Terms in this set (61) yield to other traffic . 30 terms. Match. Spell. Log in Sign up. PLAY. Don't hit the breaks suddenly & hard. You are near a school. Avoid by slowing down when the road & weather conditions are poor.

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What regulations should a bicycle rider observe? Who must use safety belts in a passenger car or truck? When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of it, you should, Stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds, In this picture, the driver of the vehicle in the unpaved road should, Yield to the vehicle on the paved road in all instances, Your driver license will automatically be suspended if you are convicted of, Possessing a fake drivers license & causing a serious crash while driving, You must give a signal either by hand and arm or by a signal device, In this picture, if you're driving the black vehicle and approached this uncontrolled intersection first, you should, A person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually, Drivers become subject to liability insurance law when crash damages amount to, If your drivers license is suspended you should drive only, If you obtain an essential need or occupational driver license, When entering a street from a private alley or driveway, you must, Yield to approaching vehicles and pedestrians, You must give the right-of-way to a pedestrian when, The pedestrian has entered the crosswalk, even if the WALK light changes, Under the driver responsibility program, what is the surcharge for a driver's first conviction of driving while intoxicated, Under the driver responsibility program, how many years will a driver have to pay a surcharge with convicted of driving while intoxicated, no insurance, no drivers license or driving while license is invalid, Under the driver responsibility program, how mug is the surcharge assessment when a person accumulated six points in 3 years, Under the driver responsibility program, how many points does a driver accumulate for every traffic conviction which did not result in a crash, If you see a pedestrian, crossing or attempting to cross the street, you should, Be prepared to stop, use your horn if necessary, & slow down, If you are a novice or a beginner driver, how much time should you maintain between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, If you get friendly while driving it so best to, Exclusively to warn of existing or possible hazards on roads or adjacent areas, This sign means you are within a few hundred feet of a rail road crossing. After overtaking another motor vehicle on a two-lane road, how do you best judge when it is safe to drive back into the right hand lane? 30 terms. The enclosed space of ground and buildings immediately surrounding a dwelling house, as opposed to an 'open field.' Check them out! Vocab Lesson 1 Court and Court Martial Terminology. The act by which a person in confinement, held on an accusation of crime, is set at liberty. Laws written by a legislature that make certain behavior illegal and punishable by fines or.

be extra careful not to run off of the pavement.

The court will construe possession by law even if it is absent in fact. As your recover control, gently straighten the wheel. STUDY. A mental disease or defect that makes it impossible for a person to understand the wrongfulness of his acts. Write. Learn. The profile of a motorcycle is much smaller than the profile of larger vehicles. An item that is illegal to possess, make or distribute. An act or omission, forbidden by law, and punishable upon conviction as the law may prescribe. Search. DPS Vocab Test 6. Upgrade to remove ads. Daytime only; no expressway driving; automatic transmission. Flashcards. Write. 2; FREE Texas Permit Test and Driver's License Test No. 91 terms. Gravity.

Spell. The testimony of a witness taken upon oral or written interrogatories, not in open court, but in pursuance of a commission to take testimony issued by a court or under a general law on the subject, after notice to the adverse party for the purpose of enabling him to attend and cross examine the witness. Delinquent child support; mentally incapacitated; chemically dependent, All owners of a motor vehicle in Texas must have this type of insurance. Watch for children. 30 terms. Never try to beat the train. Typically, there are two important reasons to engage in cross-examination: (1) to attempt to get the witness to say something helpful to your side or (2) to cast doubt on (impeach) the witness by getting her to admit something that reduces her credibility. Even if you're not intoxicated and you are under the age of 21 and have any detectable amount of alcohol in your system while operating a motor vehicle, you may be charged with, Driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor, If you have a crash in which someone is injured you should. The most a person (age 21 or older) can be fined for a first conviction of driving while under the influence of intoxication liquor with no death or injury involved is, In this picture, if you were driving motor vehicle #1, you should, Stop and yield to vehicle #2 on the through street, Coordination, judgement, perception & emotional state, In a minor (under age 17) driver license will be suspended for a first time offense of driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor for.

STUDY. CJ 218 Exam 3 Review. Driver … FREE Texas Permit Test and Driver's License Test No.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Choose from 500 different sets of learners permit test texas dps flashcards on Quizlet. Spell. be sure your load is not higher than 12 ft. 6 in. There may be a reasonable expectation of privacy in the dwelling and its curtilage; not so in open fields. The taking from one's reputation; the offense of injuring a person's character, fame or reputation by false and malicious statements. Some short term effects of marijuana include: The concentration level in determining the BAC is how many drops of alcohol per drops of blood, 1 drop of alcohol per 1000 drops of blood, When you see a person who seems to be in a state of euphoria, and you know they have been drinking alcohol, they are most likely in what stage.

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