Do you still have gambel eggs for sale, and shipping? The chicks are precocial, leaving the nest with their parents within hours of hatching. Email [email protected] for details. In the spring, Gambel's quail pair off for mating and become very aggressive toward other pairs. Quail eggs generally hatch within a few hours of each other. In the late summer, fall, and winter, the adults and immature young congregate into coveys of many birds.

These eggs will arrive within 11 days after the delivery date you select during the checkout process. The hatcher should be set at 99 F with a web bulb of 87 F. Hi, I’m looking to buy some fertile Gambel quail eggs. Enter your name, email address and your question or message and click. [5], The Gambel's quail eats insects, especially in summer, as well as plants. Please e-mail [email protected] for more details. Gambel’s Quail are gregarious birds of the desert Southwest, where coveys gather along brushy washes and cactus-studded arroyos to feed. Duck The Gambel’s quail has a bluish-gray plumage on much of their bodies. However, review full breed profile of the Gambel’s quail in the chart below.

| All Rights Reserved Search the website: Please select the newsletter you wish to receive : By clicking below, you agree to receive emails from PSC. They practice mixed-parenting, raising chicks born from other couples of the covey. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. The young leave the nest within hours of hatching. Gambel’s quail have an unique appearance. Average live body weight of these birds is between 160 and 200 grams. Items shipped via free shipping may require up to 10 Business Days.

You must accept these terms and conditions by clicking the check box in the Acknowledgement section above before this item will be added into your shopping cart. It was however released on San Clemente Island in 1912 by Charles T. Howland et al., where it is currently still established. Young are able to move as soon as they are hatched out. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please confirm events are happening with organizers before attending. Shipped USPS Priority Mail. The bird uses a wide variety of vocal calls to communicate with other individuals of the group. Incubation lasts from 21–23 days, usually performed by the female and rarely by the male. Rabbit We reserve the right to change or discontinue Free Shipping at any time. Item # Description 30 60 90 Order (QTY) EQGS: Gambel Quail Eggs: 30 for $98.70 30 : 60 for $189.00 60 : 90 for $281.70 90 : Order (QTY) Add Cancel: Add to Wish List. Sitemap Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Both parents tend young and lead them to food sources, but young feed themselves. It is a non-migratory species and is rarely seen in flight.

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Shipment may be delayed due to weather conditions.

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