"They even dug up locations in the backyard, and had long metal stakes and did tests — I assume to see if there was anything buried out there.

"It's always called a tragedy and an accident, but it wasn't. The Douglas DC-6B plane crashed near 100 Mile House, British Columbia, taking the lives of all 52 aboard. While buying insurance at the airport may seem strange today, it was not uncommon in 1965.

Married to his second wife, he had two daughters from his first marriage, and two more from his second.

His business partner also claimed he'd been carrying approximately $800 in cash — $400 of his own money and $400 in an envelope that belonged to someone else.

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 21. 'It's something out of a Hitchcock film': Experts re-examine unsolved Canadian airliner bombing. The mysterious crash of Canadian Pacific Flight 21 five decades ago is back under scrutiny as CBC News and a team of investigators take a fresh look at one of the largest unsolved mass murders on Canadian soil. in 1965. The flight path had been followed for 45 minutes, then changed course to avoid turbulence and a thunderstorm ahead. Within days, aircraft investigators and the RCMP concluded it was a criminal act. He reviewed Transport Canada's original investigative notes and reports on the crash, and the details about the situation in which the pilots found themselves. There were no security checkpoints in airports until the early 1970s.

Four absolute strangers, each with something to hide. But it was a horrific scene, one still difficult for him to talk about five decades later. Police also looked into whether Edgar had knowledge of explosives, but found no connection. A witness on the ground saw the tail of the aircraft separate from the fuselage and debris trail out behind the aircraft. All 46 passengers and six crew were killed. This report was followed by hundreds of pages of police notes detailing the investigation into the four suspects, including interviews with their families, friends, teachers and colleagues. "You have a police culture that is oriented around seeing something wrong with homosexuals," says Gary Kingsman, a professor emeritus at Laurentian university and co-author of the book The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation.

CBC discovered there was no assigned seating on these flights in 1965, so he may have just been sitting in the back of the aircraft when the device exploded. He was 56 years old.

However, when the RCMP checked into this, they were unable to find any employers who had hired him. Watch Tiffany Foxcroft's story on Canadian Pacific Flight 21 from The National: Tiffany Foxcroft is an award-winning investigative journalist and producer with The National.

He was traveling on business using a ticket purchased for him by a construction firm. Events leading up to the crash of CP 21 may explain why. Each of whom will end up being, at some point, a suspect in this case.". Didi Henderson, whose father was killed in the crash along with 51 others, hopes someone who reads this story does come forward with new information that can finally bring the case to a close. After learning about this head injury, police dug deeper into Vander Meulen’s medical history, including psychiatric reports. Employers described Koleszar as a "hot tempered type of man," but a fair worker, a good blasting expert and "one of the most careful men they had ever employed in this line of work. Lea Edgar, who now lives in California, was nine years old when her father died in the crash. New metallurgical coal mines proposed for B.C. Police never did find any physical evidence linking Koleszar to the bomb.

"This is probably one of the more remarkable cold cases in Canadian history, in part because it is so unusual, and yet there is little to nothing that's been written on it and very few people know about it," says Mike Arntfield, a former police detective and criminologist. Many of them are no longer alive, but CBC did connect with Robert Mullock, who headed the investigation for the RCMP. In 1935, Grant McConachie was admitted to an Edmonton hospital. And the question pops up, why? Vancouver (CP) -- Official passenger list, as issued by Canadian Pacific Airlines, of Flight 21, four-engined DC-6B which crashed Thursday near 100 Mile House, B.C. "We don't know if that was a distraction or diversion so that she didn't enter until long after the aircraft had gone down. A friend of Edgar’s told them that Edgar was a "fair gambler," who showed "little emotion whether he lost or won." He was on his way to Prince George to work at a pulp mill, but RCMP could not confirm he was expected at any mills in the Prince George area.

Within days of the crash, the RCMP determined that a bomb — likely made with dynamite or gunpowder — was detonated on the floor of the plane’s rear lavatory. Flight 21 was the first of the four DC 6Bs purchased by Canadian Pacific Airlines President Grant McConachie. "It's down to what did people see in the weeks and months leading to this disaster," says Arntfield. There were no survivors. For him, based on the information available, that picture points to Vander Meulen, who was described as having a "deep madness toward the world" by his psychiatrist. It remains one of the largest unsolved mass murders on Canadian soil.

He was probably going there [so] he could get a day job, and in the logging camps they would play cards at night. "We never spoke about it after.

It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Bomb on board. He doesn’t want others burdened by the gruesome memories he’s lived with for the past 53 years. Unifor and General Motors reach tentative labour deal after extending negotiations, Former MP Jay Hill signs on with Progress Energy, Frustrated coach Greg Vanney defends banged-up Toronto FC after second straight loss, Canada's Pendrith brings big drives to challenging Winged Foot for U.S. Open, Trainer Carroll says plan is for Curlin's Voyage to run in Queen's Plate, For Canadian resources, there would be pros and cons to Biden-Harris White House, say observers, Vivian Krause documentary, Over a Barrel, released, Turn of seasons highlights business mental health concerns, Major North American indexes dip into the red on slow trading day, gold falls, Waterous Energy Fund to bid $126 million to increase Osum Oil Sands stake to 85%, Predators playing competitive hockey thanks to new league, while peers focus on practice, North American stock markets plunge after Trump calls off stimulus talks, Financials help lift Toronto stock market, U.S. stock markets mixed; Loonie down, Loblaw investing $75 million for minority stake in telemedicine firm Maple. Modern investigative techniques are being applied to solving the mysterious bombing of CP Flight 21 that killed 52 people. We don’t know.".

And after reviewing the case, CBC and its experts also found no clear proof of who committed this crime.

You can, Trudeau blackface costume causes stir Prince George high school, Larry Evans: The fur-lined Alaska Highway, Larry Evans: When the televisions turned on in Fort St. John, Peace prepares to welcome world and upgrade facilities for U17 tournament, Woodfibre LNG floats “floatel” proposal for workers. Canadian Pacific Flight 21 was en route from Vancouver to Whitehorse on July 8, 1965, when the pilot declared "mayday" over his radio. William Wolfram, a logger working nearby, described the broken airliner and bodies strewn over a half-mile area as "spilled like an overripe fruit." And he had me do it because a prize came out, a bundle of papers. Vander Meulen's body was one of those x-rayed by the RCMP. Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 21 was a flight scheduled to fly from Vancouver BC, to Whitehorse, YT, on July 8th, 1965. The fourth person of interest was thought more of as a target than as a culprit.

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