Ecs Sup. Our boards are an industry-leading weight of only 17.5 pounds—that’s 20% lighter than competitors’. High velocity + limited effort (hundred percent quicker and fifty percent easier than the standard pump ) to inflate a high force. This makes it a particularly great option for beginners or someone who wants to fish with a spincast reel. Forums > Stand Up Paddle > Board Talk & Reviews. Sleek new upgraded heavy-duty paddle board backpack / travel bag (large enough to fit pump, paddle, paddle board ISUP), zipper opening allows ISUP dry while being stored.. NOW INCLUDES EXTRA TOUGH 10' POLY FLEX COIL PADDLE LEASH. We’ve completed the hard work for you by making a shortlist of the five best inflatable SUPs on the market. Not just you can find adjustable shoulder straps and waist support belt, but also the interior buckled straps to keep the SUP fixed and the outer belt to keep the bag stay fastened. There is a carry handle that is conveniently attached to the board, in the middle of it, so you can carry your board across the beach with ease. ENJOY AN EASY & ECONOMIC WATER SPORT: This up-and-coming outdoor activity is loved by first-time participants, athletes, and more because of its versatility for physical activity and lesiure.

You can jump up to your feet and tilt your weight without worrying about the board flipping. This is a safety feature to decrease the amount of falls the user experiences. The backpack has sufficient area to save the DCS SUP and all the accessories. It can bear 500LBS. Watersport enthusiasts across the country are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits that inflatable SUPs (and inflatable kayaks) have over their traditional hardtop counterparts. on the water, Durable 3 ply reinforced polyester mesh-core encased in two layers of laminated PVC and drop-stitch construction, Kit Includes: Aluminum oar, travel bag, pump, gauge and kayak seat with back rest, BUILT FOR EXPLORATION: Designed for the paddle board warrior, the inflatable SUP board features a hybrid nose for fishing, touring, snorkeling, spear fishing, or recreational paddling in all weather conditions.

Can be used as an SUP or kayak, Sleek, lightweight and fast, Extremely rigid and strong - Weight limit of up to 209 lbs. SOFT, STABLE & ANTI-SLIP TOP DECK: Perfect for beginners, we've upgraded this inflatable paddle board with a no-slip soft top that cushions your fall when slips or accidents occur. Edges of the blade are constructed of rubber stuff, rightly reject hurting. BEST PADDLING MANEUVERABILITY: Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins, steering & handling the stand up inflatable paddle boards is incredibly easy. In order to simply fit into the given bag, you can break the paddle into three pieces. The rider can even kneel on the board for added comfort & stability.

The SereneLife inflatable SUP has a premium feel but a budget price. With tens of thousands of boards sold across the world, you can trust ROC as the leader in quality and fun! Despite being built with enjoyment at the forefront of the company’s attention, there’s no doubt that this 10’5” SUP performs well too.
Subs Active Search New Topic. HIGH QUALITY ADJUSTABLE FIBERGLASS PADDLE: Floating fiberglass paddle, half the weight of a standard aluminum paddle designed to make you enjoy your paddle session. This, combined with the brand name, allows you to complete those adventures without any concerns about being let down in the big moments. In terms of the main features of this board, you will notice the EVA foam traction pad as soon as you pick up the board, as it covers the top deck. This includes the choice of green and light blue color schemes, which both look great on the water. While it is best to stay away from harsher waters and weather conditions, this won’t be an issue for most recreational users. The kids took it away and are having fun with it. The paddle board comes with a lightweight fiberglass paddle, which is designed to match the color of your chosen board. SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: High maneuverability and lightness make this ISUP ideal for adventures in the ocean, lake, or rivers with flat water and small wave conditions. The foot strap also provides great comfort. All the details are made to make you enjoy your paddle session. ROC Paddle Boards premium inflatable paddle board is made of the highest quality military grade material. The board also as an integrated six-point bungee system at the nose, which means that your gear is always going to be secure.

USA-based company with USA customer service.

Many 3 piece paddles rattle around and are sloppy. Given its lightweight, you can either put it up before heading to the water or take the pump with you and do it once you get there. When you purchase this paddle board, not only will you get the board, but you’re also going to receive a surf leash, repair kit, and a deluxe backpack. Likewise, the small boat can be inflated in around five minutes, enabling you to get out on the water in super fast times.

The board is 32" in width and 6" thick making it light yet stable. Tri fin design enables easier and more efficient tracking. The Roc inflatable SUPs are available in a choice of four colors (blue, black, pink, and green). DCS inflatable paddle boards adopt 3 layers laminated fusion stuff outside, drop stitch Glass Fiber stuff in the middle, Bravo gas valve, the improved bonding technology. The extra-wide tail helps the full 32 wide board gained further stability, and the shape of the board delivers perfect tracking experience. Wave goodbye to your hardboard and welcome in the age of the inflatable. The HydroForce White Cap Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard. Created by Echidna66 > 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2018 Stand Up Paddle; Foiling; We stand 100% behind our products so you can buy with confidence. What we like about this paddle board is just how versatile it is. The 11 foot inflatable SUP from Atoll fills you with confidence as soon as it’s delivered. Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards is the most relaxed iSUP bag in the market. However, fun appearances are far from being the only key selling points of the 2018 design, which is capable of holding a weight of up to 400lbs. Moreover, the top deck is particularly long, providing great comfort and a consistent feeling underfoot while there is still space for six D rings and bungee cords at the front end of the board.

This makes it ideal for beginners while the use of D rings at either end allow for several options regarding the installation of kayak seats or other accessories.
PORTABLE & INFLATABLE SUP BOARD: 100% travel-friendly, this unique SUP inflatable paddle board is preferred by those who have a knack for adventure. Not only does it perform well, but it is affordable too and has a great design. The backpack has sufficient area to save the DCS SUP and all the accessories. However, the SereneLife paddle board is equally appealing for advanced paddlers. Real hundred percent full carbon fiber paddle has just half the weight of a standard aluminum paddle. As a fun-inspired board, the iRocker is 33” wide for added stability on the water despite being just 10’6” in length. The center fin is removable and the side fins are not. The sturdy SUP is built with longevity in mind while the fact it can be pumped up with ease even if you avoid the appeal of buying an additional electric pump prevents potential frustration. The board is 32\" in width and 6\" thick making it light yet stable. Comes standard with: High Pressure Bravo dual action hand pump (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up, up to 15psi), front bungee tie downs. It is an all-around iSUP, which means you can use it in any different variation of SUP and in virtually any sort of condition as well. Upgraded travel and storage backpack also standard with reinforced. This offers great versatility, especially if you plan to have several people (or dogs) on the board at any given time. This is a ten-foot inflatable paddle board, which promises to make your paddle boarding experience one that you will never forget – for all of the right reasons, of course! If taking the product in the carry bag, there’s plenty of room for a life jacket and water shoes inside, which is a nice touch. The board is around six inches in thickness, making it more stable and rigid in comparison to the four-inch iSUPs.

your perfect all around board great for touring, fishing, yoga any paddle needs you have.

The side is bonded with three layers of high-density PVC material. Breaks down into 3 separate pieces in order to easily fit into your provided bag. Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can withstand up to twenty PSI force and bearing 400lbs as the hardboard, but just half the weight. Though they all come with these benefits, they offer varying features and specifications to meet the different wants and preferences of different individuals. This paddle board is the least expensive on our list, so you can use the money you save on buying a waterproof camera to capture all of your paddle boarding adventures. However, you don’t want to waste valuable time surfing the net when you could be out on the waves on your paddle board instead. For adults and children alike, the lightweight and secure paddle board is a fantastic solution for those future explorations of the water. The top deck is firm yet comfortable regardless of whether you’re seated or standing, even when you use it for several hours at a time.

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