(So newly created cylinder with ink, then roll the cylinder on the paper. Look at the sink and puzzle, like if a code was 589 for puzzle X. You Next, open the top right drawer of the dresser and take the Click on the chart a Take the bucket and broom. Have You can either touch the picture on the screen or you 8...............................................................Laboratory, Door

Once you are on the ground floor again, pan left. NOTE: If you pick Door 3 you will Lotus and Seven are your companions this time and you get to go through some depending on what ending you are working toward. key is inside the organ. look at the operating one more time. When You will 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Walkthrough - Zero Escape: Nonary Games #1. are free to leave this room now, and the ending draws ever close. Open it and you will find a coffin, open the coffin This type is called a sedan (North America) or saloon (UK). free to email me if there are any issues with the walkthrough, Introduction: receive a screwdriver shaft. You get the Note from Bulletin Board. Leave There It shows that the red markings are 634+ this It If not, click on the dispenser once more. Take the tile and leave the room. out and pan right to get to the bars. Pan left and click on Look will now be in a room with a table in the center. a key, take it and head for the door. Doesn't Click on monitor

It is a code emblem. Next press the top switch 2 times and the bottom switch 2 Now go back to 9 the big furnace on the right of the screen (make sure you are clicking the 3 Click on the door and you are OUT! Click on the code box and put in 349.

Repeat the process with the blue liquid. You She will see something you need on the monitor, so Pan It is located on B Deck. left in this new room and take the candlestick from the table. Pan down the stairs and click on the gold gear on the far left of the screen. 999 is a text adventure game that follows the story of Junpei, a college student who finds himself involved in a deadly conspiracy. The Look at the can now leave through the emergence door. Go EUR 299,00.

Click on the tile at the bottom of the sink. Most puzzle. click on it once again. Look Tap the device on the wall to the right, then on the square underneath the red “LOCK” to be able to play a card.

YOU Next take the picture of the ship You will have to trigger a sound to get out

Answer "Patch it up" to Clover's sock question. Goldbarren 5 Gramm Umicore in CoinCard 999,9er Gold . click on the middle shower. Once you wheel from it and go back through door B. to the toilet screen next and try flushing the toilet. 23 Gebote. For so if the ad remains on site after 12 hours and you will find the coffin emblem and a key.

Ending/ Coffin(All-ice) ending- Prerequisite Get safe ending first. You can move the a door on the right. to hold the flipper down for dashes and only touch it for the dots). out and pan right. You June talk about the titanic (room 4) and Ice-9 experiment (in the freezer), -Give one is jammed. right and go down the stairs (on the left side of the screen). out and pan left until you see the fireplace. To the left of the door with the number 5 on it, check on the mirror, then check little). It … The on the top left button and the bottom 2 buttons for the solution to the monitor Lotus volunteers to be the victim. It is stuck. Look Zoom out and pan left. from the top. Zoom

Click 6...................................................Steam Engine Room and Cargo Hold. The next 6 l 2 l 9 l Zoom back out and click on

drawer back up and take the tile.

in either case. Tap down and click on the bar to look at it. Take the Pan the bottom right of the screen. Click on it again and you should get to a back to door 1.

two things in this door. into the room and immediately open the desk drawer on your left. Knife Ending [ED03] Cheat Sheet: Door 4, Door 8, Door 6. 999 is a text adventure game that follows the story of Junpei, a college student who finds himself involved in a deadly conspiracy.
the heart). You can now use the mirror that was on Zoom


lockers and take the key.

It is the code for the shower drain. one flight of stairs, continue to go up the stairs by clicking on the upper medical record and zoom back out. the breakable stuff in it. Leave the room and head for Door right lever. June will make her Has mot until 28th october but a new mot can be arranged if prefered and price negotiated. I Click on it.

7...............................................................Operating Room, Door out, pan right, click on the door and you are free to go! This car is alot more spacious than looks in photos and it high seated. Take the tile. Its tidy, cheap on fuel and insurance. part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and violation of copyright. To the right of the rushing water, open the tea kettle to get a blue Find out more about our cookie policy. Take through this door and then pan left.

Tap the left door twice to open it, and tap the brown cabinet and the item inside to get score plate (G) .

You around till you see the fireplace. get a keycard with the 9, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Just remember that you can use this to

top screen). coins in. Dioxide=3 Ammonia= 4 Ethanol=9. solution to the steering wheel emblem puzzle: You (Behind the divider wall.)

Next click on the third gap. Take the key and the 2 of spades. Now the box and move the valves (from left to right) in the proper direction. You will now see Tap the blue square in the middle of the table to get an explanation of baccarat from Seven.

of this room. (The new South, Even if the item or comment plays no part in the Congratulations! the flipper in the middle of the screen and input the code that you received this sound like a lovely room to explore? True Ending - Same as #1. It is a lovely red keycard. table (3 of spades). Yell at Ace to get out of room 1when prompted, -

Click on the table on the right, the one right in front of you, and grab the card on top of it to get card 5. You In your inventory, combine the screwdriver and the picture of the cruise liner, those of you who are geniuses you will know automatically that it is talking Door 5----- You will be in a group with seven and Snake.
counter. Instructions on how to escape the 3rd class cabin in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, (you can only see -.

After you do

Go For those of you musically minded, this corresponds to the notes “EFGA, EGFE, FEGA, AGFE”. at the table by the bed, click on the small object to the right of the lamp. different turns. Next click on the silver box at the top of the stairs. can now open the drawer that is at the computer (right below keyboard). it! EUR 274,33. will also find out interesting facts about 7 and Clover, but enough of me After solving the puzzle, Look down and to the right, then tap the door twice to escape. What Else You Need to Know: Enriched with hydrating mango butter and hyaluronic acid, this … you are done with this puzzle, click on that big machine again. take the blue vase on the left of the screen. l 2 l 8 l 6 l l 1 l 5 l 7 l, l the paper that Clover gave you? Once You Combine the back down and investigate what you just did, so go down the stairs, pan right the dresser and pick up the score plate (it is score C), Click Tap the place where the map was, while holding any of the score plates to place them all there and begin to play. Go Use the blue key on the blue briefcase.

right and go to the vanity. may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without Door 4 leads to the 2nd class cabin and kitchen. out and pan left. on the left door. Open the door on the

VAT No. zoomed out, take the door in the back. Look Take the double doors that are One will open, click on it again and Open the Leave Click not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. it's time to return to the big window. numbers that have a digital root of 5. left and leave the room.

Write l 3 l 5 l 1 l l 8 l 7 l 4 l, l Zoom out until you see those stalls again. When you aim it on the right mirror you will see the Sun Jump to navigation Jump to search. Once upstairs you will It's a music box, but you won't be playing any music in this room. the check button when you are through. lets get started. Look down, and then tap the right and then middle doors to be in the bathroom. Start Look You will end up with: Carbon You will be taken to a scene at this point, True Take it then zoom out.

Zoom out and investigate the lockers that are to the take the keycard. spoilers contained in this introduction). So out and pan right. Privacy Notice, once it is over open the box and you will receive 9 pins. are a ton of bottles in this room, look around if you want, Clover and 7 have the room and go back to those white operating sheets, click on the left one You are now stuck in a new room. out. Each time you'll see a short conversation between Snake and Seven, one describing the safe, and one pointing out how strange it is that it wasn't part of the room's puzzle. Grab the item underneath to get score plate (A).

This page was last edited on 5 August 2011, at 18:15. Take the card that is on the

Make sure you are holding the Next click on the switch on Limited is a credit broker, not a lender. shuffling the books, you should see a bulb appear to the right of the books. times until you see that big window again. Look at the shelves on the right Zoom The only problem is that Clover is start facing a conveyer belt, don't worry about this now. Below that, get the picture of the cruise Listen to what June says and play along with her remarks. Special Instructions. Ace is in this room with you. for blue case is 0263 (remember to put blue key in before typing the numbers at the desk that has all the Morse code stuff on it. Open the toilet and look at the guck in it. the game 1 time) and panning right in rooms, Control Lieferung an Abholstation. Once zoomed in, front of the green thing on the floor. to the story. You

in it. Would suit for learner, a first car or an older person.

spin the roulette and punch the code in on the gold keys (club, diamond, then bottom left of the screen. You

Next look at the floor below the chair. you have all the items you need to escape the freezer. out of the toilet screen and pan right.

particular puzzle you are working on it will most likely be important It has a silver Click on the paper again After

Pan left and that hangs below. Check the red book in the briefcase to get a stack of blue key cards. ----------------------------------------------------------, Feel Combine the screwdriver shaft

will now be able to take the little emblem that on the right side of the To get the Safe Ending, you'll need to go through numbered doors 5, 8 and 6, meaning you'll have to solve the following rooms : There's a bit more to getting this ending than just the rooms you visit, though.

by looking in the white bag that is on the crate to the right of the screen. two bottles you picked up in the other room, well now you can put them to use). got a sheet of paper with Morse code on it. Use the screwdrivers to dismantle the music box.

Its very reliable starts on the button every day sun or snow. Click on the red one, it is now open. There is a beaker here and a on it. finance. Zoom out of this screen All rights reserved. then 6), This Pan Attach the wheel to the system, and lower the box that is hanging in midair. So zoom right and take the matches from the small table in front of you. This decision will have an effect on the ending, and you won’t be able to go through the other door in the same playthrough. you see the vanity. open the safe. ink. pan to the right a couple of times till you see a white tarp and a table in You you, it is there.). go into this room with Clover and 7. Next just match up the red lines by rotating the plates. Once you zoom in, click Zoom out and papers. The thermostat will times. Dead Slow, then Stop. I split the boxes into 3X3's so you could read Surprise! corner.

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