Wade Bourne, host of Wade's World on MyOutdoorTV, shows you how to use a follow-up lure when you've missed on a big bass. Wade Bourne, host of Wade's World on MyOutdoorTV, shows you how to use a jerkbait stinger hook. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download.

You have to reel down and tighten up before sweep setting into the fish. What if you want to be closer to the action though? Well, when it comes to bigger worms, pro anglers on the national bass circuits give the unqualified answer of “yes,” at least as far as plastic worms and fish holding on deep sum ...more. With this rig you want to use a stick bait worm, such as a stik-o or senko worm. This is great for skimboard enthusiasts who live far away from a big body of water.

The texas rig is the most basic and common rig. As you can see, he spends a lot more time on top of his cage than inside of it.

In clear, rocky lakes, rig the craw with pincers trailing behind on a … Wade Bourne of MyOut ...more, Clumsiness is the great equalizer when it comes to smartphones — it makes no distinction between the most expensive flagship handset and cheaper mid-range models.

In this video tutorial, Wade shows you the steps to fishing a live bait rig. You may know that they don't give you tons of bites, but in this case, quality is the key.

I then pitch it to cover and let sink and drag a little and repeat. Here are 4 of the most critical ways to rig a soft plastic. For this rig you will need a special jig head known as either a shakey head or stand up jig head.

The deeper the water the heavier the weight. Maybe you need some help, and Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV has just the tip. In this video, he shows you how to use dip bait to improve your catfish catches on the waters. Then, similar to the texas rig, mark with your finger how far and at what angle to put the hook in so that just the point of the hook is exposed. 3. It may smell disgusting, but it's well worth trying out. The next rig is called the wacky rig. There he is, in all his scaly reptilian glory. Watch as Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV shows you how to fish a pl ...more, If you want to catch more bass this spring, then you need to fish soft plastic jerk baits. This puts consumers like us in a bi ...more, Large, sweaty men are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word football, but for this video, we're not talking about the guys on the playing field, we're talking about the guys in the fishing boat, the kind of guys who like to use a "football jig". This rig is very effective at catching alot of bass. A b ...more, If you're targeting big bass during the summertime, the best bait to use is a swimbait lure. This makes the rig more compact and prevents the bullet weight from sliding up the line.

Then pull the bait up and insert the hook at the point you made with your finger. To catch a lot of bluegill fish, the best way is with a slip float rig. Not only that, but when you buy a top of the line component, 3 months later (at most), your hardware will likely be outdated. Use tandem rigging to get it done. Did you make this project? The next rig is called the wacky rig. Particular ...more, To fish with a plastic grub or a plastic worm, rig with a lead head so that the lure will go to the bottom and "swim" back to the boat, imitating a crayfish or a baitfish.

With this rig you want to use a stick bait worm, such as a stik-o or senko worm. The weight is all at the bottom of the line. site: sports | ptype: stories | pageType: stories | This soft plastic frog bait is the perfect lure for bass fishing. It uses a bullet weight and either an offset shank worm hook or an Extra Wide gap hook.

Here's how to rig a tube bait: Rig a 3-inch tube like you would a grub.

Wa ...more, Christmas trees, once decorated and brightly lit, are the penultimate holiday decoration, but authentic pines lose their brilliance fast without any nourishment.

Before there were palm-sized smartphones with seemingly endless features, there were phones like Motorola's RAZR that peaked with its embedded camera. We have had good success Carolina rigging with 1/4-ounce weights and pulling it over the top of grass and stumps to get bites without the weight snagging.

You can still get some great shots, but there are some things that are really hard to do if you don't ha ...more, Cheese makes everything better. Take clean plastic bottle with mouth about 5 inches to fit the ship 2.

They drive bass wild. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop, VMC Ike Approved Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook, 5 Best Rigs for Bass Fishing Soft Plastics. What is it exacty? When you are texas rigging a crawfish you want to do the same thing as texas rigging a worm except since crawfish swim backwards you want to put the eye of the hook at the tail end of the crawfish. Step 4: The Wacky Rig.

A lot of people will use a bead to protect their knot from the weight. This video demonstrates how to correctly rig a YUM Craw Bug by 10-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Alton Jones.

But we've seen times where a really long leader of 3 to 5 feet works too. It's super cheap to build, and can add a little bit of creative fun to your next sports party. And ...more, Your smartphone stays with you everywhere you go, so it's only a matter of time before you spill coffee all over it or drop it on the ground. This presents the bait in a realistic manner. If you need some help rigging a soft plastic fishing bait, this quick video can help. Pro tip: With cover, we will usually opt for a lighter weight. There's a big explosion with a bass hooked up. You can vary the weight and leader lengths on a Carolina rig to give the bait a different action and to fish it faster and deeper efficiently. Share it with us! Keeps the weight against your worm.

Soft plastic jerkbaits are great lures for catching bass in shallow ...more, In the summer and fall, swim baits are very effective in luring in forage fishes that have reached their maximum size.

A Carolina rig basically consists of a weight like a barrel weight, egg sinker or big bullet sinker, a hook, a swivel with a leader of line and whatever plastic you like.

That's with a leadhead jig. What if you want to feel what it's like to be in a rocket at takeoff? They look lifelike, but won't make you feel like an awful fisherman. That's been a question for fisherman since fish existed.

3. Plus, if you ...more, Summer is here, and temperatures are rising. Most of them are purchased without hooks and the angler must rig these baits before using them.

This is so that you can make it as weedless as possible. Pro tip: If we are Carolina rigging a larger soft plastic like a Zoom Brush Hog or a Gene Larew Salt Craw, we will use a bigger extra wide gap hook that can penetrate the bulk of the plastic on the sweeping hookset you often use with a Carolina rig because you have to set your hook through the weight down a long leader. In the water it will cause the jig head to sit with the hook facing up at a 60 degree angle. Simply putting the hook only once into the worm, to watch it jiggle-jaggle. Dip bait is commercial catfi ...more, Gulp shrimp are hands down the most popular soft plastic lures for saltwater fishing today. The other way to rig a tube is the most common one also. In open water situations, attach the creature bait to an 18- to 24-inch leader, but shorten the leader when fishing grass. Consider these tips when rigging and choosing a Carolina rig for covering a lot of water quickly with a soft plastic lure.

You get a team crazy enough to create the first true virtual reality theme park (sorry, Six Flags).

It's just a fact. It is similar to the Texas rig in that the plastic worm or bait is rigged weedless, but the weight is separated from the lure with a leader and a swivel. Hobby rockets are tons of fun.

Line J ...more, There are tricks to hooking plastic baits. Well, it's exactly what the name implies: a jig rigged with a trailing plastic worm. You will need a lot of plastic, some pool noodles, water, and of course, a skimboard. Those waters are filled with wails of hideous creates murdering other hideous creatures for food and sport. This tutorial explains how to rig many of the popular styles. Then pull it out and slide the top of the bait all the way up to the jig head until it is securely on. Sometimes a fish will move the bait and the weight is sitting on the bottom introducing more slack. I don't know if it's pos ...more, Fish a live bait rig for bottom-dwelling fish, Fish for catfish using flavored dip bait paste, Rig a YUM craw bug fishing bait with Alton Jones, How I Record Backyard Flights with a Cheap, Embeddable DIY Rocket Cam, Fish a mega plastic worm bait for bigger bass, Your Guide to Buying Computer Parts: How to Get the Most for Your Money, 5 Weird & Easy Ways to Water Your Christmas Tree, Make a DIY Home Theater Projector and 50" Screen for Only $5 (Great for March Madness! The creature bait is a great alternative to the plastic lizard for dragging on a Carolina rig because it imitates a crawfish better. There are more durable beads on the market now that work a lot better with tungsten.

Pegging the weight allows your bait to go through hard-to-fish cover without getting hung up. Nice instructible, Electrification & Restoration of a 1970's Raleigh Shopper. For the Texas rigs, I always stick a toothpick in the bullet weight and break it off. Once you have it down a quarter of an inch you want to push the hook out of the bait. You see, Iggy here doesn't deal well AT ALL with confinement. This is a great, realistic looking crawfish bait that's best for catching bass. I peg the weight with a rubber stop so it stays right at the hooks eye.

Simply substitute a plastic craw for a pork bait or other soft plastic trailer and rig it on the jig hook so the pincers trail out the back. This video will show you how to make a backyard skimboarding setup.

There are a few different ways to rig gulp shrimp. Swim baits are plastic figures th ...more, Learn to make a model ship to put in a bottle with this video guide. To start the process, tie your hook onto a leader of line. Before that, there were simple flip phones with texting capabilities, bulky tw ...more, What's a jig worm? Then take a circle hook or an octopus hook and put it through the middle of the worm. It's a typical scenario in bass fishing. First, cast your lure out to a likely spot like a rock or a tree or some place that looks like a good hab ...more, If you want to learn a little bit about fishing, Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV is the perfect fisherman to learn from. Tip: Plastic worms should be rigged so that they don't slide up or down, because this ...more, No one fishes with a frog as lure, except when it comes to the non-living kind. ...more, Fishing for catfish?

This technique is deadly around boat docks, grass beds, and points. Watch, learn, then try this live bait rig action on your next trip out on the lake.

Here's How to Build a Personal A/C for Under $15, I Entered THE VOID & Its Incredibly Immersive Approach to VR Blew Me Away, What's New in iOS 14? Pierce a hole on the top of the bottle using compass. Pegging the hook is a term used by anglers when they add a rubber bobber stopper or something similar that pins the weight to the top of the hook. Video: .

Next line up where the shank of the hook bends and mark that on the plastic with your finger. First you want to put the hook down into the bait until you reach the bend in the hook.

Let's be honest though, grating cheese is one of the worst things ever.

This is a great, realistic looking crawfish bait that's best for catching bass.

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