto or Silva Clinomaster): ensure to use the right scale for the actual distance. Tree top is not visible or misinterpreted. Now that you have the angle, measure the distance between the tree and where you were standing in step one. The indicator and scale systems are integrated into a rugged light metal casing and protected against outside influences. A clinometer is a fairly simple instrument which is used to measure the angle of a slope. The use of a clinometer to measure tree height. This method requires a square piece of paper or card and a way to measure distance from the tree. The distance is equal to the height of the tree from the height of your eye (see diagram above for clarification). Stand up straight on level ground. Many different measurement devices are available, while most of the modern ones calculate tree height based on measured distances and angles. Remember you measured from your eye height and so you have to include how high your eyes are. Great accuracy; Easy to use… There are a few apps that will do the job and the ones I have tried seem to be fairly accurate. Combining precise functionality and comfortable handling with a long-life cycle, the altimeter became an unique product classic.

The pistol-shape makes using the Haga altimeter easy, comfortable and accurate . In contrast tree length is the distance between the stem foot and the top along the stem axis.

Hold a pencil up in your outstretched arm. Stand far enough back that the tree height fits within the length of the pencil.

I also won’t suggest they are an adequate replacement for more time tested methods, but perhaps they soon will be? Total height is of interest to characterize a stand for example by determining the yield class or to estimate tree volume or tree biomass. Tree top and stem base should be visible from the observer's position. Measure the angle between the top of the tree and the ground from your eye. Please let me know if you have another method worth adding! With an angle of 45°, the math is easy and height equals distance. distance should be at least equal or larger that tree height.

Dengan … Haga GmbH + Co KG – Metallwarenfarbrik – Fürther Straße 174 – 90429 Nürnberg – 0911 313123 – [email protected], Höchste Präzision und Zuverlässigkeit bei der Fertigung von Metallwaren. Sometimes we need to calculate the height of a tree and the above four methods will get the job done. Diameter tape, or D-tape, is used primarily to measure a tree's diameter, usually at breast or chest height, the most common measurement made by tree professionals.This tape has regular length measurements on one side and diameter conversions on the other.

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