I am very blessed to still have my parents with us my Dad is 86 & Mom is 81, they are moving slower and hard of hearing, but they still rush home on Sunday evenings to listen to the Ukrainian hour which has been their routine for over 60 years of married life.

Their popularity led the group to take interest in mastering a number of recordings of Ukrainian Song and Music. She continually sought ways to improve herself, loved reading, playing guitar, composing and translating songs and singing. Joe began lessons via correspondence through Paramount Conservatory of Music in Vancouver BC.

In 1984 he joined his two sons, Dennis and Rick, in a band called Sidewinder, where he played fiddle and sang. They are selling thousands of record albums”. Harry was born and raised in Zhoda Manitoba.

Had many guests on the show, including Walter Ostanek 4 times. Dave and I even played for a couple of dances at the Ukrainian Hall on Main Street with a couple of other guys. They performed hundreds of dances and wedding covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. This is what I have heard on the first tape recording of the Interlake Polka Kings, “Showmanship”….the ability to sell themselves. Ukrainian music has always been a big part of his life from the young days listening to bands across the street from his parents General Store to all the years on stage and in the recording studio. Along with playing regularly with his band, Wally, also, filled in with many other bands - The Interlake Polka Kings, Polka Drifters from Winnipeg, and the Russell Orchestra, B&B Ranch Boys, Trail Riders, Four Seasons, and others in the local area. You can also still enjoy Frank's music at the monthly jams at the Fraserwood  Hotel where he plays his favourite instruments the fiddle and guitar. Mailing Address: At age 13 after concurring the guitar, Alex took up the violin. The IPK's were one of the more popular groups in the Ukrainian music category at that time and began touring extensively throughout the prairie provinces. This was the beginning of a long musical career. Sign up for Facebook today to discover local businesses near you. I am also very happy to be back in the classroom once in a while to do some substitute teaching. Mary left behind her songs for us all to enjoy. 150 Chippewa Rd #116 Alex has become a prolific Entertainer and one of Canada's Finest Accordionist. Play accordion, guitar, bass, keyboards and fiddle. By now Tony played some by ear. Victor first attended a country school, called South River School, and later continued his education in the town of Myrnam. The beautiful music coming from the borrowed twelve bass accordion, was being squeezed by a tall strapping young man and could those finger fly. In 1982 he won the National Ukrainian Festival Championship, and today he shares his gift by teaching the next generation. By age 17 the Danylchuk family formed a band “The Frazer River Boys”. It offered instruction on violin, keyboard, dulcimer, guitar, accordion and now Ukrainian ballads. At the time they covered many of Manitoba's community halls, their most popular spot was close to home in St. Malo where Ted went to high school. Adam started playing by ear at age 12 and his first number was “You Are My Sunshine”. From that point on his musical career unfolded. Later on Dave and I moved to Winnipeg to begin classes in the fall of 1969, three and one-half years after working at the Farm Credit Corporation. My parents, Milton and Rose bought me my first guitar in 1956. Archdiocese of Canada (Ottawa), Pages Orthodoxes La Transfiguration (Rawdon, Québec), St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York), Bearers of Love (Montreal, Quebec - Ukraine), Loads of Love (Chatham, Ontario - Ukraine), First Ukrainian Pentecostal Church (Syracuse, NY), Taras Kulish, bass-baritone (Montreal, Quebec), Yurij Luhovy, filmmaker (Montreal, Quebec), Theresa Sokyrka Online (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), OREYA Zhytomyr Municipal National Choir Cappella, Репортаж українського телеканалу Інтер про співачку з Нью-Йорку Квітку Цисик (New York-Київ), Соціологічнa групa "Рейтинг" - Rating Group, НАРОДНА ВІЙНА - НАРОДНАЯ ВОЙНА - PEOPLE'S WAR 1917-1932, Альбом Українська Дивізія "Галичина".

While he left the music scene in 1970 to pursue his business career, he actually never stopped playing and staying in touch with the violin and the type of music that he had always played. Part of his physical therapy was relearning to play the violin. On May 29, 2010 Wally was honoured by U.M.A with the Legendary Achievement Award and a Certificate of Recognition and on August 2, 2015 received the Lifetime Achievement Award. I recorded my solo album entitled “Ukrainian Country” on August 1, 2010. Paul played with many well known musicians - the Al Miller Band, Tommy Buick, the Gordon Pearson band and the Versatiles to name a few. While Mary wishes she could have been here in person to accept this prestigious award, she is very grateful and honored to be recognized for her accomplishments in recording and producing Ukrainian music. In 1955, when I was 9 years old, I played my first booking.

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