Your best bet if you want to keep one of these found on the beach is to thoroughly rinse them with fresh water and let the sun dry them out. i heard you just use bleach, does that work? Du kan også vælge 'Administrer indstillinger', hvis du vil have mere at vide og for at administrere dine valg. Gorgonia ventalina is a unique coral that grows in the shape of a fan and has a distinctive purple coloring, which is where it gained the common name “purple sea fan”. Du kan ændre dine valg når som helst i Dine kontrolfunktioner til beskyttelse af private oplysninger.

i went to the bahamas this summer and i brought home a couple of sea fans i found washed up on a beach and i was wondering how do you clean them because my family is doing a beach themed room and i wanted to use them for decorations.

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Yahoo er en del af Verizon Media. G. ventalina can be found in many environments and varying depths throughout the Caribbean and Bermuda reefs.

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