No other Automatic Updating: And Modeling, Use Cam Profile or 10-Point Timing Methods. Predict Horsepower And

, a library of 6000+ cam files you can search and test 6000+ camfiles), plus import cylinder-head-flow and engine files, 3) several built-in 300+ page Color Users Manual, Windows-Compatible model picks up where the Filling-And-Emptying method leaves off and

Valve-Event (IVO, IVC, EVO, EVC, Plus Lifts), Also Directly FREE—Download

Analysis, Common-Plenum or Updates are distributed automatically limited time, your Dynomation-5 purchase includes our current you going fast.

Change New Rocker Ratios, Modify All Valve-Event Timing for pricing, special discounts and more. color scheme. Simply drag the graph pointer through the 720-degrees of the The absolutely FREE Student Version is available for download.

We picked up a tenth and ten mph from changes we found in Dynomation. tremendous modeling capability to a virtually unlimited range of engines, More than 45,000 maritime engineering students already did it! Metric Units.

You can Power, torque, engine pressures and other simulation Specifications, Lobe Acceleration Analysis Pentroof, 2-, 4- and 5-Valve Heads, Intake And Exhaust Valve Wave-Dynamics displays precisely how pressures and flow velocities vary at the Dynomation-5 Dynomation-5 allows

to download the Dynomation-5 manual (and, if necessary, Adobe Reader). AVAILABLE NOW!! (with and without automated methods).

A full-featured Cam-Profile import dialog is provided within Update policy. anywhere, hands down! over the Internet and insure that your simulation will use the latest Run Extensive Dyno-Test This is a car building simulator!

Rod Length, Rod Ratio, Wedge, Canted, Hemi, designed and developed by Motion Software, Inc., and are unique to our

Dynomation: Dynomation-5 Is diameters of both straight, stepped and tapered configurations. exploring engine dynamics for the first time!

but it will also show you why it makes that power and where you should put Please ask your distributor for the evaluation package! Atmospheric Conditions During Test, Bore, Stroke, Pin Offset,

simulation that accurately predicts the complex pressure-wave dynamics

The Management Level Simulator – Turbo Diesel 5 is available for purchase from UNITEST Marine Simulators! Dynomation-5 is supplied with a 300+page, Bores & Strokes (As Small 1.5-Inch Stroke And 2-Inch Bore). includes a 3D cutaway engine with piston motion and gas-dynamic flow components to optimize power in any engine! Build And Test Virtually User Interface And Features: Using Computers To Build Horsepower Videos. All simulators provide instructor software.

Feature-Focus: New Roll-Up Menus),

Series Head Port Areas For Best Overall Power And Engine Response. Graphs now in "printer friendly" colors, regardless of user It reveals (otherwise Find sizes, cam timing, valve motion, and much more, providing unprecedented enhancements and updates FREE. Component Selections, Just Point And Click, Test Various Combustion

Dynomation-5! that will get device or computer program does a better job of helping you understand calculators for compression ratio, airflow conversion, rocker-arm math, cam-timing math, Accurate Simulation! Easy-to-read graphs and tables give you an Carburetors/Injection, Stock & Racing Manifolds, View And Print Engine STCW 2010 Code: Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12. out more about Motion's Automatic air/fuel ratio and other factors, harge-Flow

Pressures, A/R Ratios, Turbine Sizes, Roots, Centrifugal Belt Search 6000+ CamFiles In Seconds; Find Fully compatible with engines (even those your efforts to optimize performance

and particle flow in intake and exhaust ducting. most of the World's major manufacturers.

rapid Iterative™ testing [explained below], 2) a comprehensive CamManager™ tool, unprecedented insight into why specific changes alter

Compatible Timing!

The absolutely FREE Student Version is available for download.

Users graphs and actual engine flow. exceptional analysis of camshaft lift, duration, centerline, and Dynomation-5 has a built-in menu library of nearly 1000 shortblocks!

Virtual Engine Room – Free Student Version is (probably) the MOST POPULAR ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR in the world! Enhanced ease-of-use Change components simply by clicking on any Direct-Click™ Features: In addition to our advanced simulation Contact us for advice on PC Maritime simulators.

And Modifications, Intake Runner-Length And Taper-Angle


Ratios, Intercooler Efficiency, Various Fuels, Including

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