Educating the Public on Indoor Air Quality & Comfort Since 2015. ACH Rating: This abbreviation stands for Air Changes Per Hour and this rating tells you how often the air purifier can exchange the full volume of air inside a room. Having clean air filters is essential for effective air purification. So check it out. Aside from that, the Rabbit Air can filter the air of a 625 square foot room completely in just two hours. This Levoit compact air purifying device is a great buy for anyone who is looking for convenience. Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO): This is a photon-based air purification process that works in conjunction with an Ultra Violet Light to oxidize chemicals and destroy volatile organic compounds, bacteria, mold, fungi, and allergens. It still has a majority of the same qualities with a little differentiation.

Since it's HEPA-certified, this air purifier is great for allergies because it can remove fine particles and common allergens from the air. Also, the HEPASilent filtering technology captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size and helps to kill germs. Although it might be on the bulkier side, that pricepoint is way too fair to pass up on, so make room in your living space ASAP. If you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly air cleaner for home use that only requires the touch of a single button to clean your air, then this is a good unit to consider. Below is a list of all of the common terminology you’ll find when comparing air purifiers and their definitions. Additionally, the Levoit Compact True HEPA Tower is ozone-free, meaning it’s much safer for the environment than the majority of air purifiers on the market. At just $120, it's a great value compared to larger, fancier air purifiers. With the included screen, you can choose to decorate the background with images featuring designs by Monet or even Hello Kitty, which is awesome for children’s bedrooms if your kids suffer from asthma or serious allergies. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 9 Best Drip Coffee Makers for a Better Home Brew, 8 Best Personal Blenders for Grab-and-Go Smoothies, Laundry Experts Pick Their Favorite Steamers, The Best Dehumidifiers to Keep Humidity at Bay, Selina Tedesco, Good Housekeeping Institute, Amina Lake Abdelrahman, Good Housekeeping Institute, Product Testing Analyst, Media & Tech Lab.

The fan oscillates at 90 degrees to influence and manage air quality more effectively. While the Winix 5300-2 air purifier won’t be back on sale on Amazon until late October, we recommend that SPY readers keep this one on their radar.

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