The information here can help anyone who is writing a scholarly legal paper in the United States, including JD students, LLM students, and SJD students.

Short forms may also use id. If you refer to a piece of material more than once in your writing, you may be able to use an abbreviated citation for it, following this rule. The law may not block one group of citizens from access to government assistance.¹. Always be sure to provide sufficient information to allow the reader to find the cited material quickly and easily. The Bluepages provide the best place to begin your study of The Bluebook system of legal citation. [email protected], It's still available at If you refer to a piece of material more than once in your writing, you may be able to use an abbreviated citation for it, following this rule. Unlike the remainder of The Bluebook, which is designed in a style and at a level of complexity commensurate with the needs of the law journal publication process, the Bluepages provide easy-to-comprehend guidance for the everyday citation needs of law students, summer associates, law clerks, practicing lawyers, and other legal professionals. Updated for the 20th edition. This book, available in the Law Library's Practical Skills collection, will help you learn Bluebook citation. Example: Daniel C.K.

You want to know how to format jump cites. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. You’ve found your rule. R12.4 is the rule for citing session laws.

³Brown v. Bd. Chow & Edward lee, International Intellectual Property: Problems, Cases, and Materials (2006). That qualifier "mostly" is there because the rules in the Bluepages often refer to the Whitepages for the full rule. The Columbia Law Review, The examples used throughout the Bluepages are printed using simple typeface conventions common in the legal profession. The Bluepages provide only an abbreviated introduction to the Bluebook system, however, and do not contain answers to more difficult citation questions. This part is subdivided into two main sections: the first section, consisting of rules 1 through 9, establishes general standards of citation and style for use in all forms of legal writing. You need to be aware of this fact as you use the rules and craft your citations. ... Reports and Other Nonperiodic Materials which “governs the citation of books, treatises, reports, white papers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and all other nonperiodic materials.

Importantly, however, it documents the many respects in which contemporary legal writing, very often following guidelines set out in court rules or style guides, diverges from the citation formats specified by those academic texts. The tables show, among other things, which authority to cite and how to abbreviate properly. ¹Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620, 633 (1996). Rule 15.1(d) on authors requires you to use abbreviations for institutional authors’ names and sends you to, Rule 15.10 on short citation forms for books and reports refers you to, Do it with style Rule 1 tells you where to put citations, and the nitty gritty rules for citing particular authorities begin with Rule 10 for cases. These are for academic legal writing: journals and law reviews, These are for practitioner legal writing: court documents and legal memoranda.

Blue Pages.

of Educ., 347 U.S. 483 (1954). The Harvard Law Review,

If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. What's in between are the style rules. (Two authors are separated by an ampersand; if the book has more than 3 authors, the first author is listed with “et al.”) For the urban legend, see Red Paper, Blue Paper. Now, with material like your road funding report, reasonable people can disagree about which rules might apply and how a citation should look and that’s OK. Lawyers and judges can spot a miscited case, statute or regulation in an eyeblink, but with a report like this, if you’ve given readers enough information to find it, you’ve done your job. These rules apply to everything in the Whitepages. Provides tips on using the Bluebook, from the Bluebook's official webpage This introduction is meant to assist you as you begin what will likely become a lifelong relationship with the Bluebook system of legal citation.

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