And that was when Ryuko was around, so it proves your point even more. He pretended to be a wax figurine, but it ended with Marinette's feelings hurt. Is there a season 5? I want to see their relationship progress and for them to finally be with one another and be happy! Instead of giving up on her, Adrien convinced Lila to make another story that would prove his friend's innocence if she wanted to continue being friends. (Aqua Ladybug stares at Aqua Cat Noir before hugging him tightly), Aqua Ladybug: Thanks, Cat! After he was deakumatized, Cat Noir still remembered Ladybug's identity but was informed that he wasn't suppose to know. Despite the awkward moments between them, Adrien enjoyed some great moments with her, such as enjoying the sunset and dancing in the air. When Cat Noir heard Ladybug express her doubt in him during the battle against Techlonizer, the hero dropped his guard and accidentally used his powers on Uncanny Valley. When he learns from Nino that Alya thinks Chloé is Ladybug, he is shocked and is later relieved after Ladybug appears while he is spying on Chloé cosplaying as Ladybug. Marinette is deeply offended, but he makes up with her the next day at the end of the episode when Adrien gently explains the truth and kindly offers his umbrella to her while it was raining, smiling at her warmly. In Alya's Instagrams, Adrien continues to watch over her as Cat Noir seeing that Alya is safe. I'm following u. :). Astruc also noted that Marinette's hair was styled after the woman. After escaping the anniversary event, Adrien was asked by Marinette if they were going to get in trouble with their parents. I was so hooked after the first season.

if he stops feeling stuff for ladybug there will be nice chance ! They haven’t come out yet. He isn't afraid, confident that they can defeat him. Be right back, ugly crying and need fanfiction to remind myself there can be a different ending! She gladly accepts, and he praises her for her good acting performance. However I would love more for Ladybug to treat him better. They had to push it back with all the craziness going on in the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bunnix basically sent her to the future, with only explanation that somehting bad happened and left her all by herself in fighting with CB, while she just watched it from her Burrow. With that, Adrien agreed that his father had changed to some degree. oh man, Natalie just was ruined for me in Chat Blanc.

When she leaves to de-transform, he bids her farewell by saying it was a pleasure to work with her. He gladly accepted being friends. Adrien first comes across Wayhem in “Gorizilla” after sneaking out of his house. The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Lmk what u think in the comments I love ur feedback, but plz respect my opinion if you disagree and I will respect yours. Furthermore, he is unaware that she is Hawk Moth's ally, Mayura, whom he directly fought in the events of "Miraculer". You're always here for me! Look at a screenshot theory from the episode here. Not wanting to lose her friendship, he tried to find a way to make her comfortable around him but went about the it the wrong way.

Upon seeing Rena Rouge captured, he did everything in his power to save her as Cat Noir in "Battle of the Miraculous". After Ladybug leaves, he asks Alya if she wants to know his age, but after she points to his beeping ring, he runs away in fear. I mean come on that would be a great episode. Just as Ladybug has a lot of trust and faith in him, he has the same trust and faith in her, caring for her greatly as well, even when she is in doubt. (he smiles and hugs her back), Aqua Cat Noir: Always, Little Bug.

Seeing him flee with Mayura, Cat Noir chases after them but loses sight of them. Yes, CN is also needed, but not like LB, she's the one fix everything, she's the guardian, she's the leader, she's the one to trust. I love this show and the characters, the animation, and the storyline I just hope we get to see Marinette and Adrien discover one another’s identities and for them to be together without any problems. She has never lost and she didn’t seem like she struggled too hard with defeating Cat Noir. Despite that, she returns to save him and inform him of Ladybug's plan. (major spoiler alert) By the end of season 4 or 5.

MARINETTE, not just Ladybug. Adrien was surprised that Plagg knew how to play the piano, doing a duet with him, and after playing, he said that his mother made him laugh like that, thanking Plagg. “I would wish to fix everything so we can be in love again!” Can ya’ll believe #chatblanc is canonically a yandere??? Please note that Alix who does know does not disabuse her of this mistake. But before I get into too much of it and why this series has left me in tears, not to mention Marinette and Adrien’s fate, I thought I would mention a few things I loved about this episode (Chat Blanc).

Thomas Astruc has actually admitted that Cat Noir will die in the episode Ladysecret. What an absolute WASTE of a love story they’ve been trying to set up for 60+ episodes. Thanks to the expert!". Understanding that both Ladybug and Knightowl were right combined with the fear of what would've happened if Uncanny had been human and not wanting to hurt anyone, Adrien relinquished his role as Cat Noir. I will go continue my angry cries. Juleka resisted it by being brave, and Adrien saved himself and Marinette from being akumatized. Marinette lacks self confidence either now she as Ladybug is the new guardian she has a new life therefore she can't make anymore mistakes and she will need Cat Noir for this since he's her only support and only one who can understand her situation and always there to bring her confidence back up and as Marinette she needs some more confidence and people around her will help and not push her therefore she'll be able to confess to Adrien.

She may be awesome at martial arts but she’s a turd and needs to leave Adrien alone. The series is based on an original concept created by French animator, Thomas Astruc, who was inspired by a meeting with a certain lady, Japanese anime, and "decades of comics binge reading". However, upon discovering his identity and the reason for his actions, he had breakdown because he was torn between his family and his beloved. She still doesnt know any secrets though because she wasnt the ladybug that learned of them. Did you read my posts? When Marinette gets expelled from school in "Ladybug", knowing that she would never cheat and steal, he wanted to prove her innocence as well as help her get back in school. I actually don’t know I’ve watched love eater and miracle queen several times and I’m not sure anymore I hope he does. An example of this is in "Ladybug", when he easily walked into Mayura's trap until "the real" Ladybug revealed the deception. Us Love SquareTM shippers need some reassurance and hope ;-; thanks for taking the time to read this rant/opinion I will disappoint into the shadows now goodbye. At least I understood it that way! They began to share drawings, some of which were ladybug-themed. After the titular villain's and sentimonster's defeats, he had a better understanding of Ladybug and her seriousness.

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