Copy 2 must be submitted to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) of the locality in which the premises sought to be licensed is located. The determination of whether the forms are required is the responsibility of the applicant, but may be verified by ATF during the qualification or compliance inspection or other times. It is also true that some errors, omissions and mistakes will lead to situations that will ultimately disqualify the applicant. Typically, the application process is only 30 days after the IOI interview, so it doesn’t take too terribly much time. Depending on how the Business was structured any tax stamp items (this would exclude post 86 stuff) rolls to the owner without a tax stamp fee so in theory if you planned to buy 2.5 NFA items per year it is worth it. Have you ever held a Federal Firearms License?

Your email address will not be published. EVERY BIT OF THIS CRAP = MAJOR INFRINGEMENTS TO THE 2ND AMENDMENT. That said, if you are buying and selling a BUNCH of C&R firearms and the ATF hears about it, there is a good chance they are going to look at the “to enhance your collection” as well as “not in the business of” stuff REALLY closely.

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It’s not; many people struggle with this item. Not all applicants will need to submit the forms. If operating out of your home, the lock on your front door could technically qualify, but investing in a gun safe will likely be much more satisfactory. %%EOF Up to your state laws. Read all the field labels carefully. So unless you are legitly manufacturing, chances are you do not need to pay the ITAR fee.

Business/Activity Address (RFD or Street Number, City, State, 7. An RP is either the sole proprietor or any individual possessing the power to direct the management, policies, and practices of the Corporation, Partnership, or Association, to the extent that they pertain to firearms. Telephone Number (Personal Contact # with Area Code), 12. [� u�,�r��/,���j��X^T���tnF(g��YO�Y�ġ��[����jwb`�Hnt���o*fab}���w֛�)v��.�È�)��/i\j�CD�_��Y�᣽:���9?

It is well and dandy and isn’t that hard to get once you have an FFL. Specifically, I hereby authorize the release of the following data or records to ATF: Military information/records, medical information/, EACH RESPONSIBLE PERSON MUST COMPLETE AND SIGN A SEPARATE QUESTIONNAIRE/ATF FORM 7/7CR PART B, Mail application, fingerprint cards, photographs, and application fees, including a. separate questionnaire/Part B for EACH Responsible Person, to: Each Reponsible Person being added must complete a separate questionnaire/ATF Form 7/7CR Part B. and mail it, along with their fingerprint card and photograph, to: ATF, Attn: FFLC, 244 Needy Rd, A photograph and fingerprint card are not required if you are applying for a Type 03.

Have you ever renounced United States citizenship?

To facilitate processing of fingerprints, the FD-258 should list “WVATF1100 ATF-FFLC, MARTINSBURG, WV” in the ORI block. Application is made for a license under 18 U.S.C.

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