You can take the top piece to the drill, then realign the pieces and mark the bottom piece with the center punch. (Okay, the aluminum rivet looks distorted in the photo… because I used the dimple that was made for the copper rivets. You essentially just punch your hole, set the rivet, place the whole thing against a hard surface and give it a good whack. Sometimes we sell out of components and aren’t able to order more from

Could using a hammer help OP. You are almost ready to set the rivet… but first you need to check the fit and trim it to size. Drill into the rivet head and carefully use a hammer and punch to drive it out of the hole. When I first started using rivets I knew the basics: drill a hole, insert the rivet, pound the heck out of it.

If you can hold the 2 pieces very tightly to prevent any shifting of metal, then you can drill through both together. Also, given OP's inexperience and frugality, I doubt (s)he has a mallet. Drill your hole and deburr the back. :/ thanks! Now that the rivet anvil is made, gather the last remaining tools: a center punch (I use a spring loaded one) and a hammer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You have just set a solid round rivet. the design and make it yours by substituting similar products or altering the entire color Show how to make one of the tools required to set round rivets, 3. Learn how to use the Tandy rivet setter with this tutorial. Place the bottom half of the rivet through the hole in the underside of the leather. If not, what are my other options?

They carry some hard to find sheet metal and a large variety of rivets. All or most of the products needed for this project are shown Press J to jump to the feed. Share it with us! For all drilled holes, I use a drillpress. That being said, /u/beastmancaravan is right, rivet sets are cheap. Sometimes this is a good idea as when drilling through 2 pieces at the same time, the drill bit may walk a little before going into the bottom piece. I found a great supplier online: My suggestion is cheap, since everyone has a hammer, and simple. Also be sure to mark the holes where the rivets will be placed on both pieces. Regaliz 10mm Tan and Black Flat Leather by the Inch, TierraCast 4mm Antique Pewter-Plated Brass Rivet Set (Pack of 10), Expand All

below with quantities. To see many of my riveted projects, check out my gallery at Decide which end you want up and mark (with the center punch) a hole for the jumpring. Unless you break out the micrometer, you will have to eyeball the depth. For the future, learn how to tuck in the thread in the holes and seal them in there with wax.

on Introduction.

Learn how to punch holes in leather and apply rivets for attaching clasps and decorations. Is it possible to do that without buying a setter? Here's the beginner set from Tandy... its $6.29 CDN right now Nice choice! No, it certainly isn't. If not making the pendant, just grab some scrap sheet metal to check your anvil. You now have a beautiful leather bracelet decorated with rivets, Pre-BLACK FRIDAY Blowout | Save Up to 75% ►.

$30? You now have a finished rivet. While holding pressure on the rivet head, use diagonal cutters to cut the rivet shank so that about 1/16” is sticking above the metal surface. Using the peen side of your hammer, carefully strike the center of the rivet to flatten and spread the rivet. Whether you drill through one at a time or both together, you want to deburr the hole on the back side of both pieces. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. I love how you have used the two materials so seamlessly. This is really cool. Whyuse adhesives or ugly nuts and bolts when you can use permanent solid round rivets to create a nice looking solid connection. I'd prefer not to have to spend $30+ on a tool I will only use once.

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