‘I was very anxious about making another film, because my music career was going well,’ she told Vanity Fair last year. Released in 1978, Grease remained the biggest-grossing musical of all time until it was overtaken by Mamma Mia! Now running a retreat in the Canary Islands, Lynne teaches one-on-one yoga and small group sessions. Newton-John’s daughter Chloe was diagnosed as anorexic in 2004, aged 18, and was admitted to hospital for treatment. Once there, she was offered a one-single deal with Decca Records to record her debut, Till You Say You’ll Be Mine. 1941-Musician. In truth, nothing was going on,’ Newton-John said. Her condition worsened throughout her twenties when she became addicted to drugs. She followed that up with Physical in 1981 – the title track is still talked about for its raunchy locker-room video. She was 44. Despite the stress of the break-up, Newton-John managed to produce an album a year between 1971 and 1974. ‘I didn’t really have anything at stake except my vanity.

Read Full Biography. ‘I told everyone that I was going away for the weekend and not to bother calling me, but I forgot about the window cleaner,’ he said in an interview in 2004. Bruce Welch was the first rhythm guitarist in England to achieve stardom in rock & roll -- and as of 2008, he is, along with his bandmate Hank Marvin, among the relative handful of British rock & roll stars to enjoy a half-century of rock & roll stardom. In the 21st century, Welch has also worked with his own bands, Bruce Welch's Shadows and the Moonlight Shadows.


Foster was looking for Tony Sheridan, a Liverpool singer and guitarist he'd heard about, but instead he found Welch and Marvin. The two happened to be at the 2I's -- the renowned Soho coffee bar where Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard got their starts -- in late 1958, when they were approached by John , who was the manager of Cliff Richard and his backing group, the Drifters. Biography. She compounded the image by dating a dancer she met on the set of the movie Xanadu in 1979, after splitting from Kramer. According to her biographer, Tim Ewbank, Kirshner saw Newton-John as ‘the Julie Andrews of the future, the girl next door… only groovier.’ The film (of the same name) bombed on its release in 1970, but was a valuable stepping stone for the singer.

‘Every year for the last 20 years, I thought I was retiring, and then somebody would say, “How about this?” And it’s like, “Oh, that looks fun.”’.

‘It was a positive experience in that respect.’ But her relationship faltered and she and Lattanzi divorced in 1995 after he had an affair. It can get you through an awful lot,’ she says. ‘If they asked me at school 
to get up and sing, I was always too shy,’ she said. Lynne was first introduced to yoga when living in California in the 70’s, at a time when yoga was not as widely popular as it is today. But it was clear early on that her aptitude was for singing, not science – at 15 months old, she could recognise musical notes and imitate them; by two, she was pitch perfect.

For a time, after first meeting her on a tour of Australia, Welch became personally involved with singer Olivia Newton-John, who was then all but unknown. By the first half of the '70s, the two were engaged, and for a time Welch was writing songs and producing music for her, though the marriage never took place. She blamed the pressures of being a famous person’s daughter for her issues and admitted to suffering from body dysmorphia, having embarked on a series of drastic cosmetic surgery procedures. ‘We had a bit of a crush on one another, but I was with someone else [Kramer] and John was going through a difficult time in his personal life. And these two not only played well, but their guitars interlocked so well that it almost sounded like one man playing two instruments at once, clean and precise, yet quite capable of rocking out like American players.

‘It was easier for me,’ he later commented. And in 1960, after three early singles were ignored (including a pair of vocal numbers on which Welch was the lead singer), they topped the charts with "Apache," an instrumental. Marie Claire is supported by its audience. She became involved in the Grand Prix racing circuit where she married Formula 1 driver Jackie Oliver, who won Le Mans in 1969. Bruce Welch was the first rhythm guitarist in England to achieve stardom in rock & roll -- and as of 2008, he is, along with his bandmate Hank Marvin, among the relative handful of British rock & roll stars to enjoy a half-century of rock & roll stardom.He was born Bruce Cripps in Bognor Regis, Sussex, England in 1941. He was born Bruce Cripps in Bognor Regis, Sussex, England in 1941. He was involved in every incarnation of the Shadows except for the 1969 Japanese tour. Devastated, Welch attempted suicide and was lucky to survive. Shortly afterwards, she met Bruce Welch, guitarist and songwriter with The Shadows, and they became engaged in 1968. Records, as Richard was. In the years following her breast cancer diagnosis, there have been further personal challenges for the singer. He co-wrote many hits for The …

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