So clean tasting with just a subtle oceanic taste. Kuruma Zushi deserves to be amongst the best sushi places in NYC. I had a lot of instances where I just wish my fish piece were warmed up just a little more before eating. You're expected to make a glass last through several plates.Some minor gripes: the timing of the dishes was a bit off. At age 10, Terada learned the basics of sushi from his father and then went on to attend RKC Chef’s School in Kochi, Japan from 1987-1989. [24] The water must be certifiably clean to plant geoducks commercially. There's a good variety of fish and it comes with a bowl of rice, which was also delicious. What? The tamago was nice, it was more like a sweetened pound cake. With only sushi and green tea, our bill came out to $266 before tip.

Submit corrections. The staff is friendly. This was one of my favs of the night. Giant Clam at Kuruma Zushi "I have been to the "best" places in NYC for sushi and I must say this place has to be within top 3 for me. Of course, you are more than welcomed to ignore his recommendation and do as you like, though you would be doing yourself a disservice. The oyster, topped with ponzu, yuzu, scallions, and grated daikon, was crisp and slippery, a refreshing way to kick things off.

The ankimo provided a great contrast. it wasn't that great.

Bring it. Happy as a giant clam! Some of the highlights were:- Kumamoto oyster - creamy- Live abalone with yuzu pepper - texture was interesting- Spanish mackerel - wonderfully fresh- Halibut with sea salt - liked the sea salt flavoring- Uni (from California) and ikura combination - I don't usually like ikura, but this version wasn't as salty as at other restaurants and I really enjoyed it- Monkfish liver - delicious and creative- Chutoro - melts away in your mouth- Giant clam - softer texture than I have ever had before - Salmon - incredibly tenderI wasn't a fan of the butterfish because of the sweet sauce that was on top, but that was the only dish that I had any type of complaint about. At Zo the wasabi was the perfect amount.I absolutely cannot wait togo back. The sake selection wasn't great, as it was rather expensive (~$100) for a bottle of rather mediocre junmai daiginjo sake.

WOW! I've never had Urasawa or even Sasabune, so this was definitely a different class than what I'm used to. Golden Eye Snapper14. I loved each piece of the sushi so much that I wanted to order another sushi deluxe right then and there. It featured some fish that we normally don't see. Flavor is very milky and texture is extremely creamy.20. I really like the attention to those.

Kumamoto oyster, tuna sashimi, calamari "noodles" with urchin, and an endless list of  amazing slivers of fresh fish and seafood. Everything aside, we just went to try it based on most of the Yelp raving reviews. In Japan, geoduck or mirugai (giant clam) are used for sashimi and sushi. OMAKASE ONLY. The temperature of the sushi was perfect, as was the spacing of the courses. This went down easy with its clean, fresh flavor.Tuna Sashimi - Next were four slices of tuna sashimi served with soy and wasabi. It is boiled and served wrapped in seaweed.

halibut6. [28] In southern Puget Sound, the effect of geoduck farming on large mobile animals is ambiguous. "FINAL Supplemental Environment Impact Statement (S.E.I.S.) We feasted on more than twenty varieties of sushi, all fresh and delicious. Best sushi in LA? Delicate and delicious.Sake pairing was $40 and added to the experience.

Our sushi chef was pretty nice though. Ambience: 95%------Bright, clean lines, modern, formal. The decor is simple with white walls tile floor and lacquered tables. 1417 Reviews....make that 1418 now.Ridiculously (so ridiculous i don't even know if i spelled that right) good deal!Sashimi Lunch Combo ......$15. It's a good one to split, since it's less of a budget option at $35. When it is that fresh, it is the most amazing thing you will eat.

Butterfish -13. The Washington State Department of Health tests water and flesh to assure clams are not filtering and holding pollutants, an ongoing problem.

In either case, the portion of the shellfish used for nigiri is the outside "siphon" that extends out of the shell.

Next up was toothsome golden snapper with a stripe of pink skin and a dab of soy sauce. Kumamoto Oyster2.

They slices are nice and thick so you can fully appreciate the texture of raw fish.So why 4 stars and not 5?Lunch Sashimi Combo: Great great deal, but lacks variety you would expect from a "combo". A few dishes worth mentioning are:Ika- squid looks like pasta and is in a creamy uni paste Butterfish- served warm with a delicious sweet sauce on topKumamoto oyster- so creamy and full of flavor, complemented with some ponzu and scallions Golden eye snapper- I love red and black snapper but this snapper has a different taste and texture. Monk Fish Liver - AMAZING!17. Want to chime in. One of Jiro's apprentice decided to open up shop in NY and this place exploded out of the gate. Okay I'm not sure about that second part, but they're very serious about their sushi, going so far as to post signs informing patrons of what constitutes good sushi etiquette.We started off with a simple bowl of miso soup - Plain and simple, and a good way to start the meal.Kumamoto Oyster- I enjoy raw oysters, especially in Japanese preparations. A shipment from Washington state was high in arsenic. The last of the nigiri was a stunning piece of anago.

Every dish was delicious and if I counted correctly, each person had about 24 small dishes in the omikase. Overall, I was impressed with the interesting use of ingredients (e.g., yuzu pepper sauce, truffle oil) and the high quality of fish. oh we also tried the giant clam special. I think the main reason for 4-stars vs 5 is that it didn't feel like a sushi experience in the dining room. I rather wait at 8pm then start waiting at 8:30pm.

Our friends came with us and got the sake pairing. "Ama ebi" (actually botan ebi) is great too, and the head can be fried or cooked in a miso soup. Not recommended for people who simply want to try out a 'Jiro' experience. There is a time limit in eating each piece. Gulp.The host greeted us quickly and sat us at a large round table overlooking the main window, which was covered in construction equipment.

The omakase is $150 per person but could come out to more since the chef asks if you want to repeat any of the dishes at the end. However, hubby and I both finished each of our soups because it was very delicious! If you have a problem with this price, go look up how much highend omakase costs in Tokyo or even Masa in NYC.Secondly wait staff.

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