It took me a while to get into it again. The show's fast tempo, clever lines and great acting are one thing.

I wouldn’t say it’s his best work – he’s done so much – but it’s definitely up there. He plays a passive role in the first arc, but a much more active one in the second. Hanzawa Naoki is the kind of dramas that bumps of the crowd to keep you at the edge of your seat through its astonishing screenwriting, gripping events and high-class acting. Music 8.0. Vốn theo kế hoạch phim sẽ lên sóng vào tháng 4, nhÆ°ng lịch phát sóng của Hanzawa Naoki 2 chuyển sang 19/06/2020.

Highly addicting. The series begins with Hanzawa Naoki (Sakai Masato) at a job interview for the Sangyo Chuo Bank.

It is a great one, isn’t it? Thay đổi ), Bạn đang bình luận bằng tài khoản Twitter His acting able to bring out Hanzawa’s courageous, smart, calm, friendly, and even sometimes wicked and scary character to the very max. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

The two major antagonists in the show were Branch Manager Asano (Ishimaru Kanji) and Director Ohwada (Kagawa Teruyuki). That’s all right, though – he had just as many facets to deal with as Sakai-san because we saw Asano’s home life as well, and it was more difficult for him to paint a realistic character because he was an antagonist.

While providing some comic relief, he’s also a serious opponent to Hanzawa as it’s sometimes hard to figure out who’s ahead and who’s behind. Asano promised that he’ll shoulder the responsibility if anything happens. Metacritic Reviews. Shortly after that, Hanzawa finds out from Tomari that Asano is talking to everyone at headquarters, making sure they all think Hanzawa was completely to blame for the 500 million yen loss. Hana takes a reasonable interest in Naoki’s work, trying to help him out whenever she can by socializing with the phenomenally unpleasant wives of the other bank employees and teasing information out of them. 2 hours ago. And what about the ending? Case in point: after the COVID-19 lockdown in April, the workers aged fifty and above showed a greater attachment to their offices, insisting on coming in, while junior staff were happy to work from home.

Asano is aiming to meet the loan target that the bank headquarters has set – 10 billion yen – and their branch is only 500 million yen short (that number should sound familiar – if not, you’re going to hear/read it over and over again during the course of the first story arc). Phim về tài chính, nhưng không hề khô khan nhàm chán, trái lại đánh sâu vào thực tế. In the meantime, I’ll get my Sakai Masato fix through Legal High Season 2, for which I’m super glad about because the season 1 was great too. - Television Drama Academy Awards lần thứ 78 cho Nam chính xuất sắc nhất (Sakai Masato), Nam phụ xuất sắc nhất (Kagawa Teruyuki) và đạo diễn xuất sắc nhất (Fukuzawa Katsuo). Hay nếu bạn muốn thử cái cảm giác không trai xinh gái đẹp, không hint boyslove, không chiêu trò câu khách, cũng hãy đến với Hanzawa Naoki. That is the basic plotline of Japan's hit David and Goliath TV series Hanzawa Naoki which aired on the Japanese channel TBS, based on the novels by Jun Ikeido, topping its second season in 2020 with stellar ratings over 32% of the viewing audience. His face is always telling half the story. It’s not a Hollywood ending, but not hopelessly morbid, either. To this day (2019), I would still recommend that you watch it if you are a fan of thrilling scenes and main characters that are underdogs but get the better of enemies in epic ways! No problems with the way she carried out the role either, though. . He is very good at his craft and I will surely watch his future works. Asano orders Hanzawa to make up the difference by making a loan for the full amount to this man: That’s Nishi Osaka Steel’s president, Higashida (Ukaji Takashi). Well, if that isn’t a red flag . I’ll just throw that out there. . In Hanzawa Naoki, she plays the not so typical Japanese wife in that she gets involved with her husband’s affairs and tries to help him as much as she can.

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If by drag it out, you mean the scene with Owada, then yeah – that scene is already being imitated by comedians because it was so over-the-top and unnecessary. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam A modern Samurai-like drama on revenge to protect humanity. | Unlike Naoki Hanzawa, we can easily imagine Shiro-san happily adapting to a work-from-home regime. I’ll definitely keep up the writing in 2014, so I hope you enjoy reading! He can convincingly play charming and funny one moment, then switch to intense and even dark the next.

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