With their help, you can pretend to be quite a few things. […], The knowledge domain is a unique version of a cleric that centers around the power of informaiton.

modifier as discussed is your best friend and you should have minimum 16 dex. You can really rely on your sneak attack as your damage dealer, and just pick and choose utility spells like Disguise Self, Knock, Fly, and Invisibility.

), and Wisdom too, as you’ll take Expertise function in Perception the only skill for which you will need it (although you will fail an annoying amount of Saving Throws because of it!). If you’re in an intrigue campaign, it can be beneficial to take two levels purely for the Mask of Many Faces invocation – the ability to cast disguise self at-will is great. Rogues trained in the art of assassination are renowned for the ability to deal massive damage to unsuspecting foes—but that’s not the only trick they have up their sleeves.

Remember, 5E has no facing, so if you move out in the open to backstab, you reveal yourself and lose stealth (although you may still gain surprise).

But, if your party lets you work, you can get some value out of this. It’s pretty fun to use trip attack with an arrow while the bad guy is surrounded by the party tanks, giving them advantage on their next attacks (as long as they go before the baddy).

1st-level ranger abilities fit thematically with Scout rogues, but don’t do much outside of an exploration campaign. Anyway it only costs 45 gp to upgrade to studded leather, giving you AC 12, which is sadly as about as high as you’re going to get for armour alone – luckily your dex. On a failed save, double the damage of your attack against the creature.

Thanks! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On a failed save, double the damage of your attack against the creature. A magic-using Rogue, what could be cooler than that?

Then, creatures (not just townsfolk!) So, what’s the best usage of this ability?

You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn’t taken a turn in the combat yet. Do you mean take down a target in one shot? You can use sneak attack once on someone else's turn as well, which is what happens when you make an opportunity attack. Consider strongly for expertise. Assassins need Dexterity; stealth and landing attack rolls are essential for your job as taking someone out immediately. Wood elves’ Mask of The Wild makes hiding easier, and high elves’ +1 to Int is useful for the Arcane Trickster archetype. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it.

All Rogues need to have a high dexterity. As you get a sense of your character you might prefer to choose one (or more) from each table (or from the tables of another background) than roll randomly… then again rolling randomly can do wonders for your creativity, as it forces you to join the dots in a credible way, no matter how far away they are. At 4th level, you get to gain either an Ability Score Increase or a feat. at level 3, allowing you to learn Wizard spells. But no matter what type of Rogue you play, using the class features, skills, and feats in this guide will make you a helpful addition to any party.

Comment* This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Some of them are for rogues in the sense that mouse traps are for mice. He used to be a Fixer for a local merchant, and used his skills of deception, infiltration, and prowess with a blade to help his employer's rise to prominence.

Your best turn in combat will invariably be the first turn. What are the best builds, feats, and skills for the Rogue 5e class in Dungeons and Dragons? As a Rogue you start with Leather armour, which is a bit of a joke as it only gives you AC 11 instead of 10 with no protection whatsoever. Charisma might be good for when your disguise is ineffective, or your poison doesn’t take hold. cantrips to start with, they’re simple ways to get out of a lot of bad situations. This type of character is a master of deception, insight, and intimidation. The Assassin Rogue works best if you can go first into combat so you can get all of your bonuses and do the most damage.

The build options are going to come down to what spells you pick and how you want to play your trickster. In other words you can use Sneak Attack even without sneaking if you act first. The information contained on www.SkullSplitterDice.com website (the "Service") is for general information purposes only.

And then critically hit! I recommend grabbing, , their big limitation is the use of an action, but as sneak attack can only trigger once a turn anyway, and it can trigger off the attack made as a part of. You focus your training on the grim art of death. I’m not even considering weapon enchantments, Dexterity modifier, or anything connected. […]. So you’re thinking about playing a Rogue Assassin in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons?

After that you’re ready to let the rest of your party mop up.

If an effect states that a Dex saving throw will allow you to take half damage, you instead take half damage if you fail or no damage if you make the saving throw. One weapon combination really stands out for Assassin’s as the best and that is fighting with two short swords (or for a more oriental flavour scimitars), one in each hand. They have a knack for finding the solution to just about any problem, demonstrating a resourcefulness and versatility that is the cornerstone of any successful adventuring party. Less than a minute later, she left, and was never seen in that village again.

They gain two features that help you get the jump on people. You’ll need to pay ten times the amount (ie a whopping 2000 gp!)

That’s pretty awesome!

Check out our other Class Guides for Necromancers and Bards! Rogues can be played in a number of ways. It’s also pretty decent! He’s a ranged fighter, using a longbow primarily. After those, prioritize Charisma if you want to keep doing the duty of the party “face” or Constitution if you want to be a bit more survivable in combat. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Oddly enough, one of the best reasons to BE an Arcane Trickster is a cantrip you receive automatically when you select the archetype, Mage hand is an incredibly useful spell on it’s own, but you also get the class feature “.

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