Surecast/Arm’s Length is recommended for normal Kefka, and can be used in God Kefka, though it is not necessary. MrHappy. The rest of the players should go directly south of the boss, as to get knocked towards him due to stacking for Death Wave. The tank with Cursed Shriek should move to the Southwest. Before starting, assign players loose spread positions for Dualcast Fire III and D… Healers should top all players off to avoid the DPS loss from petrification. This is accompanied with Allagan Field debuffs most of the time. The type of Flood is indicated by the animation Neo Exdeath does while the cast bar is going off. The boss gains a stacking damage debuff every 5 seconds, which goes up to 16 stacks. Wave Cannon and Meteor 2. Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape (Savage) will yield gear. Anti-knockback cooldowns and repositioning are your best bet if you’re a tank, while simply standing toward the center of the platform is a good idea for healers and DPS. Kite these around until Holy or Flare, which causes them to disappear. Targets #1 and #2 in enmity with an Earth Shaker, dealing heavy physical damage. All melee have Arm’s Length (you can switch Role Actions between Exdeath and Neo Exdeath), as well as gap closers - SAM has Hissatsu: Gyoten, NIN has Shukuchi, MNK has Shoulder Tackle, and DRG has Spineshatter Dive/Dragonfire Dive. hopefully not eating vacuum on neo as it would hurt a lot but its unavoidable during "regular" exdeath. Deals damage and knocks back anyone standing in an AoE in the boss’s hitbox. Phase 3 includes several of the skills from Phase 1, but with some far more dangerous additions.

Off-balance will make the next instance of damage taken knock the player back a long distance. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. Players must first complete the quest "The Anomaly". This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs. Immediately after, look for Flood of Naught Inner/Outer Antilight and dodge it. All players are also inflicted with the debuff Acceleration Bomb - if they are moving while the debuff resolves, they will be knocked airborne for a few seconds and receive a damage down/healing down debuff. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Similar to Wild Charge from T10 or Spear of the Fury from Thordan EX. After Exdeath returns, he spawns on a random party member. These must be resolved in a way to satisfy the debuff conditions to not kill the party. After you kill Exdeath, for the rest of the lockout you will start at Neo Exdeath. Pulse Wave, Wave Cannon, and Meteor 3. Spread out to avoid clipping other players with AoE. The three spells are as follows: Blizzard 3: Players should continue to move. Inflicts a Pyretic debuff for 3 seconds, dealing massive damage if a player does any actions. Graven Image 1: 1. Mechanics Overview | Neo Exdeath does not auto attack, and will reset aggro completely periodically. Similar to colors from Sephirot EX, however you must stand on the opposite debuff that you have. Once you’ve defeated Exdeath you have completed Omega: Deltascape. Allagan Field resolves a moment before Almagest goes off. Alternatively, invuln it. These must be resolved in a way to satisfy the debuff conditions to not kill the party. One healer is inflicted with Forked Lightning. Possible alternate art of Neo Exdeath by Yoshitaka Amano. You are only able to receive one per week.

These function the same way as in Exdeath. Mitigate accordingly. As with other bosses in Deltascape, a total of four random tokens will drop from Exdeath that can be traded in for ilvl 320 gear. All players should scattered to the edge of the platform. Two DPS are afflicted with Acceleration Bomb. This phase will initiate with the boss disappearing and a bomb being placed at the center of the platform. Intemperate Will/Grav… All players affected by this should spread out and away from other players. Anyone who does not have a debuff stack North to share Holy damage. The main tank can position the boss anywhere on the platform, as long as the boss is facing outward away from the rest of the raid. Cast Surecast before the castbar resolves, but do not cast anything before, because that will consume the Surecast buff. monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One, PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X. This repeats twice, and the first teleport will always be directly south from where he originally was. The boss will cast one of three spells in regular intervals throughout the fight. Anyone under 50% HP will be instantly killed. The boss will cast Black Hole often, adding a series of orbs on the platform. Have all party members but the main tank stack in front of the boss. Resets aggro.

Neo Exdeath attacks quickly and relentlessly, using a variety of status ailments, physical attacks, magic attacks, defensive spells, the almighty Almagest spell, and his dangerous Grand Crossattack. Deep Freezes any player that is not moving for a few seconds after the cast bar resolves. Neo Exdeath does not auto attack, and will reset aggro completely periodically. MTQcapture Indomitable Will Graven Image 2: 1. DPS with Cursed Shriek should stand at the back of the arena relative to the boss and look away from each other., Section needed (Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade), Section needed (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius). You can only have the tank with Beyond Death stack with the healer - the healer will take about 32k damage but otherwise be alright, and melee can gain uptime on the boss. To remove Beyond Death with White and Black Antilight, stand in the same colour as your debuff. For safety, you would have all the rest of the players stack. Tanks should swap at two stacks of Thunder. Resets aggro. By far the most dangerous ability in the boss’ arsenal is Vacuum Wave. This will deal damage to all players, and should be countered with damage mitigation cooldowns and AoE heals. 1x Forked Lightning, Acceleration Bomb, and Allagan Field, 1x Off-balance, Beyond Death, and Acceleration Bomb, 1x Forked Lightning, Beyond Death, and Acceleration Bomb, 1x Death Wave, Acceleration Bomb, and Allagan Field, 1x Off-balance, Acceleration Bomb, and Beyond Death, 2x Off-balance, Beyond Death, and Cursed Shriek.

Move as a group to avoid the tentacle attacks then behind the pillar to avoid the breath attack.

Exdeath reaches into the void and casts an elemental skill. Authors: So you’ve made it to the final boss in Omega: Deltascape.

First off, congratulations on getting this far. This does not do AoE damage, despite the animation making it look like such. Dodge the second Blizzard III. The Final Battle teleports Neo Exdeath to cardinal positions around the arena. This signifies Neo Exdeath's "reborn" stage. The Flood of Naughts will be 3 out of 4 of Inner Antilight, Outer Antilight, White and Black Antilight, or Black and White Antilight.

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