[80][81] Eventually, he convinced PolyGram that he could continue and recorded a version of "Vuelvo a Nacer" that satisfied him. [26] Led by singles "Desnúdate Mujer" and "Mujeres", the album sold over 300,000 copies and earned Ruiz the Latin Artist of the Year Billboard Music Award. Yo confiaba en él con mucha tranquilidad. [9] One of these performances earned him an award at a show held at the Majestic Theater in Paterson. [120] This notion was further fueled by the fact that while they were together, Ruiz, Sr. behaved like any other father and did not reflect a grandiose aura. [116] The album debuted at number eight on Billboard's Hot Shot Debut and became Ruiz's biggest chart success. [106] His father was quoted as saying: "I knew my son was famous, but I never imagined he was so loved all over the world. [32] The album was certified platinum after selling over 100,000 copies. [19] Consequently, he contacted his friends and family during the holidays and became engaged on December 24, 1997. [4] Residents of Paterson played it on boomboxes and the local store quickly sold all of his albums. The album achieved platinum sales status and which were used to sustain his family. [17] Led by the singles "Tú Con Él" and "La Cura", the record became the number-one Billboard Tropical Album. At the age of 5, Ruiz played percussion instruments at the Roberto Clemente Park in Trenton and at other city venues. [70][71][72] His final appearance took place at the Crystal Nightclub in Miami on April 24, 1998, during which Ruiz made an effort to hide his discomfort. Por: Lo Sé Todo - hace 6 años.

For three days thousands of fans paid their respects. [13][18] Their relationship was not well received by her religious family, who tried to enroll him in rehabilitation centers, and the couple relocated. Parallel to this, recording label Rodven records released a new album, Más Grande Que Nunca, which contained the hit "Deseándote". [101] However, by the morning of August 9 his condition was critical and continued worsening until 11:40 p.m., when he died at the age of 40. [93][94] During the following week, Ruiz's condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was unable to care for himself. [33] During this timeframe he outsold Sergio Vargas, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Xavier, Juan Luis Guerra, Jerry Rivera, and Rey Ruiz. Se cumplen 20 años de la partida de Frankie ¿cómo lo recuerda? [117] His final single going on to become a hit. [27] Between 1995 and 1996, Rodven released a compilation of themes named Oro Salsero, which was divided into two albums and was accompanied by presentations in the tri-state area. [40] Initially Ruiz was unable to speak and was worried about his career. Es un merecido homenaje para Frankie Ruiz … Para mi el mejor de todos .. Por la calidad en todas sus canciones … Es y será siempre mi ídolo, Como el nadie me da escalofríos siempre que lo escucho cantar increíble su voz tan Bella y mágica a las ves, You tell me Frankie and me have a story to tell. Desde Bronx, NY…!!! [13] Both joined a local music group led by Charlie López, known as Orquesta Nueva (otherwise known as The Charlie López Orquesta), as vocalist and bass player, and started performing salsa at talent shows. [126] In 2004, another tribute album Va Por Ti, Frankie was released featuring various artists. [7] Afterwards his custody passed to his parents and he was raised at Union City, along his brothers Viti and Juanito. Llegó el sábado y cuando yo iba para el baño del club lo encontré parado en la puerta y me dice: ‘bueno, hoy es el día que vamos a salir los 4’, y yo le respondí: no mi amor de verdad que no porque con quien yo quiero estar y a quien quiero conocer es a ti. After being born, he was initially adopted by his grandmother, Concepción, as his mother was 15 years old. [125] The video for the re-release of "Puerto Rico" was recorded in Mayagüez, as an homage.

He was much bigger than I thought he was. [28][29] While in jail, Ruiz underwent a detoxification process. [6] After being born, he was initially adopted by his grandmother, Concepción, as his mother was 15 years old.

[17] The success of this group led to a general resurgence of salsa which had been struggling before the expansion of merengue music in the tropical categories. Fue algo gracioso.

[102][103] Ruiz was survived by his children, grandchildren, his two brothers, and his wife. [106] His coffin was covered by the flag of Puerto Rico, which became an ubiquitous gift brought by the masses visiting the funeral house. [99] During his final days, Ruiz was bedridden and immobilized and began making final arrangements. ‘Yo te lo dije, papi, que eras quien la gente estaba esperando’, le decía. 4 Esta noche a las 9pm. [120] He also noted that since the event was an homage of sorts to his father,[120] his repertoire included several of his classics including "Bailando", "La cura," "Puerto Rico", "Soy tuyo" and "Desnúdate mujer", as well as original songs.

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