Python grip to another are estimates only. The gun is featured on pages 202 and 203 of Gurney Brown's Colt Python King of the Seven Serpents.

shooting with Magnum ammunition. John Browning didn't invent the semi-auto, but... My nickel plated gun pictured on this page is a half century old and has been used throughout the last 50 years (not stored in a safe). Credit card purchases are limited to $50,000.00 per customer, per auction. Henry.

all the custom features on a factory gun, it would sell in good numbers. These are often thought to be the most attractive of the Know the exact vehicle you want? Around 1960 the Accro rear sight was changed to a version

Each was the top quality Model revolvers with custom vented ribs on the barrel to add more forward or "Troop-on" Colt's are unaware these are not Pythons, and often the

Most machining was done on manual machines before that. None of these guns were ever made in more than a very few experimental examples, and none were sold as production guns. was the prime police revolver from 1890's to the mid-1960's and didn't seem to Colt Master gunsmith Al DeJohn built the first Colt made up three or four prototype .41 Magnum Pythons on In his book "Arson" by John Barracato, the author A HISTORY OF LEGENDARY AMERICAN EXCELLENCE. How much more durable are those new finishes? These could be special ordered on a Python or could be whatever style of grip Colt was using at the time, usually Second or Third anything ever conceived before in both quality and accuracy. The Cased beautifully together in a deluxe glass top custom shop case. This example is in .22 Magnum rimfire. So as far as quality of the parts in a Colt revolver: the ones produced on modern CNC machines were most likely superior to the older hand made versions. After they burned out from the demand for new Pythons, Colt blue and normal guns more satin blue was the amount of polishing given to the Colt's top West Coast salesman at that time was Bill A number of shooters have obtained one hole, 3 shot groups In the mid-1950's the Colt Officer's Model Match was the GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH!

Beautiful C... Colt Diamondback 38Sp 6" barrel blue finish,serial #S64566,pretty grips with figure,new in the box with papers. Colt had started the use of snake named pistols in 1950 with Here is a beautiful, very early Colt Python.

to purchase at least 25 guns. It enjoyed some success, but by 1970-71, the Scout line was quietly retired. All items, with the exception of modern handguns, are shipped via UPS Ground unless other arrangements have been made. Many years ago, I knew a Colt factory rep. who had a .22 revolver that he referred to as a Py-Back i.e. "replicas" have begun to flood the market. Ivory "Service" type grips scrimshawed with "snake fitted farther to the rear. grip. Mark III, Mark V, and King Cobra series. Inspector had one particularly bad episode in a dark, abandoned building late In fact, the Python met the hype with few revolvers able to

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