The dolls were 6" tall and, thus, shorter than the regular Bratz. Cloe is a very playful, dramatic, and smart individual who looks at life through a different lens, always snapping pictures of and filming her friends. Cloe also loves soccer, shopping, and having fun. Give me the power to change!". Cloe Expression, Cloe Soul Urge, Cloe Inner Dream [16], The Bratz range of dolls have affected the sale of Mattel's leading fashion doll, Barbie. Episode 7: Put Your Thinking Crown On! [9] The report shows copies of what it says are "cheat sheets" distributed to workers before auditors from Walmart or other customers arrive to make sure the factory passes inspections intended to ensure the supplier meets labor standards. Sets of twins were also introduced. It was produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment, and premiered on Cartoon Network, Kabillion and on 4Kids TV. Bratz Petz debuted in 2004 and were discontinued in 2006. In 2013, Bratz got a new logo and a new slogan, and the dolls all got new bodies with articulated arms, with a height to match their competitor Monster High while keeping their unique faces, and sporting brand new fashions. Colin and Isa are her twin-baby brother and sister. All 10 episodes were compiled into a 25-minute video titled Bratz: Friends Forever on Netflix. Episode 4: Bunny vs. Cat – Jade and Sasha get into a competition to see which of their pets will attract more customers. According to Cloe's Style "Birth Certificate" found in the Bratz Big Babyz line, she was born May 23rd. A window showing the doll's feet would provide a clue to which Boyz doll it was, especially important in the quest for the rare Bryce doll, available in only one of every 24 boxes. In the TV series, for her usual casual style, she is frequently seen in an outfit inspired by the Funk-Out line: a white tank top and blue denim cargo jeans with a white belt. Cloe (also known as Angel) is one of the original four members of the Bratz Pack. Funky and flirty, I can change you into anything you want... so be careful what you wish for! Review. WikiBratz Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Bratz were discontinued again in 2016 after a poorly executed re-branding and low sales. Animal prints, glittering fabrics, and pink! But she's also BFFL with Sasha, Yasmin, and Raya. [30] On August 5, 2011, Mattel was also ordered to pay MGA $310 million for attorney fees, stealing trade secrets, and false claims rather than the $88.5 million issued in April. This aspect is seen on Livin' it Up With the Bratz. She is her best friend and Jade sometimes advises Cloe, they love fashion. Bratz Babyz debuted in 2004 with infant accessories such as bottles and blankets. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Cloe's closest BFFL is Jade. Crazy Jealous Guy: Whenever Cloe seems to be showing interest in … In Bratz Genie Magic, she reveals that she thinks her nerdy next-door neighbor, Mervin Grupher, is cute.

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