What mighty works has he accomplished? Then asked Ganglere: What was he doing before heaven and earth were made?

Beyond this nothing is known of her. as portrayed in the Prose Edda? He dwells in Noatun, which is in heaven. If you have not known this before, you can easily find out that it is true and that there is no lie about it, since you must have observed that a woman has no beard, that a cat's footfall cannot be heard, and that mountains have no roots; and I know, forsooth, that what I have told you is perfectly true, although there are some things that you do not understand. ", Frigg spake: 25. He needs no food himself. Vali and Narfi: cf. There is a saw, that he who surpasses others in bravery, and never yields, is Tyr-strong. A squirrel, by name Ratatosk, springs up and down the tree, and carries words of envy between the eagle and Nidhug. Made answer Har: It is not unknown, though no wise men tell thereof, how Thor made amends for the journey that has now been spoken of.

As is here said: But true it is, as you said, that Odin is a great chief. Snorri omits the naive note about earth quakes, his narrative ending with the words, "And there he lies till the destruction of the gods. notes on Hymiskvitha, 4, and Voluspo, 39. The fourteenth is Gna, whom Frigg sends on her errands into various worlds.

], At your feast a place | and a seat prepare me, Or bid me forth to fare. Skathi: the wife of Njorth, and daughter of the giant Thjazi, concerning whose death cf. Then come Balder and Hoder from Hel. When Balder had fallen, the asas were struck speechless with horror, and their hands failed them to lay hold of the corpse. Utgard-Loke bade her take a wrestle with Asa-Thor. Then added Thride: Still there was before a world to the south which hight Muspelheim. Possibly he did not mean to imply that Loki's fate was brought upon him by his abuse of the gods, but simply tried to round out the story. document.write("
One looked at the other, and all were of one mind toward him who had done the deed, but being assembled in a holy peace-stead, no one could take vengeance. The third asa is he who is called Njord. He took from the earth two children, who hight Bil and Hjuke, as they were going from the well called Byrger, and were carrying on their shoulders the bucket called Sager and the pole Simul.

Said Jafnhar: We have heard tell of adventure that seem to us incredible, but here sits one near who is able to tell true tidings thereof, and you may believe that he will not lie for the first time now, who never told a lie before: Then said Ganglere: I will stand here and listen, to see if any answer is to be had to this question. The wolf swallows Odin, and thus causes his death; but Vidar immediately turns and rushes at the wolf, placing one foot on his nether jaw. Or do they drink water? Útgarða-Loki serves as the villain and Elli is described as his mother. appear in the Prose Edda? Bragi: the god of poetry; cf. In old songs it is said that from that time days and years were reckoned. Did he get no punishment for this misdeed? Then said Jafnhar: All that part of Ginungagap that turns toward the north was filled with thick and heavy ice and rime, and everywhere within were drizzling rains and gusts. These horses hight Arvak and Alsvid. Skathi: Njorth's wife was the daughter of the giant Thjazi; cf. Then asked Ganglere: Whose offspring are these wolves? There was a large number of frost-giants and mountain-giants. One of them is the hammer Mjolner, which the frost-giants and mountain-giants well know when it is raised; and this is not to be wondered at, for with it he has split many a skull of their fathers or friends. It may be, however, that you are really bigger than you look. The eleventh is Syn, who guards the door of the hall, and closes it against those who are not to enter. Thjalfe answered that he would try to run a race with anyone that Utgard-Loke might designate.

The tenth is Vor, who is so wise and searching that nothing can be concealed from her. 32. When he saw their fear, his wrath left him.

65. Then they heard a great groaning and roaring. The thirteenth is Snotra, who is wise and courtly. 42. Utgard-Loke went with them out of the burg, but at parting he spoke to Thor and asked him how he thought his journey had turned out, or whether he ever met a mightier man than himself. Then said Har: Still more remarkable is the hart Eikthyrner, which stands over Valhal and bites the branches of the same tree. They find themselves facing a massive castle in an open area. And the same evening, when the builder drove out after stone with his horse Svadilfare, a mare suddenly ran out of the woods to the horse and began to neigh at him. There Gefjun set the land, gave it a name and called it Seeland. Then said Ganglere: Great tidings you are able to tell of the heavens. Thither come also the sons of Thor, Mode and Magne, and they have Mjolner. And now the truth is that we must part; and it will be better for us both that you do not visit me again. Har answered as follows: As Bor's sons went along the sea-strand, they found two trees. They find in the grass those golden tables which the asas once had. Furthermore, there is a dwelling, by name Himinbjorg, which stands at the end of heaven, where the Bifrost-bridge is united with heaven. His name is Loke, or Lopt. His father is the giant Farbaute, but his mother's name is Laufey, or Nal.

He has a very thick shoe, and he is the strongest next after Thor. the Prose Edda with the other primary texts we have read so far this But if it is made with craft and guile, then, little though it may look, that band will never come on my feet. A giantess in Jotunheim, hight Angerboda. He and his wife went on board his ark and saved themselves in it. Jord hight their daughter. Tyr: the god of battle; cf. The other wolf will devour the moon, and this too will cause great mischief. [7], "Nú skal segja þér hit sanna, er þú ert út kominn or borginni, at ef ek lifi ok megak ráða, þá skaltu aldri optarr í hana koma; ok þát veit trúa mín, at aldri hefðir þú í hana komit, ef ek hefða vitat áðr, at þú hefðir svá mikinn krapt með þér, ok þú hafðir svá nær haft oss mikilli ófœru. The compiler of the poems either was confused or thought the incident was [fp. When the messengers returned home and had done their errand well, they found a certain cave wherein sat a giantess (gyger= ogress) whose name was Thok. Ithun is not mentioned by name in any other of the Eddic poems, but Snorri tells in detail how the giant Thjazi stole her and her apples, explaining the reference in Harbarthsljoth, 19 (q. v.). With vows and propitiations to him a beneficial spell of weather is obtained. At daybreak the next day Thor and his companions arose, dressed themselves and were ready to depart.

Jord (earth) was his daughter and his wife; with her he begat his first son, and that is Asa-Thor. He is very daring and stout-hearted. The hammer sank up to the handle. As is here said: 40. Then Thor saw that the glove was the hall in which he had spent the night, and that the adjoining room was the thumb of the glove. One is there called Alfheim. He went secretly, having assumed the likeness of an old man, and striving thus to disguise himself. When they had breakfasted, they immediately departed from the burg. Four stags leap about in the branches of the ash and bit the leaves.

Her table hight famine; her knife, starvation. Loki spake: 17. A great deed it was, forsooth, that Thor wrought on this journey.

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