Gwen tells them that they are heading towards the top of a cookie headquarters, and tells them that they have to stop Ben before it's too late. Ben transforms into Four Arms in anger.

This episode was released online September 4, 2020. Pang starts panicking.

Team Tennyson faces tough competition at an obstacle race.

You can also watch Ben 10 on demand at, Cartoon Network online. Episode Guide Ben uses a Dr. Smoothy flag pole to launch himself up to the top of the building Toothache is climbing.

Current Episode (aired 12 Apr. Rate.

Sweet Tooth While Grandpa Max struggles to keep pace with an unbelievably fit rival, Ben and Gwen run into the Weatherheads - who've secretly masterminded this race to test mankind. The Tennysons investigate the theft of Plumber technology seemingly committed by foes from Ben's past.

Medieval Upheaval Grandpa Max and Ben both experience the effects of its waters. Episode number The summer finally ends. Ben begs for Gwen to go first, and she does. Ben's son, Ken, turns ten. Add Image. Ken soon befriends Devlin, a youth with some ties to an archenemy of Ben's.

It is revealed that Dr. Pang wanted to find a cure for cavities so he used an experiment that would transform his body into a dangerous tooth monster.

Errors. Ben fights his better judgment to jump in the pit and be the first person to find the bottom until Kevin 11 shows up and starts to goad Ben into a contest to the bottom of the pit! Gwen tells Ben that he liked this dentist the last time they visited. AJ Marchisello Heatblast: I'm not tryng to get out of a checkup. Team Tennyson participates in the inaugural ride of the Sonitrain, the fastest train in the world, but when the conductor turns out to be Lord Decibel, Ben must derail his master plan if he is to save his family and the passengers on board the runaway train. Innervasion Part 2: Call the Dream Police, Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter, Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme, Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 2: The Wages of Fear, Diamondhead AW1: Great Petropian Civil War, Part I, Diamondhead AW2: Great Petropian Civil War, Part II, Stinkfly AW2: The Sweet Smell of Survival, Heatblast runs through the door telling Max that they have to save Gwen.

No way! I brush twice everyday! Ben: Pang? Ben Gwen and Grandpa Max arrive in Bismarck North Dakota for its annual celebration of bee pollination bringing them face-to-face with Queen Bee and a bold new scheme forcing Ben to conquer his new fear of bees!

He notices that Gwen has a cavity forming.

Ben completely ignores Gwen when she takes him to a family fun center. Ben 10 is an American animated television series based on the original 2005 series of the same name.The series premiered in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa in October 2016 and April 10, 2017 in the United States.. As of October 10, 2020, 172 episodes of the series have been aired.

Max things, feeling that they forgot something, then later Gwen is seen still wrapped around Omni-Kix Four Arms hand. The Tennysons find themselves facing off against a group of highway pirates who have hijacked the Rustbucket. Links S4, Ep10 5 Apr. Ben decides to tell Max.

2020 Chicken in Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme. Dr. Pang: I-It's no big deal. Gallery

Ben and Tetrax are taking the Omnitrix to Azmuth when they run into Vilgax and his army of drones. As a birthday gift, Ben gives Ken an Omnitrix, with ten aliens. The first time being in. He runs through the town, noticing that it destroyed a churro cart, and goes Omni-kix. He asks where Ben and Dr. Pang are.

Gwen and Toothache travels up a building, which is the headquarters of a cookie company.

Watch all 36 Ben 10 episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. 2020) The Hex Factor. He brought back a plant that he believed to be the cure of all cavities.

Gwen gets mad and starts throwing a tantrum, telling Pang that she brushes two times a day, and occasionally brushes three times.

They have to stop Hex from getting to the Fountain and regaining his youth and full powers. Omni-Kix Four Arms rocket punch allowed him to catch Gwen. Details Ben 10 (Reboot) Written by The lady tells Gwen that Dr. Pang will be with her shortly, but the music in the dentist office begins to start acting up.

Cartoon Series Info. 2008 After Grandpa Max's supersmart buddy Phil discovers that a second extraterrestrial item crashed alongside the Omnitrix, Team Tennyson sets off to find the second crash site before someone else does. 1. The two fight each other, but before Toothache finishes off Ben, he hears music, and transforms back human. Ben, Gwen and Max attend a family wedding in which there is much more than meets the eye. She thanks him for helping Dr. Pang, and tells him that he is also recovering. Ben tells him that he isn't trying to get out, and that the dentist is saying the weirdest things to himself in the bathroom.

Ben admits that he might've overreacted a bit, but then Jen runs out telling them that there is a monster.

Next episode Ben and Gwen learn a rumor of an alien invasion happening at the park they are camping at but when they investigate they discover a preserve containing a host of mutated creatures engineered by Animo! September 14, 2020 Ben 10 Reboot (2016) (Season 4) Hindi Episodes Download FHD. Max: Why are you Heatblast? Ben finds himself having a seemingly perfect day only to discover that it's a plot concocted by Enoch in an effort to retrieve the Omnitrix. With Negative 10 after the Sub-energy, the Tennysons and Cooper make a final stand at Mount Rushmore to keep them from getting it and taking over the world. Previous episode Gwen: What?! Ben tries everything he can to not go to the dentist, but Max explains that this is something they have to do, and there's no easy way around it. Hex is after the Fountain of Youth. Later on, Jen checks Ben's teeth, and tells him the status on his teeth.

Release Year: 2016. On occasion, I brush three times. Sweet Tooth is the one hundred and fifty-seventh episode of Ben 10. The refection tells him that they should let "him" do it, referring to Toothache. Jen explains that Dr. Pang has been acting differently since returning from his last trip. 4 Credits Max questions how does he know that, and how did he even get outside.

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network India. The Hex Factor While visiting Lake Erie, a relaxing day at the beach gets all washed up when Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max come face-to-face with Hex, and his summer intern, Kevin! Benjamin Lane Ben 10 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (170 episodes). Season No: 04. Meanwhile, Frightwig pushes Zombozo back into a life of crime after he ends up becoming a party clown. Max runs towards Gwen, who landed safely. Toothache and Gwen follows a trail of cookies, and is lead to an ally way, where Four Arms trapped them.

Ben has a daydream of the dentist being evil. Telling him that all sweets should go away. Gwen might have forgotten the time when Ben actually had a cavity in, However she makes a callback to the events of, This is the first time a minor/background character becomes a villain, This is the second time Gwen teams up with a villain.

The transformation scares Jen. Ben leaves to go use the restroom, he checks on Gwen and notices that she's fine.

Check out episodes of Ben 10 by season. It's not uncommon for someone your age to develop a cavity. Now, both Ben and Zombozo will have to learn that you shouldn't ignore your friends! That dentist is in the bathroom right now saying the weirdest stuff to himself! That causes him to almost transform, but he able to resist. Ben doesn't like the sound of the music, he believes that Gwen might be in trouble. While at the beach, Ben discovers a new alien hero with the power to duplicate itself. Dr. Pang: Pull it together, Pang. While on a trip to the dentist's office, a paranoid Ben grows uneasy over the dentist's odd behavior and goes into hiding, but when his suspicions prove right, and the dentist transforms into the monstrous Toothache, Ben must pull himself together if he is to save the day! Team Tennyson trade campfire stories in an anthology-style series that pits Ben against his archrival, Kevin 11, and teaches our hero the power of imagination.

Gwen: I'm 10 years old!

Dr. Pang comes and apologizes for putting them through all of that trouble. Heatblast: Grampa, we have to save Gwen! Max tells Gwen that she has to get over the cavity problem. After the Rustbucket breaks down Ben Gwen and Grandpa Max find themselves killing time at the local town library but soon scramble to out maneuver Hex as he searches for a hidden ancient artifact. That's all. Max comes in asking if he needs to go get him, but she tells him that Ben's teeth are great, and she doesn't want him to start slacking off.

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