WOW - thanks! But the cold would be offset by the kitchen stove, which would have had a fire going all day, and which would make the room one of the warmest in the house. Not magnetic south, but solar south (varies about 10 degrees from magnetic south depending on your latitude). While there are advantages and disadvantages to having a house face different directions, one thing that I have always looked for is a detached garage, then you can have windows on all sides and cross ventilation it maximized. In my old house the rooms that were on the west side of the house and not shaded by trees were like an oven. I suspect it's radiant heat from the attic and insulation would help with that; it's something on our to do list.

North-facing is not the only option. What does the lot look like?

Use north light for studios or art rooms, maybe with a skylight on a house built with the north side into a hill or berm.

A lot's orientation may even influence its price. All Rights Reserved.

Example, I'd prefer the "front" beautiful and the garage in the back hidden behind a huge carport/pergola covered in Mme Alfred Carriere Roses because I don't want to see the garage and don't want others to have to either, but that is just one of my quirks- hubby is a car man and I have trouble seeing my garden from inside because of parked cars 8-(Curious, exactly what "defines" what is the front or back or side?Anyway, thanks for posting the topic, most interesting to read everyones point of view!


This is what I would do.

Upload of the Day: A Mini Fridge in the Master Bathroom? It was the home that held the MOST good health, harmony, peace, and tranquility.The one I hope to build one day soon will be right next door facing the same direction! Thank you for all the I need to digest it all. I've always wanted a house where the back living space facing west. My absolute favorite home, was exactly as anita55's----facing north and sloping down to a lake in the back (south).

This intensity may need to be tempered with special glass, strategic window treatments or architectural additions such as awnings or porches, in order to control the UV rays and heat.

Through design, any home regardless of lot orientation can take advantage of the amount of light offered. Think of sitting in an armchair, cuddled with the back behind you & arms on the sides, & look at the big picture of the land & trees around you. Thanks to the foresight of the original owners, there are mature deciduous trees on the south east and south west corners, so the house is spared an early heat up as well as the worst of the late afternoon sun.

Example, DD love the heat, I love it cool so she wants a bedroom S/W and I have to have N/E. There remains a perception that the south-facing side is the location of choice, a preference that seems to be based on the belief that glass roof sunrooms are cold in winter and can be warmed by the winter sun. I have little use for WEST facing windows. Protect west side also from strong winds and sun.I like the kitchen on the east side of the house with maybe a small breakfast patio out there.I used to design homes and studied architecture in the Midwest. Anyway Feng Shui is interesting and one way of looking at the world that I thought I'd share with you.

the brightest room we have is our office with both south and east facing windows. I do love a cross breeze but I'm having problems with the floor plan. This is because I crave sunlight in the winter and this way, the sun would be hitting the various rooms as I use them throughout the day. It's one way of looking at it.

Conventional shingle roof rooms are usually built using low-E argon which usually allows over 80% of that heat to enter the room.

Some individuals want a sunny backyard; others want a sunny home entrance, while others have specific rooms in the home that simply beg for brightness. Can't we all just get along when it comes to color versus neutrals? The best orientation, however, can also be very subjective. We ended up with the front facing northwest and the back facing southeast. And some of the BIGGEST complaints from clients come from "awkward" cuts.

Can't do that much unless you want to live in a fishbowl! In a way I'm not sure why since I have worked so hard on this house. Dear Leanne: Do you have any recommendations on how to sanitize a butcher-block counter?

> News > New Homes > Lot orientation a matter of preference, By: Leanne Brownoff I can have it sunny or completely dark, depending on the mood I'm in. Because the house sits near the bottom of a hill on the north, it stays pleasant in the warm months, (actually about 5 degrees cooler than at the top of the hill), and at night the temperature does drop noticeably; we're generally still using quilts on the beds until late May. (Alexander Pattern Language #105). Polkadots, if they're existing homes that you're considering, try to make an appointment to see them during the daytime so you can get a feel of the lighting.

I was living in northern IL and southern WI so my comments were related to that latitude rather than a TX latitude.

I have never thought of the direction of the house independently, rather rooms use with the landscape. I have taken advantage of this morning sun by building a covered porch and gazebo off my kitchen so I can enjoy morning breakfasts outside. Ideally, no one would have a main door facing SW. Our house is very similar to lenam's drawing, except our back porch runs along the south side of the house. But I do agree that the hot afternoon sun can be brutal in the summer -- but our pool (which takes up most of our very tiny North-facing backyard) does heat up nicely (I do prefer warmer water LOL!).

He brought the feng shui master to look at the 2nd house (still available) but the guy told him that the house in escrow has better direction. our living room faces south and we get quite a bit of light there. Yes, Feng Shui suggests that a front door open to the south.

Traditionally, a lot of old New England homes have the kitchen facing north, because that side of the house would be colder in the winter.

Landscaping, location, one/two/three stories, covered porch size, overhang etc all change options.

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