I have bought my last Browning. Has anyone out there removed the Browning Dura-Touch coating from their X-Bolt synthetic stock? I've had my bps camo finish for eight years and just got it out of gun safe for upcoming turkey season and its sticky everywhere the finish has been applied. Thanks for that!

Browning has worked with its manufacturers to produce non-Dura-Touch replacement parts (i.e., stocks and forearms) for most potentially affected firearms. However, I have the NWTF MOBU stock set on my SX2.

The only problem is it will take about 8 months to do:( I will say if they would take the gun and re dip it I might be interested } I sent My BPS 12 Gauge back to browning and they told me they would remove the old and reapply the dura coat, from what I been seeing on these threads it don't seem to last long. I sent my Citori, with the sticky Dura Touch issues, back on 9/21/17. so far feels pretty much like new. The rest of the gun is okay. Did you not see my solution three posts up? Predators Go Pro I finally got all mine corrected but it took a long time. I called about 4 weeks ago being curious about turnaround time. I own many Browning's and have never had to call them.

I'll you everyone know if anything positive occurs. Browning Maxus 12 Gauge Stock, Stalker w/DuraTouch.

Browning is taking in the guns and then shipping them in large lots to the processors.

Called Browning at 800-322-4626. No sticky parts. Keeping fingers crossed. I have a Browning Maxus 12 gauge in mossy oak duck blind. Browning Maxus Dura-Touch Stock, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Browning Maxus Stock, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Browning Maxus Dura-Touch Stock, Realtree Max-4, Browning Maxus 12 Gauge Stock, Stalker w/DuraTouch, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, Realtree Timber, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, True Timber DRT, Browning Maxus Golden Clays Grade 3 Walnut Stock, Gloss, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, Simulated Carbon Fiber, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Browning Maxus Synthetic Stock, Shadow Grass Blades, Browning Maxus Sporting Grade 3 Walnut Stock, Gloss, 1101 Mason Circle Drive Pevely, MO 63070 Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm CST, © 2020 Midwest Gun Works, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

They explained that they only have 2 vendors for dipping these guns and are so backed up that it would be 4-5 months. West coast Co. W dura coat replacement, please.

Many thanks Paul. Lake Norman Video Equipment

It simply disposable!! Well folks, I am happy to report I found a great solution to my Bad Browning experience and it has nothing to do with Browning. Water Temperature 38 0 obj <> endobj That said it arrived today, and looks great. Canon Hfs20 Watch the edges though as it went through the graphic layer in a couple of spots, but with the Mossy Oak pattern it just looks like part of the pattern, so no harm done. Gear if (document.readystate === 'complete') {

You might want to re-examine your business model and find an alternative to lying to customers like me and trading our trust for $ 50. The one still has the band on it from the factory and never shot after the repair...Had the same issue on a Browning .22 camo buckmark Pistol Metal parts are fine but color got soft and came off the grips. Had the Sticky problem with my A-Bolt Stock!! Hawks Buck Thompson Center The repair shop people were very nice. Does anyone know what they are replacing a bolt stocks with, I sent in a Gold Hunter 3 1/2" and an A-bolt Ti. Been duck hunting with my SX2 with the Rust-Oleum matte clear clear coat spray on the sticky duratouch stock. My BPS was returned a little over 3 weeks ago. Oh yeah, there in the safe,closet or under the bed, because they work and we don't want to mess that up by using it or damage it in some way!!! Email me tutorhelp07(at)gmail(dot)com. I have the same problem with my 12 Gauge BPS. © 2017 OODMag.com - All Rights Reserved. With respect to a law suit, check back a few posts. The new stock is obviously not duro touch anymore but my shotgun is brand new again and absolutely no sticky stock. The last was Gander Mountain. The "NEW" Dura Touch finish, although it is a nice paint job, is nothing like the "OLD" Dura Touch finish. Something that will last? As I suspected, the new finish was extremely slippery and I never felt as comfortable handling it as I did with the original Dura Touch finish. They said they'd make it right, so I still am not sure what kind of stock will end up on the gun.

The slip says it was received Jan. 9 and shipped back 7/28. Techniques This is a fact. June 2012 I am very disapointed with this finish. I can text you pictures. I was ready to send mine in since I don't think I will get any satisfaction from Winchester on my sticky forearm and stock. I plan to contact Browning this week to learn of a correction or resolution to this problem. I have a number of Browning firearms with the Dura-Touch finish on stocks. Had a gunsmith disassemble the gun clean the parts to be sprayed and clear coat. It will save having to buy a new stock if I decide or have to remove it. Stayed I original box until last week when I decided I would mount a scope on it and use it this hunting season. I have seen it first hand. 4/8/19 Parts department told me to send the rest of the gun to them and they would re-dip it so it all matches. So, Browning provided a shipping label for sending my Maxus in for stock replacement under the Dura-Touch settlement.

My browning mag 10 has been at their shop for 7 months. They've been through at least 3 different Hydro-graphic dipping contractors . Browning is sending me replacement stock with no questions. June 2013 I shot the BPS this past weekend and after cleaning the gun I noticed that the coating was peeling away at the muzzle of the barrel. Boats It feels like they are trying to pull my leg. Replaced scope and rings and it shot excellent as before. sent 3 abolt stocks in 1 took 1 year different stock altogether 2 took 9 months 1 stock not stock i sent in i marked it 1 stock finish so hideous am selling gun majority of people i talked to have no buisness talking to customers no have super x 3 8 to 9 months maybe to get back clear finish looking like best option their customer service sucks, Problems are supposed to be fixed through a class action lawsuit.

New York I have a fix! '; South Carolina The service department told me that they wait until they have 40 to be done then send them out, when that 40 returns another 40 go out.. They informed me that the wait time is now up to 8months.

I took the stock off of the gun and used brake cleaner and rags to get the dura-touch … That's how a real gun manufacturer values it's customers. They are mearly seeking profits from big box store and don't care about the consumer. I asked if this would happen again and the rep said "no, we changed the formula a couple of years ago." I know it's discontinued so they can't replace that exact one (as said in previous comment). seemed to work ... almost seemed to "restore" the original feel. They said send it in and they would replace the stock. I talked with the service manager at Browning and he told me they had hundreds of weapons waiting to be redipped. I did two coats. Should that be considered normal? Ladder Stand

Have never fired it. Very disappointed but more interested in finding a fix.

It's important to keep in mind the feature I was seeking was the "Hydrogrip" so look for that as well. Pretty bummed about this. Anyway, when I first talked to Browning I was told I'd be getting a new Dura-Touch stock, but it's just a plain composite stock. Hi Survived a season of very wet, rainy waterfowl hunts and is still great. Processing Equipment My experience with them was great..........Thanks Browning. I got the same response, Mike. Sign up for the Ontario OUT of DOORS Newsletter. I looked on the replacement parts and cost for this stock $750.

Thank you browning!!! August 2014 Precision Sports Powered by /=÷*;=. Bowtech I almost don't even care if I ever get it back.

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