And while the Super Bowl will obviously be a huge event for Washburn, it’s probably not going to be as eventful to him personally as the AFC Championship Game. This week, I’m at those press conferences, but the Super Bowl is so much different. “Being with the crew I was this year with Ian [Eagle], Dan [Fouts], Mark Wolf, Bob Fischman, it provided me with a platform. Learn more about Evan Washburn in this Q & A: Evan, tell us about the career path that has led to you working the sidelines for NFL games on CBS.

“When it was in New York, we had a show every night so I got to cover both teams. In sports broadcasting the more you can do, the better luck you will have. Stanley established The Starchild character for his Kiss persona and is known for his distinctive, wide-ranging voice. Washburn was eyeing a career in Major League Lacrosse (MLL) but tore his ACL in the final game of his college career. What do you love about living in Locust Point and South Baltimore? Covering the NFL has been a dream come true. I have had a few opportunities as a host as well. I don’t want to make a thing so as we finish, I quickly jump out of the room as everyone is shaking hands, call my wife to tell her how proud I am of her and how sorry I am I missed it, then hustle back in the room as Tom’s sitting down to start. She says ‘can you give me a call?’, so I called and she says ‘I think my water just broke’. At that point he decided to put his entire professional focus on a career in broadcasting. Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media. Eben Alexander III (born December 11, 1953) is an American neurosurgeon and author. is not an official web site for any media organization, professional sports league, team, or organization.Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners. 10 Louisville players and five staffers recently tested positive for COVID-19. Schedules subject to change. Over a four-year period with CSN I was able to do a number of jobs and learn the nuts and bolts of reporting and producing. His role this week with CBS Sports Network is also forcing him to deviate from his usual pregame prep plans. It has been a wild ride to this point over the last six years, but I consider myself extremely lucky. We were thinking if I was here, there was a chance it could happen during Super Bowl week, but it happened AFC Title weekend. It’s a great resource for me, because the more you can see and talk to the stars of the sport, the better you will be as an analyst or reporter. Evan Washburn of CBS Sports has been moving up the ladder at a pretty fast pace over the last couple of years. My relationship with CBS started as a lacrosse analyst in the spring of 2011 for CBS Sports Network and grew over the next three years. Sara Evans is a mom to teenagers, but she could pass as one herself. “Tracy [Wolfson] and I are covering the teams this week for CBS Sports Network, so I still have those responsibilities on a day to day basis, which will help me on Sunday, but it’s different from the way I usually approach a week when I’m alone in my office pouring over clips, watching press conferences, making the calls I need to make.

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