This piece was collected in a casual interview setting on the informant’s living room couch . We did that "bubblegum" one and some other one that ended with "yes, no, maybe so"(I can't remember the words for that but it wasn't any of the ones posted here) as jump-rope rhymes when I was a kid.

Than pack your bags and leave right now, your not welcome here until the next kill bill.

Though “Eeny Meeny” deserves its own post, I’ll attempt to lump the major “counting out” rhymes kids use to determine who is “it” into one post. Then, have them hold their fists out in the centre of the circle. Okay let's jump two times! Okay let's jump two times!

I grew up in Cleveland during the 1980s and here is the variation that I heard. Bubble Gum In A Dish You Bazooka Bubble Gum Original Packaged Candy Market Basket Choosing who is it children s bubblegum game you bubble gum activities for learning the alphabet make take teach how to play classic children s games hobbies on a budget

And then let's blow two times! The same player may do the counting throughout the game, or the players may take turns doing the counting. Not because they’re dirty And this goes on until it narrowed it down to one - the winner!

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Icka bicka soda cracker. Inky binky bonky. Let's play bubble gum, bubble gum!

Did you? Out. makes my heart go 246

How many pieces do you wish? CA: We had the bubble gum song! or Following contributed by R. Fleming . (count one, two, hands shape the bubble) POP! Skunk in the barnyard, P.U. Finally found this. …

Children use this simple counting game in order to choose a player who is “it” for a game such as tag, or to determine who goes first in a group game. The line “not because they’re dirty, not because they’re clean” comes up in taunts and rhymes all the time, and has for years – in 1964, one of the Clancy brothers remembers shouting “not because you’re dirty, not because you’re clean / because you have the whooping cough / and eat margarine) (the book on the left expands this greatly). We had something close to this in NJ mid-late 80's that mentioned "skunk in the barnyard" but it was almost sung like the opening bars of the Green Acres theme. I haven't been able to find anything similar anywhere, tho it reminds me of the alleged remnants of African words buried in "Iko, Iko."

Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dishHow many pieces do you wish? (NAME)will be there will (her/his)knickers in the air singing O-U-T spells out! At school, the girls would use this song in order to pick out a girl when nobody volunteered to do something. Tap the hands again, following the same order, the number of times chosen by the wisher. Boys, girls have a lot of fun to determine who was "It" one person would say "hold out your dukes" and everyone would put up both fists. .hide-if-no-js { Standing in a circle, that person would say the rhyme as he/she would tap everyone's fists. (note: sung to the tune of Shave and a Haircut.) Plan a game today! Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe. They can then use the bubble gum game to continue their selection. This was usually used when it was hard to pick someone. Micky mouse, build a house, what colour was his brick? When a person is called on to say “yes” or “no,” or pick a number, I’ve just thrown something in. Have all the players sit in a circle and hold out both hands in the shape of fists.

There's (a) party on (the) hill, can (you) come?– Yes.Bring (your) own bread (and) butter and (your) own cream bun.– Can't afford it.Who is your best friend?– NAMENAME will (be) there with (his/her) knickers in (the) air. There are a LOT of rhymes in old nursery rhyme books from the 19th century that remind me of Iko Iko – both the ones with the similar narrative (my mother and your mother get in a fight), and a lot of nonsense words that sure LOOK like they might be remnant words (as some people say Eeny Meeny may have been).

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