This DAW comes with the PreSonus AudioBox, but can also be purchased separately if you use a different interface. The below photo shows the Scarlett 2i4: While there is a lot of buttons and knobs on the box, the basic idea is that it allows you to plug a guitar cable from your electric guitar to the interface. The good news is that you only need some very basic equipment to connect an electric or acoustic guitar to a PC or laptop. While the most popular option to connect an electric guitar to a computer is with an audio interface, most modern multi-effects pedals can also do the job. You can blend your recording between the two inputs based on what you like the sound of. Some of the more common DAWs are listed in the table below. Plug the guitar directly into the interface via instrument cable, Mic the guitar amp and plug the mic into the interface. The routing options possible in Guitar Rig 6 put it far ahead of other options. If you want to connect your guitar to a computer because you don’t have a guitar amp, this option won’t help you. When the first BIAS FX released it blew people away with its incredible tones. This will give you the cleanest sound and full access to mix and match any combo of amp simulations and effects. Connecting your guitar to a PC or laptop gives you a way to start recording your playing, experiment with different amp simulators, effects, plugins, and more. 67% Upvoted. Is it possible to plug a Kramer PS2 guitar to PC?

My Guitar Effects Course walks you through all the types of effects you will find in a program like AmpliTube or BIAS FX, explains how to use each type of effect as well as how to think about different types of tones. Just passed Through the Fire and Flames for the first time? The layout matches the display you see on the Helix floorboard rather than attempting to look like real pedals and amps. An alternative to buying an audio interface is to buy a microphone that can plug directly into your computer. If you know how to dial in the right settings, you’re able to produce professional-quality recordings from home with minimal equipment. The big advantage of using a multi-effects pedal to connect your guitar to your computer is that you can continue to use the pedal’s effects and tones while playing through your computer. You can only use it as a plugin inside a DAW. How to Connect an Electric Guitar to a Computer.

After following steps in the Turning On the Kramer … Guitar Rig 6 was finally released in late 2020 after many years of waiting. In today’s modern tech world, this is really simple to do and can be accomplished with just a couple of tools…an audio interface and a DAW. Mic placement is a major factor. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. BIAS FX 2 is now available and as you might expect, it surpasses the original BIAS FX in terms of quality. Connecting an electric guitar to a computer is easy, but it does require a special piece of hardware called an audio interface. This makes it a great option for acoustic guitarists wanting to record ideas at home or while traveling. You can choose to use any DAW you want.

Launch GarageBand and go to Preferences -> Audio/MIDI. share. A Shure SM57 is a great mic to use for this and an industry standard. As you can see, BIAS FX 2 is simple to use as it focuses on displaying effects and amps with life-like images of the actual pedals and amps. Need help with something? Select your interface as the input device and close preferences. Acoustic guitars with an internal pickup are typically called ‘electro-acoustic’ guitars. This is a great way to record acoustic guitar because it gives you flexibility with your tone. It is a bit funny about how it works. The lack of a standalone version makes this unnecessarily limited and requires you to use a DAW. If your acoustic guitar has an inbuilt pickup and you can plug a cable into it, you can use any of the options covered above for electric guitars. Copyright © 2020 - - All rights reserved.Privacy & Terms of Use | Sitemap | Contact, I agree to receive emails from Applied Guitar Theory. To connect your electric guitar to a computer, you need to use an audio interface that will safely process your guitar’s signal into something your computer can use. There’s a bit of cost involved with the audio interface, but there are some quality products like the PreSonus AudioBox 96 that offers great value for a fair price.

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