Pork chops for $2.99 a pound? This guarantees that your meat will stay fresher, longer. Chuck steak for under $20? I’ve tried almost all the steaks Aldi has to offer and I have to say that the Skirt steak is my favorite.

We’ve also done a tour of duty going over the cuts of steak Aldi offers, and I’d like to take some time here to recount our findings. In this post, we turn our attention to another component of the Aldi beef lineup: the strip steak. The top sirloin is okay, if inferior to the ribeye and strip steak. Discover our selection today and treat yourself to a tasty cut – we’re sure you’ll be impressed. Click here to find out more. I’m a fan of red meat (in moderation) and I’ve tried many of the Aldi red meat offerings over the years. At ALDI, we know our customers want more welfare-conscious choices. (We’ve also reviewed some of Aldi’s burger lineup.) We take our meat very seriously here at Aldi, and with several awards under our belt, we’ve got the credentials to prove it. Red Tractor. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1feb15f88b31092228fac010f3bd243" );document.getElementById("hcc46fa589").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. It’s not top-of-the-line — it’s a little less tender than Aldi’s ribeye — but delivers good value for $6 a pound. Aldi uses cookies to ensure you have the best possible shopping experience. Learn more. From charbroil: They are also one of ALDI’s suppliers for our Australian Highland Park Beef. © Aldi Reviewer. Your email address will not be published. That’s why we stock a wide selection of free range products, including our Willowton Free Range Chickens.

Inside is a small 5-ounce filet, packed in a strange liquid and surrounded by a strip of bacon.

I want grass fed/ no growth hormones. From budget-friendly brisket to reasonably-priced ribs, you know you can look for top cuts of meat that won’t empty your wallet. Falling in the midpoint between the dubious chuck filet and excellent ribeye, the strip steak is worth considering if you need a moderately tender cut without the ribeye’s flare-ups. Have you ever tried the beef loin. The price is more than other Aldi steaks — and this steak is more prone to grill flare-ups than many other cuts — but the payoff is well worth it. ALDI cleaned up at the Canstar Blue Supermarket Meat Awards in all four meat categories – Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Why Aldi Special Buys are Worth Waiting for, This Week at Aldi: The Ad for November 4, 2020. If you’re a regular shopper, you’re no stranger to the amazing Wednesday meat deals.

The result? Regardless, I cook it over high heat for minute or two each side. The Perfect Steak. Falling in the midpoint between the dubious chuck filet and excellent ribeye, the strip steak is worth considering if you need a moderately tender cut without the ribeye’s flare-ups.

ALDI is regularly audited on food safety, quality and animal welfare standards. Discover a variety of quality fresh meat and seafood products at affordable prices when you shop at ALDI. Just like every other ALDI product, our meat range undergoes stringent quality control procedures. These audits ensure suppliers adhere to the standards of the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS). You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. {"event":"dataloaded","eEcomm":true,"hideForMobile":false,"user":{},"page":{"update":"2019-07-03","published":"2015-10-09","type":"category"},"cd_searchSort":"popular","cd_searchCat":"product","cd_catFilters":"none","cd_searchResults":"133","seoData":{"breadCrumbList":[{"itemUrl":"null/c/groceries","itemName":"groceries","position":1},{"itemUrl":"null/c/groceries/fresh-food","itemName":"fresh food","position":2},{"itemUrl":"null/c/groceries/fresh-food/meat","itemName":"meat & poultry","position":3}]}}, Click & Collect service on groceries now available in select stores -. This product of the USA delivers the goods, with a great flavor and wonderful texture. Definitely recommended.”.

Shop for fresh beef at ALDI. With our fresh meat and seafood you can count on ALDI for everything you need to make your next meal spectacular. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The Aldi strip steak bears the same USDA Choice branding that some other Aldi steaks do. Bindaree Beef is one of Australia’s finest beef producers. All of the steaks have their pros and cons.

Although the way Aldi cuts it, it almost resembles a Flank steak instead. We wouldn’t recommend trying to build a party menu around it, but if you’re a carnivore wanting a budget grilling experience, you can’t beat the price.

Our excellent cuts of pork are carefully prepared. So trim as much excess fat as you can, without sacrificing flavor. No mention of meat without growth hormones. All ALDI branded fresh meat suppliers (beef, lamb, pork and poultry) are subject to independent audits.

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