These coins copied the bronze of Massilia (Marseille) of the 2nd century bce and circulated, mainly in southeastern Britain, early in the…, During the Commonwealth and Protectorate (Cromwell’s appointment as lord protector was proclaimed in Dublin in 1654), authority in Ireland was exercised by parliamentary commissioners and chief governors. On 4 April 1660, in response to a secret message sent by Monck, Charles II issued the Declaration of Breda, which made known the conditions of his acceptance of the crown of England. With the abolition of the monarchy, Privy Council and the House of Lords, it had unchecked executive and legislative power. Commonwealth Period/Puritan Interregnum produced the political writings of Milton, Hobbes' Leviathan, and prose of Marvell Puritans closed the theaters in 1642 for moral and religious reasons, accounting for the lack of drama during this time This age is called Neoclassical or Pseudo-Classical Age to mean the artificiality of the writers of this age. Lambert was now sent, by the Committee of Safety, with a large force to meet George Monck, who was in command of the English forces in Scotland, and either negotiate with him or force him to come to terms. This is the period when there was no monarch in England. As a result, the authority of the Major-Generals to collect taxes to support their own regimes ended, and the Rule of the Major Generals came to an end. Limited reforms were enough to antagonise the ruling class but not enough to satisfy the radicals. The Rump was created by Pride's Purge of those members of the Long Parliament who did not support the political position of the Grandees in the New Model Army. On the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658, his son, Richard Cromwell, inherited the title, Lord Protector.

In Ireland: Charles I (1625–49) and the Commonwealth (1649–60). The first major bill to be brought up for debate was the Militia Bill, which was ultimately voted down by the House. Theories are that he feared the Rump was trying to perpetuate itself as the government, or that the Rump was preparing for an election which could return an anti-Commonwealth majority. This blog is designed to meet the quest of learners of Englihsh language and Literature. The Old English Period or The Anglo-Saxon Period- (450-1066), Fresher’s resume/CV sample For Economic Graduates, A short History of English Literature- Part-1. Cromwell and his Council of State spent the first several months of 1654 preparing for the First Protectorate Parliament by drawing up a set of 84 bills for consideration. Several administrative structures were tried, and several Parliaments called and seated, but little in the way of meaningful, lasting legislation was passed. This period, like the earlier two periods, belonged to the Puritan Age. Also known as New English literature, it is a body of fictional works grouped together because of the underlying cultural history and certain recurrent patterns. [4] Mainly on the insistence of the Army, many independent churches were tolerated, although everyone still had to pay tithes to the established church.

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