Blanche consistently tries to win Stella’s stand and quit Stanley’s presence simple because Stella was deserve better society and moral values than what she receives from Stanley. Routledge. ( Log Out /  He was homosexual, suffered with depression and alcoholism; possibly suggesting why he may be viewed as a vulnerable human being. AO1/AO2/AO5 – This summative conclusion excellently encapsulates what has been covered in the essay as a whole. A streetcar Named Desire is a stage play that written by Tennese Wiliams. ● Show how Mitch is the omega male and what his role is Even though the play is acted in the South, however, the author presents universal issues relevant to any society in the modern days.

Every character possesses their weakness and insecurities and it is possible that Williams is amplifying the concept of the fact that we are “all savages at heart.” No matter what our vulnerabilities are, under our facades every human is “savage” and has a cruel nature. Although throughout the play, Stanley is presented to be a harsh and unlikeable character, it may be argued that he is a sensitive character underneath, who has a vulnerable spot towards Stella. Williams wrote the plays at his weakest points when he was about to die. There is perhaps an argument that more could be analysed in relation to some of the quotes Stanley says, however in an hour this is an impressive analysis from memory, which includes detailed critical references and a balance of the AOs.

It is through the use of themes and motifs specific to literature of the American South that Swamplandia! This is clearly evident in A Streetcar Named Desire, one of Williams's many plays. A quote that perfectly illustrates Blanche’s dependence on men take place near the end of the play on page 142 when Blanche states to the people transporting her to the asylum “Whoever you are-I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”. Although it is obvious to readers that Stella cannot face reality, it may be obvious to readers that Blanche can in this case, due to her comment that Stanley “acts like an animal”. Although he denied that his writing was autobiographical, elements from his life appear frequently in his work. It is not just Stella who is vulnerable to abuse; Steve and Eunice also have an abusive relationship. 10. Williams characters that he created within the play, arguably may be seen to reflect his …

She wonders why her every attempt at recovering herself in marriage alongside her dignity is falling. Her alcoholism links to Williams’ alcoholism too, which he possible inherited from his father – Cornelius. Based on their past history account, the two sister represents obscure and graceful, dull and spotless personalities. Williams’s characters that he created within the play, arguably may be seen to reflect his family, who were also very vulnerable characters – supporting this concept further. The loss motivates Blanche to move into the Hotel Tarantula where she invites various men into her room to spend the night. The author first this through the use of characterization, creating a contrast leading to conflict thus bringing out the sense of sympathy and admiration. Blanche keeps on bathing through the play to remove her dirty past. In A Streetcar Named Desire this destruction takes a variety of forms such as death (shown through Alan 's suicide) and the demise of Blanche’s previously expected reputation as a ‘Southern Belle’. In the course of A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche illustrates various forms of dependence on men. The verb “destruction” connotes “a complete destroying of her character due to its power and Stanley may be needed to act as an agent in order to get rid of Blanche and therefore reclaim his territory and his weakness – Stella.

( Log Out /  A Streetcar Named Desire The guilt of Blanche DuBois makes the emotional, tragic, and often extreme circumstances of the play possible. Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams supports this idea through the use of strong literary elements such as characterization, conflict and symbolism.

Stanley hope of owning the estate at some point and accuses Blanche of keeping the return of selling the family estate in her wardrobe. The author asserts that she will never cleanse herself from the men because she relies and bank her hopes on them. Furthermore, Blanche’s vulnerable nature is examined through her constant alcoholism and thus, constant hidden state from reality and the truth. I have typed up the mock she completed in timed conditions and then broken down in bold and in italics the way in which different sections of the essay meet the assessment objectives for the A-Level. Performed excellently at Tarrant County College Northeast Playhouse. In analyzing the main character of the story, Blanche DuBois, it is crucial to use both the literal text as well as the symbols of the story to get a complete and thorough understanding, The Analysis of the Mythic dimension in ‘A Streetcar Named Desired’ Nice academic style throughout the analysis with phrases such as “on the other hand” showing an awareness of the need to offer alternative opinions and to balance a range of analytical points. AO1/AO2 – Excellent sophisticated analysis of a range of different examples from the play with clear focus on how they show vulnerability, which is again the link to the question. AO1 – Overall structure of the writing – good link back to the previous paragraph showing an understanding of how to structure an academic essay and move onto the next point. This quote is an example of how much Blanche relies on other people, in particularly men, to help move her life forward. There are a number of significant names. The changes were drawn from the life experience of the main characters in the play, named Blanche Du Bois. Stanley who is the son of Polish immigrants descends from a changing society of new Southerners. He then comes out of the bathroom afterwards and feels regretful, calling out to his love and wanting to be forgiven. In your answer you must consider relevant contextual factors. What is the significance of the title of A Streetcar Named Desire? Blanche’s character comes across as remorseful over her husband’s death, as she feels she pushed him to his early death. Williams describes Stanley to “feel threatened from Blanche’s attack on his authority” The verb “attack” reflects Stanley’s viewpoint on Blanche and how he feels she has impinged on his territory.

She constantly lies about it, even though Mitch says she’s been “lapping it up all summer like a wild cat”. AO3 – Clear focused link to context with specific details about how this point is supported. 827 Words4 Pages.

You can’ deny the fact that that fact is true no matter what. more a streetcar named desire – critical opinions in the exam, you will be marked on AO5 (Explore the ways different people (including critical thought) react to, and interpret texts.) Free essay sample on the given topic "Advantages Of Studying Locally". Even though “two is her limit”, she enjoys a “long, cold drink” in order to get her through her life. Blanche’s fantasies are developed further as the scene continues; when Stanley arrives home she begins to tell him a variety of tall tales for example that she has been invited on a cruise with a millionaire acquaintance of hers. Metaphorically, bathing is perceived as a physical figurative representation of a character. The play, proposes various approaches and actions to be undertaken for cleansing an individual.

Stella is arguably, like Blanche, unable to face reality and the truth, but because of the strong potent love for Stanley rather than an addiction to alcohol. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. This furthermore, symbolises Stella’s vulnerability in comparison to Stanley. He advances and disappears. This very powerfully demonstrates how fragile and unstable she has become, as she appears to be dressing up for some fantastical event. Throughout scenes 1 and 2 of A Streetcar Named Desire, playwright Tennessee Williams presents Stanley as extremely powerful and authoritative through the use of dialogue as well as stage directions.

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