It is important that plants are not overfed, and fertilizer should be extremely dilute. The sepals and petals are yellow-white barred chocolate brown and spotted with magenta at the base. The flowers do not have the distinct spur at the base of the lip as in Vanda, Aerides, Rhynchostylis, Ascocentrum, Saccolabium and Angraecum. The name Myrmecophila is a derivative of the word myrmecophile and refers to the symbiotic relationship with colonies of ants that are usually found living in the large, hollowed-out, banana-like pseudobulbs. You’ll also find other types of orchid, including those listed below. This natural hybrid has been recreated artificially and the results are fully consistent with the presumed parentage of the natural hybrid. Long days did not prevent flowering but reduced the flowering period to once a year.

This species, first described by Lindley in 1850 as Trichoglottis pallens was transferred to Phalaenopsis by Reichenbach in 1864. It was originally described by Schauer in 1843 as Stauroglottis equestris but when specimens were introduced into cultivation by Messrs. Veitch in 1848, it was described as new by Lindley who called it Phalaenopsis rosea. Oncidium orchids are sometimes known as dancing ladies and usually flower in autumn.

Phalaenopsis boxallii (= Phalaenopsis mannii). There are a lot of names because there are a lot of orchids.

This orchid is a small sized, hot growing epiphyte in scrubby bushes close to the sea and exposed to full sun with curved, hollow, pseudobulbs carrying a few apical, elliptic-ovate leaves that blooms in the spring and summer on an erect, to 120 cm long, sometimes branched inflorescence from which arise several to many 12 to 20 successively opening, fragrant flowers occuring over a long period. Pictured: Vl. C. S. Parish in 1864, it was described by Reichenbach in the BOTANISCHE ZEITUNG for 1865. Phalaenopsis orchids have become the standard for orchids because they have become so widely available and inexpensive. Baskets are highly popular for Phalaenopsis among growers who hang their plants from the roof or from pipe racks along the wall. They have thin pseudobulbs and hard, waxy leaves.

The genus is highly prized in horticulture for its showy, fragrant, long-lasting, and intensely colorful flowers. Phalaenopsis esmeralda: ( = Phalaenopsis pulcherrima), Endemic to the Philippines. Widespread from Myanmar throughout Indochina to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is one of the handsomest of the species in the Subgenus Polychilos Section Zebrinae, but it does not seem to have remained in cultivation in the 20th century.

Grow in a special bark medium rather than compost, in a spot that has bright, filtered light to thrive.


It belongs to the same subgenus and section as Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana and to Phalaenopsis mariae but it cannot be mistaken for any other species in the section. The sepals are elliptic-oblong, the petals nearly rhomboid and twice as broad as the sepals. Vanda species are generally tall monopodial plants that usually bloom but once a year. Dendrobiums require cooler growing conditions and a less humid environment than moth orchids. Somewhat variable in size and coloring, it is from the outer fringe of the Phalaenopsis geographical range. This species continues to be rare in cultivation. schilleriana. This is the first of the Phalaenopsis species to be introduced alive and to flower in cultivation, after being sent from Manila by Hugh Cuming in 1837. Cymbidium Enzan Forest ‘Majolica’. They like cooler temperatures but are forgiving of temperature fluctuations. The lip is shorter than the other segments, with short broad side lobes which are white with red-brown markings, and with a flat middle lobe with a central ridge and forked appendage at the base, cream-color with red-brown lines. Subgenus Phalaenopsis Section Phalaenopsis with their broad-petaled flowers, are the species in the background of most of today's modern white and pink-flowered hybrids and include Phalaenopsis amabilis, P. aphrodite, P. x leucorrhoda, P. schilleriana and P. sanderiana. Plants take significantly longer to reach flowering size than any other Phalaenopsis species and, as a result, the demand for collected plants continues to be a problem. Endemic to the Phillipines. They like temperatures of between 21-29°C (70°F-85°F) in summer and no less than 18°C (60°F) in winter – making them a good choice for centrally heated homes.

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