Otherwise it’s just mean. Like he’s going to go “Oh actually I’m the worst and will ruin your life and maybe give you two strains of herp.

Reasonably, this may leave you beyond puzzled. From there, he's hopefully intelligent enough to guide you...pulling you down by the hips/ass if he wants you closer for example. Either you’re sitting directly down on his face trying not to suffocate him, or you’re squatting above him like you’ve missed your last 10 reps at the gym.

Being so direct about my pleasure took a lot of work for me, as you can see here. My partner knows what I like — what works, doesn’t work, and what’s just meh.

Do you find yourself repeatedly asking your girl if she wants to have some sexy sitting time on your face, only to be met with bored or embarrassed nos?

I admit, I do love chasing that orgasm. He’ll do a complex choreography of different things, like making his tongue wide and thrusting it deep inside me, then moving it around after it enters me. I'm just saying, if you want to, you totally can. you can do one of two postions: 1. get into 69, scrutch back towards his face, your knees will stradle his head, lower yourself, but not onto his face. Yes, it is about intimacy.

I am 5'4", 120 lbs, she is 4'10", 90 lb. #1 It’s uncomfortable. This is so porny!

(You must log in or sign up to reply here. [Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind].

Face sitting can also be done while he is sitting on the floor and you’re squatting over him.

5. I’m in control of the pressure of stimulation, the speed of my grinding against his lips and tongue, and how often I let him come up for air. OK, while he's lying on his back. And, if his hands aren’t tied up, he takes it. But for me, sex is also about that wonderful, satisfying, stress-relieving release — for both of us. It takes a certain bravery to open yourself up and get in someone’s face so intimately, but if you find yourself feeling a bit vulnerable, remember that the incredible pleasure you’re about to experience will be a nice distraction from any personal reservations you may have. Face-sitting can be a super intimate experience and bring you closer to your partner. Get the very best of LovePanky straight to your inbox!


A lot of women are uncomfortable in the domineering role in the bedroom and would much rather you “take her” than exercise control over you. She has met this other woman through work that appearently belongs to this group that is into face sitting and they get together about once a month. And that’s that. Constant thoughts about the aforementioned suffocation, holding yourself up properly, worrying about body odor, bum distance, or whether he’s looking up at your belly are all just uncomfortable thoughts that a girl would rather not have while she’s trying to get her rocks off. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]. i think you will love it. #4 Smells… and stuff. #7 Too much concentration. But sometimes, yeah, there it is, a few good photos of this guy and four words of effort. Required fields are marked *. He’ll alternate between kissing and licking and sucking and massaging my clit, and he’ll also hold his tongue still while I rub myself against it. Enjoy the ride. It's already in there. Umm.. sounds like your going to make him toss your salad first... not that there's anything wrong with that! Here are 6 good reasons to keep in mind. My nipples are sensitive, and they seem to have been built with a direct pleasure line straight to my clit. Thanks to everyone who sent things in, follow me on Twitter to make me feel better about myself for not going viral for livetweeting others’ suffering and send screenshots, and happy swiping!

She will not release me from her grip until then. Usually, I love to stay still at first.

[Read: The bottom of it: 10 misconceptions about anal sex]. What does it mean when a guy says to sit on his face? Nevermind, I won’t come over and have sex with you.” You already invited the vampire into your house, lady, all that’s left is to feel the fangs. 6. We’ve even done it with his wrists restrained to the bed. and have him stick out his tongue and u can move urself all over his face nose tongue whatever. A couple months ago she started to want to do face sitting with me. She's your friend. Then I rock my hips back and forth gently on his flicking tongue as the pleasure builds. Men can rave all they like about how much they love being near a girl’s bum, but some girls just don’t like to think about your close proximity to it, especially not while she’s trying to cum. Face-sitting is all about the woman on top taking the wheel into her hands and driving her pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that. It makes me come, and it gets him very much ready to come. Read this article to find out. And by "shake things up" I mean you're going to sit on my face. You could say the same for being eaten out in a lying-down or sitting-up position — the vulva is most definitely exposed and open during oral sex, no matter the position.

It’s wonderful when he flicks his tongue from side to side as I ride up and down. To each their own, of course, but this one’s a win-win in my house. We're going to shake things up, aren't we? UNREAL bio from a girl pretending to be 18, she’s going to ruin a lot of men’s lives in the next ten years (via CR). Why does my boyfriend always want me to sit on his face? I see what's going on here. Many girls are unclear about the methods used to pleasure herself while riding your face. Read this article to find out. There were 5 guys and 7 woman at this party. I have no choice but to make her orgasm. But there’s something so primal and aggressive about being on top of a man’s face while he’s completely at my mercy. This was like sitting full down. I guess I can just use my nose instead.

Does she actually sit on it? He will put his hand on your hips and pull you down to him.

I had sex for years before I felt confident and comfortable enough to put my pleasure on the same level of importance as my male partner’s. Face sitting is a form of oral sex where the woman squats over her partner’s face and allows him to pleasure her orally. yummy, you push him down to wehere he is lying down and then bend down and put your butt on his face, He's a guy, he can push you off, if you suffocate him.

I gradually increase the rocking, making it faster and harder.

Sometimes, it just comes down to preference! It’s as unapologetically “in your face” as one can get with her partner.

But what are the best face-sitting positions for eating pussy?

Your email address will not be published. Lots of great moments with the Tinder blog in the past few months but a highlight might be how I got bitched at by that Olympian girl for putting her last week’s blog; I get a complaint or two every week but waking up to that was a doozy.

Not only is it a form of sex without the risk of getting pregnant, but for some women, it’s the only way they can climax. (via HK, who deserves his own round of applause). As a woman who’s had a bit of an issue with being overly apologetic and feeling guilt for merely taking up space, I get anxiety when I have to give the barista at my office cafe a picky coffee order. You don't. Let’s say your lover wants to perform oral sex on you, but insists that you’re standing while she blows you.

Remember, a woman’s pleasure is just as important as a man’s. This isn't making sense. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. 3.

There is so much pressure. Nipple play always makes my orgasm more intense, and it usually gets me there quicker. But it does take two to make it work, so you want to make sure he knows what to do to get your body to respond. Looking to know why she shoots down the idea of sitting on your face?

I love 69 so try it its fun and so yummy! How can I do hand stuff?

He loves when I climb on top of him, yank his hair back, and mount his face. For me I just feel it was too much being on me.

Sitting on his face is a prime example of pleasure-driven sex. Sure, it’s still good, but not as good as it would feel if you were lying back on comfortable sheets and big fluffy pillows without a care in the world. Thoughts?

6 reasons she’s not responding with a yes. A woman sitting on a man’s face is the epitome of making the time and effort to make sure she gets just as much pleasure out of sex. I’m also able to put it into practice. Much the same way for girls, why bother feeling uncomfortable on a man’s face when you could lie back, relax, and enjoy? if ur into that . Can you reach my penis from there?

I’m also free to rock my hips back and forth as much as I want, fucking his face at whatever speed feels good. * Wanna sit on my face? Please don't crush my head. Nothing like doing a wall sit while getting some oral lovin’. For example, is she really supposed to *ride* it, or just hover there while you lick? Its more her thing than mine but I have been letting her do it.

My wife and I are both 22. Experiment, and find what you like! The thing I love most about this position is that it allows me to take charge of my orgasm. ;). I’d be happier if this somehow translated to me getting nudes as a tip, but happy all the same (via CMCK), And we’re onto the hot and maybe slightly NSFW ones…, According to the guy sending this she’s from Miami and seriously why are we not all currently living in Miami (via Chris), *injures self rushing to hit Instagram follow button (via Chico), Sure I guess I can pass up playing Madden and jerking off in shifts just this one time (via TJ), This is not a great ass, I’ll agree, but I applaud her putting it out there. Yes, we know, we know, it’s right there when you’re licking us missionary position, too, but we forgive that because it’s not sticking up there just waiting to be noticed.

It's just pitch black and vibrations, like an earthquake in a cave. It's actually preferable. Like if he wants to eat you out like that just try not to touch your privates to his face all the way. When you ask your partner to “sit on my face,” she may see this as your wanting her to dominate you. That's as far as you need to go unless he wants you closer. * She may simply be uncomfortable or embarrassed by any potential smells you may encounter. I’m in charge of the pressure of stimulation, the speed of my grinding against his lips and tongue, and how often I let him come up for air. After all, that is where you pee. I don't know what having a woman that is more than 90 lbs would be like. Just enough so he can do stuff with his tounge.

And you don’t want to let it distract you from the wonderful time you’re both having while you're on the journey to climax. A Ranking of Every Voting Contest in the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election (Part 3).

9. Here are 6 good reasons to keep in mind. #1 It’s uncomfortable. It may not be that your girl doesn’t *want* to do it, it may just be that she doesn’t know *how* to do it! Promise.


It’s the act of someone so horny, so comfortable in her own skin, that nothing matter… There is no relaxation involved in sitting on a man’s face, which can make it very difficult for women to orgasm in this position.

I need a signal for you to give me some air that isn't me throwing you off me in a panic.

When I’m riding his face, he can easily reach up and play with my nipples.

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