(1), 85 - La Roche sur Yon It has a clear and easily accessible display that makes it easy to see your child’s temperature. Cuisine équipée  (2), 30 - Connexion Partenaire Boulanger B Our choice for best in test is the Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT 6520, which is ideal for using on children. However, the measurement time is relatively long and the thermometer beeps when it measures. The Omron Gentle Temp 521 is a straightforward ear thermometer with an illuminated display, allowing you to easily see the value displayed at all times of the day and night. Rechercher, Communauté Boulanger You will get a reliable read within just a second or two.  (2), 64 - Anglet The Gentle Temp 720 gives a very good first impression. The measurement time is also relatively long and the Chicco Easy Touch was the only thermometer in the test to show a measurement result 1.5 °C lower than the others.

Problems of this type are what gave us a poorer overall impression of the thermometer.

It can also be used to measure room temperature.  (5), 06 - Antibes The thermometer shuts off automatically. The measurement button is rubber covered – which gives a good grip but feels slightly less hygienic than a plastic button. Pertinence The individual being measured should be indoors for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. However, the actual button is relatively shallow.  (2), 39 - Boulanger Montmorot (w/o batteries), (2) AAA Batteries – at least 500 measurements. Retrait et livraison  (4), 78 - Orgeval Some thermometers may also allow you to take temperature from other parts of the body, such as the forehead, armpit or rectum.

No probe covers needed, Recommended for infants, children and adults, Remove protective cap      Press power button.  (2), 75 - Paris - Rosa Parks  (5), 44 - Boulanger Pornic The thermometer comes with a hygiene cover and a ring to be used to attach the protection to the thermometer. The unique dual technology means that you can take temperature two ways – by placing the thermometer on the forehead, and also by holding the thermometer in front of the forehead using the no touch mode. The Braun NTF3000 is what's known as a "no touch" thermometer, which measures the temperature via a lens aimed at the forehead.

Wherever you take the reading, make sure you follow the instructions of your device – and always clean the thermometer after use. Once downloaded and synced, the app is not mandatory to use though.

 (3), 66 - Perpignan - Rivesaltes Omron recommends that you take three temperature measurements one after each other, and if you've held the Gentle Temp 720 for too long there's also a risk of false lower values. Omron Gentle Temp 720 Infrared Forehead 3-in-1 Baby Thermometer Contactless LCD Display, Thermometer that won’t disturb a sleeping child, Type: Forehead thermometer Price class: Premium Battery: AA batteries Memory function: Yes in the app Silent mode: Yes.

Key features of the new Braun No touch + forehead thermometer.  (5), 44 - Nantes - Reze

The actual thermometer is relatively large – bordering on cumbersome – but it's easy to find the button without having to look.  (4), 77 - Lognes  (5), 62 - Lens - Vendin le Vieil Mettre à jour Internet Explorer gratuitement, Adapté aux petits enfants jusqu'aux adultes, Patch à placer sur le corps, sur la peau sous les aisselles, Associer ma carte de fidélité à mon compte, Utilisation Adapté aux petits enfants jusqu'aux adultes, Méthode de mesure Infrarouge (sans contact), Méthode de mesure Rectal et sous l'aisselle. However, the measurement time is relatively long which is a big negative point if you have children who don't like sitting still or being held.  (4), 21 - Dijon - Quetigny Silent mode offers a switchable silent mode to take temperature without waking up a sleeping child.

Chicco Comfort Quick Infrared Ear Thermometer, Chicco Infrared Ear Thermometer Comfort Quick, One Colour, Thermometer with straightforward hygiene cover and clear display for a good price, Type: Ear thermometer Price class: Budget Battery: AA batteries Memory function: Yes, last measured value Silent mode: No. Do not aim at sides of container holding the liquids or food. In addition to how reliable the results are, we have also looked at how quick the thermometer is and assess the other functions and properties it has.

 (1), 94 - Villiers sur Marne However, to be able to measure the temperature – the app must be installed.

 (3), 54 - Nancy - Vandoeuvre © 2017 All rights reserved.  (1), 26 - Valence The thermometer includes 21 probe covers and these are close to the measurement sensor, which also makes it easier to obtain a correct value.

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