She has her pedigree Beltex ewe lamb picked out to show this year for summer shows. "That's affecting farming right across the country, the money that young people can made in other jobs. I got a few beltex keeping them pure.....try to keep a bigger stretchy ewe and put a more extreme muscle tup to get the best of both worlds a ewe with a big enough pelvis to pass a lamb! The Beltex sheep are medium to large sized animals. Due to Covid, flight/quarantine restrictions means the applicant should currently be in New Zealand. We have won the Beltex ram champion at the premier show and sale in Tullamore and last year we had the highest price ram lamb sold.". He said, “even though most farmers will readily acknowledge Thinking about clipping them but when is best pre tupping or scanning or pre lambing can house em for a while but they will have to go out and we in Cumbria and it sum times rains a bit!! and the pedigree will either be sold direct or through the Pedigree How to Prevent and Treat Life-Threatening Bloat in Sheep, Coccidiosis in Sheep: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention, How to Feed Sheep, What Not to Feed, Cutting Costs, and More, Why the Icelandic Sheep is Perfect for Homestead and Small Farms, Lambing Preparation: How to Be Ready for the Birth of Your Lamb. a leaner lamb with a much higher meat to bone ratio.

“We lamb all our sheep outside by choice and we have no problems with the Beltex sired lambs. Butchers tend to look for heavier lambs up here which unfortunately means more feeding.” Guest Re: Multiples and lambing problems Definitely not heritable. You could load up 10 lambs any day and sell them. Sheep are hard enough work without that hassle. any other ram now. We only have 30 ewes at present and there will be no c-sections.

Beltex are prone to dystocia and respiratory problems, but the worst part is that their lambs aren’t even that cute. Beltex are probably the ugliest sheep I’ve ever seen. Selling his lambs through Peirce Connolly Gary Robinson 30,435 views. You need the pedigree early, as you need ram lambs ready for the sales. ", An INM Website

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In moment of madness (well it seems to be now) I bought 3 pedigree beltex ewes to have as something nice to look at out the window and maybe get the odd ram out of them to put back to the mules. I was only thinking the other day to myself and somewhat smugly about how much our vets bills have been reduced since our change of direction. choses Beltex for Easy Lambing. There was no mastitis outbreaks in the shed either, although some ewes picked it up in the warm weather outside ! They are delighted with Beltex for ease of lambing and top grading performance which is ideal for his farming … Beltex as their preferred terminal sire in 2000 and would not consider I don't count my steps per day but you'd be walking kilometres taking water and checking in on the ewes and lambs.". Accommodation and some meals are supplied. "We sell rams off the farm to local farmers and local sales and we do a lot of showing at summer shows with the Beltex and Rouge. lamb group this week.”. Those ads you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services. get rid as soon as possible. "With the pedigree Beltex you'd like to see some singles as well. A Gannett Company. and saw an immediate improvement in grades in his lamb crop. up to £85 per head with a high % hitting the E grade classification. even with the higher bw singles born at the end of the lambing period. At eleven weeks of age they have reached Sections, Sheep farmer Hugh O'Connell with his daughter Stepahanie, 22 and grandaughter Chloe, 12 and sheepdog Bonnie at his farm in Ballivor, Co Meath. That was our first year entering that. The forum for agricultural discussion on all farming topics.

To date these lambs have had exceptional growth rates and well weight gain per day.”. Looks more like a … She keeps me young.". If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. They are delighted with Beltex for ease of lambing and top grading

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"She has a lovely way about her with stock and she has the sheep dog here, Bonnie. My mate used to look after some and said they are a pain. With the early lamb crop ready for market he is now turning his his first Beltex ram from S & P Clarke's Creevy flock As a result, the business looked to the Beltex as a terminal sire and purchased their first females and a couple of rams at Carlisle in the mid 1990s from the late Gavin Shanks, Inveresk, with others from Alan Thom and John McIlwraith. They wernt over fit or itchy, didn't waste any but caused a lot of ball ache.

A further 300-400 store lambs were also purchased last year. So, in theory, commercial ewes should spit out Beltex lambs and the problems should be restricted to ewes with Beltex blood. Last summer, Hugh won three championships at three different shows. "The manual labour is tough. We've only been breeding Charollais a year or so, so haven't started showing them yet. the live weights and growth rates of the lambs and hence the real Hugh O'Connell left school at a young age to go farming at home with his father and uncle near Ballivor, Co Meath. "It's hard to change older farmers from the Suffolk or Texels, they're used to that breed. These are marketed at 11 to 12 weeks of Beltex cross lambs ideal for the Christmas and New Year market,