Ezekiel said, Lord, You know if they can. And children like the sands of the sea.

I have loved to hear Leroy sing this song as he played his guitar. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He has a sword, a shield, and a helmet. ” Sing it, read the words, meditate upon them, and be blessed “. God asked Ezekiel, can these bones live again?    2895 The church is on the offense, the church is aggressively attacking!” “The gates of Hades, or the gates of Hell, shall not prevail,” says the Bible. No, we have to preach the broad range, the bewildering array of metaphors, to understand the church. www.worshiplyrics.org The first major text -I said there’s going to be three soldier-texts- is Matthew chapter 16. Peter could say in 1 Peter 3:15, “Give a reason of the hope within, with all meekness and respect, meekness and fear,” and it could be he’s saying not only the fear of God, but we are to have a respect before our fellow men. “I thought we worshipped a gentle Jesus, I thought Jesus said, ‘Turn the other cheek.’ Jesus never picked up a sword, did He?” So, when we talk about the church going to war, likened to an army, it doesn’t seem to fit with everything we know about Jesus.

“You fool, tonight your soul is required of you.” We tear down the strongholds that sinners hide behind, we need to remind them that there is a future day of reckoning, what the Bible calls “The Judgement Day.” Romans chapter one says even unbelievers know that! The enemy is far more powerful, in the words of Martin Luther, “He possesses craft and power upon earth, there is no equal.” The Apostle Paul reminds the Corinthians that they are engaged in a war. God’s got an army Not afraid to fight Solider of the cross And children of the light Warrior of righteous with healing in their hands God’s got an army marching through the lands

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We are overcomers, and something we need to think of, as well, brethren, when we think of the army, is we’ve got to remember who the Commander in Chief is.

Sheep need protection, sheep are defenseless, sheep are helpless.   

There are some concepts or words that are pregnant with meaning and significance.

God has blessed us with two wonderful children, Greg and Stephanie. ( Log Out /  April 2019 Though Gideon was a willing servant of God, he needed assurance that it was, in fact, God calling him to this divine service (vs.17). What a way to begin the epistle, why didn’t he end like that? I want us to proceed by considering this metaphor, or graphic image, with simply one major head: the church graphically pictured as the army of God, and we’re going to … The second major text -again, we’re using three major soldier-texts to give illustration, and to show this assertion that the church is put under this metaphor of an army- second major text is 2 Corinthians chapter 10. May 2018 www1godtube..com June 2018 They had a false religion that was based upon a massive system of work-righteousness.

I would say up to maybe five years ago, I always understood this in a different way. Commanders in the Lord’s Army should never lose their humility or fail to recognize why they are where they are. December 2018

August 2020 Guest Outlines I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. This is a lightly edited transcript of a sermon.

There’s an attractional Evangelism, but there’s also an aggressive Evangelism, isn’t there? Let me hear you war cry haaaaa April 2018 All rights reserved.

They are image-bearers, no matter how depraved they are, they are image-bearers. Again, just as a warning or a caution, we need to be careful that we don’t lose sight of the composite of pictures. At the same time we are not called upon to retreat, or surrender, or cower in silence, but neither do we resort to retaliatory action, gossip, slander, threatening or abusive speech. We should remember when we think of fighting, brethren, that we are commanded to take the gospel to the world, aggressive Evangelism, right?

Let me hear Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.    July 2016 If they scream at us and we simply scream back, if they threaten us and we threaten them, we’re never going to win. We wonder how we can survive an antagonistic culture, we sometimes think we have to retreat, maybe surrender, or at least wave a white flag of neutrality, and keep silent.

Preachers The church is not likened to a broken vase, or to a worn-out rocking chair, no the church is this special, this near and dear, to The Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s a climax, everything, we could say, is building to the end, assuring us of victory, not to have us think we’re going to be defeated, brethren!    Childrens JESUS It’s possible that Paul is thinking of the Roman soldier.    Greatest Chorus Remember Elijah? Why? I remind you that most of the New Testament letters were written to churches, not to individuals!

200 plus words!

We are to stand for the truth, tear down strongholds of lies and deceits that the non-believer hides behind.

We can become afraid, intimidated by the forces of evil. Steve Jobs -a founder of Apple computer- think of the money he had, yet he couldn’t stop death. Change ).

This military metaphor is probably not very popular, at least not in our day, it doesn’t fit all that well with the prevailing mindset, or the current intellectual climate.

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