I have a grid of circles, and I offset a smaller circle from each circle. You are right. I'll let you do your own experiments and benchmarks. 0 Likes, by Daniel Seth Ticker alegasba93 (Alegasba93) December 17, 2019, 8:28pm ... Do you know also how to keep just the surfaces above the line, like a subtraction.

even with a generic plane it will fail in this case. The two surfaces have borders in common. The two are created with the same curve at the interface.

I’m just tired writing little script, and in the end they complaining that its not working right.

Surafce_UVS Sort_Sample 02.3dm (1.5 MB)

I have a network of planar surfaces I would like to join all of them into a single planar surface: Is it possible to do this with Rhino 5?

I have a grouping of curves that I am trying to join with the Join Curves command in GH. Can you be more clear? Facebook. I did a test, it works well with surfaces in xy planes only, Please see the image below, for clarification of the issue. Not the ~12 minutes I had hoped for...  Now 36 minutes on this loop for 900 points... hope it's not stuck. Will try the 'Fast Loop' to see if it makes any difference. Maybe we don't understand each other? 0 Comments Just as a side note here, I once made a uv component but I did not modify the domain, because under the hood its not about changing the domain, but instead transposing or reversing the controlpoint matrix. Inputs. Joining surfaces into breps does unify the normal direction of each surface, however, it does not unify the UV direction. I just edited the question with my definition. 0 Likes, Added by Ghadeer.k sortUV_V2_sample02.gh (69.7 KB) 0 Likes, Added by Parametric House They make changes to as many surfaces that are input, what you were looking for was a guide (like @maje90 used the world plane). Note: although the two surfaces are now joined perfectly, this object still can’t be printed because it’s open at the top. The 'Fast Loop' finished the same grid in 1.6 minutes! per extrusion. Permalink Reply by …

Hello, I am trying to join two surfaces (orange) in GrassHopper after creating a loft (blue) with some curves. Capture000 1019×582 103 KB. Import a surface object (change its “Type hint” with right click), and you can flip it by flipping both domains like this: private void RunScript(Surface x, ref object A) The GH profiler running the slow version showed between 1 and 1.5 seconds per loop, but the reality was more like ~10 seconds per loop toward the end of an 11 X 11 grid, or ~20 minutes total. Facebook

However if you want do this with single surfaces the problem quickly gets complicated. Surafce_UVS Sort_Sample 04.3dm (2.8 MB), Your surfaces are almost all already ok, with a “continue” UV orientation. For each flipping direction you just loop upwards or downwards or you loop through u first or for v first. The most simple solution would be building these surfaces in a way, that they having the right uv from beginning on. This should work for the pictured example.

well, I don’t have access to this code right know, but I remember its about retrieving the cps from an existing surface with a nested loop in the right way.

That beats your benchmark of ~37 seconds for an 11 X 11 grid, if you include the 'SUnion' in your code. ), aside from the strain on GH to create it: Yes, I far prefer Python over the alternatives! However this one I am a bit confused about.

1 Like, Added by Andrea Rossi Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. 0 Likes, Added by Alphonso Peluso Hello 1 Comment 0 Likes, Added by Alphonso Peluso Grafting the two boundaries, I create a set of surfaces using boundary surface. x.Reverse(0, true); //To flip U make sure to flatten your list if there's any tree structure before you join them. That plane could be found by putting a cylinder inside your structure as a reference/guide surface… Trying 36 X 36 now...  1,296 points appears to have succeeded in less than ten minutes! Wb Create Wb Define Wb Extract Wb Smoothen Wb SubD Wb Transform Video Tutorials Download. 0 Likes, Added by June Lee

It succeeded, I have a single 'Closed Brep' from 900 extruded rings, baked to Rhino.

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