Posted by At the same time, the ends were being cut, the spindles were being machined to fit the housing.

Before installing the housing, we coated it with Steel-It. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Shafts could be made by Moser.

If you were to break a floater shaft, technically, you could just pull the outer drive flange cap, retrieve the broken axle pieces, and carry on.”. (Our 24 spline drive plate is .050 larger than a standard 35 spline axle!

To prep the Ford 8.8-inch for the Tracker, the unneeded brackets are removed, and the ends of the housing are cut off. 9' Ford Auto-Cross Edition Full Float Rear End Package The Moser AUTO CROSS REAR is a Full Floating Rear End that is designed for multipurpose performance applications. With the disk brake conversion, mud and water become much less of an issue, as disks self-clean very quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of parts to assemble the hub. With other disk brake kits, the play in the wheel bearing causes the rotor to wobble. Warn Industries also includes spring loaded lipseals in the wheel hubs and spindles. While both the Mk4 Roadster and the Challenge Car offer similar suspension and drivetrain options, for our Project FFR Cobra Jet Challenge we opted to install Baer’s Tracker full floater rearend conversion on our custom-built Moser Engineering housing. The Fox body rearend has brackets attached for the factory four-link suspension setup, but the two inner mounts will not be used.

Sure, the cost will be more, but it’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. The rotor would bolt to the hub, as well as be race-wired for extra safety. The weight of the vehicle is supported on that flanged axle, and while that is not a bad thing for conventional driving situations, it is not as strong as a full floater. With the help of a friend, we get the axle slid over the leaf springs and into position. Inside that hub is a pair of bearings that ride inside the hub and support the weight of the vehicle.

Rick Elam from Baer tells us, “The biggest factor about a full floating axle conversion comes down to cost.

These measurements need to be precise – measure twice, and cut once is the saying, and one mistake can create a few headaches. All Rights Reserved.

The rearend is converted to a three-link setup, with additional brackets included from FFR. “By running a separate material rotor and hub, the materials can expand and contract at different rates,” Scully continued. Bringing up the rear on our project car build from Factory Five Racing (FFR): in this chapter we show you the installation of a full floating rearend using components from Moser Engineering and Baer.

Traditional flanged-axles employ a single axle-bearing and together they support the weight of the vehicle, when corning the flanged-axle is levered by lateral forces. “Anything that will be raced off-road with larger than a 35-inch tire, and 500-plus horsepower should look at …

The adjusters wear out quickly, lessening their effectiveness and longevity. The concept is basically the same as what you’d find on any one-ton rear.

I recently found the full float conversion for the JK axles online and was wondering if it would be a good way to go instead of tons.

“As the name entails, it is a line that is easy to form,” Keith Jessee of Holley explained. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 15, 2016.

JK: Dana 44 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Slotted Big Rotors–30-Spline, JK: Dana 30/44 Front Axle 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Slotted Big Rotors, JK: Dana 30/44 Front Axle 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Slotted Big Brakes, JK: CRD60 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Slotted Big Rotors – 3.25” OD, Front CRD60 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Slotted Rotors, JK: Dana 44 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Solid Big Rotors – 30-Spline, JK: Dana 44 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Solid Big Rotors – 32-Spline, JK: Dana 44 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Slotted Big Rotors–32-Spline, JK: Dana 30/44 Front Axle 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Vented Big Rotors, JK: Dana 30/44 Front Axle 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Vented Big Brakes, JK: CRD60 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Slotted Big Rotors – 3” OD, JK: CRD60 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Solid Big Rotors – 3.25” OD, JK: Tera CRD60 Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Solid Big Rotors – 3” OD, JK: 44 Wide Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Slotted Big Rotors–35-Spline, JK: 44 Wide Rear Axle 8-Lug Full-Float Conversion & Solid Big Rotors – 35-Spline. With what competitive racing costs, it’s cheap insurance at a certain point.”.

They also do not allow proper spline engagement into the differential, nor do the aftermarket hubs use cone washers, which are vital to retaining the lock hub to the wheel hub. For both types, the axles are splined at the differential end.

Once measurements were taken, it was time to bring out the saw and cut the ends. The axle shaft is only used to drive the wheel, not take the weight of the vehicle.

WARN full floater kits with internal mount wheel hubs are now sold as a two part number system: a “foundation” kit and then your choice of drive flanges or hublocks. • Pro+ 13” and 14” Though we didn't invent the floater, we were the first to refine it for Pro-Touring market. Drum brakes leave something to be desired as well.

The only thing we were left to do was to install the rearend in the car, and that was a little bit tricky because of our modified suspension set up.

Parts will go on the car, then they’ll be taken off, and put back on again later.

Currie's spring plates were exactly what we needed to replace our piece of metal. Steven Olsewski grew up with a true passion for anything with a motor. The assembly of the Tracker full floater is like putting together a model kit – there are a few pieces and some hardware to assemble it. The spool would asure that both tires received equal power at all times while in the desert.

Because the axles are floating between the differential and the hub, they need to be retained without sliding completely inside the carrier, and that’s where the nut and bolt on the end of one axle is used.

With the spacers in place, we mounted the calipers and measured a second time to make sure that we had the calipers centered.

This runout translates to about 3/8-1/2" wobble in the tire.

Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Street Muscle, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! And no, the truck was not jumped, or hopped on obstacles. The Tracker setup is designed to work with Baer’s 4- and 6-piston calipers, and eliminates the need for a C-clip on the axle. With all of the pieces complete, we could start assembly.

On a full-floating axle design, the load on the wheel is placed 100% on a pair of wheel bearings. • SS4+ 13”. PLEASE NOTE: Our Full Float Seal Holder will fit stock and Diamond Axle housings.

The hub assembly was placed onto the housing end, followed by a locking ring and the retainer that threaded onto the housing. The whole assembly was then placed onto the housing end, with the bearings riding on the modified end of the housing, instead of being pressed onto the axles. The compact Baer Tracker Full Floater assembly looks rather complicated, but the benefits far outweigh the complexity. The ends were welded into place on the rotating jig, completing a bead around the housing ends to secure them into place. The space between the caliper and rotor is measured to calculate which spacer, if any, is needed to center the caliper. The end cap retains the axle inside the housing.

It is also virtually impossible for these fittings to rust into place.”.

It is a bit more expensive, but for someone who is racing competitively that extra cost could mean better lap times.” We’re going to explain why in this article with the help of Baer and Moser Engineering. The two outer brackets are attached to the stock outer trailing arm brackets, and a center, third link is attached to the passenger-side axle tube. Q: What’s involved in installing a Full-Floater Conversion Kit?A: All that is required is to remove your stock axle and brakes. The full weight of the vehicle at that corner is supported by that single bearing and axle. The wheel bolts to the hub, and that hub rides on a pair of roller bearings that support the full weight of the vehicle. Some key features with our floater conversion compared to other common race pieces are: • Narrower footprint!

Once the snout is installed this is a complete bolt on!

We used extended ARP wheel studs that were provided with the Tracker kit. Baer Brakes Tracker Full Floating Axle Conversion System is purchased as an upgrade to a variety of our brake systems.

When the tracker is purchased it does not include any brake parts, just the parts needed for the floater conversion. We threw away the semi-float axle shafts, but we had new plans for the third member.

This backing plate incorporates the parking brake shoe that will fit inside the brake rotor hat. MG-6280: Axle Housing Spring Pad Set (Pair) $16.95: 24.

A conventional rearend in most rear wheel drive cars is considered a semi-floating rearend: both axles have flanges at the outer end that the wheel bolts to, and the inner end is splined to match the differential.

He loves his wife and kids, and during the year can be found enjoying quality time together.

After a quick flaring, the brake lines were ready to be installed. Upgrading a vehicle is an exciting time.

Driving with a spool for the first time on the street put a smile on our faces.

© 2017 Power Automedia. The Warn full floater kit replaces the entire axle assembly with one similar to the CJ front system. Also, it can be polished to a shiny copper finish if that’s what you’re in to.”.

Each wheel gets two bearings instead of one and high strength hubs or flanges complete the outer assembly.

Feb 25, 2019 #6. The FFR kit is designed to use the Fox body Mustang rearend, and since we were going to use new internals and the Baer Tracker Full Floater system, the rearend was in capable hands at Moser.

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