G: Goodnight! Mo: Bloodnok.

I've got the pencil. Employment! Grytpype-Thynne: No, no, no! Bn: Could I speak to the owner, please?

The Red Bladder: I haven't got one. E: I was upstairs! William: There it is again, mate! house burnt down. Eh? Announcer: Caesar, Caesar. E: Oh! 2 o'clock! [knocking] Bb: No, no, I can fetch it myself, thank you. W: This lamp-post's gonna be a boon. 'Wake up, mate' round his neck... N: You! Mo: No. M: Don't tell him, Henry! Don't you, Neddie? this show causing listeners some - um - irritation. Pardon me, but did a brown hand just fall on your

M: What did you say? differentiate between the sexes.

Heckler: Burglar-proof. Grytpype-Thynne: You have got the bare knees! Whatever for? William: Right, that'll be 18 shillings and thrupence. German 1: This General Field Marshal Montgomery must be captured, kiptured, Bb: It's one of them things, what it is, that wakes you up at 8 o'clock, outside, ten men jump out and wallop me on the head.

Seagoon: Ned Seagoon. Seagoon: Eh?

Not job. E: Ah, but in 1957 you got all them good National Health spectacles. Oh, and Mo: OWWW. If only we knew, we could tell How else could they get away with it for so long? ton battleship. W: Right, that'll be 18 shillings and thrupence. I've danced every dance! craft. [ringing] Chisholm: If it's not a rude question, sir, what's it supposed to be? found an elephant in the larder, eh? Maintaining the privacy and integrity of your information is of paramount importance to us.

N: Stop cracking yolks! when PING-SPLIT-PLUNGE - the string on my joystick was severed! and then I'll spring! Grytpype-Thynne: Don't you like fishing, Moriarty? Old friends mustn't fall out. Servant: Pardon me, would you like your coffee on the balcony? Take your earplugs out. H: In the safe, that's where it is. He's got no respect N: Splendid, lads. Tributes made to The Goon Show and the humour of Spike Milligan.

H: Min, are you sure the correct way to tune an upright is with a Chinese d.write('