At the time Gründer caught it, there were no scales available and Gründer intended on throwing the catfish back into the river, which he did do.

With a face only a mother catfish or a tournament fisherman could love, flatheads are not as prevalent on Pickwick as blues or channels, but Barton said finding and catching them is not that difficult. The historic catfish in question had fins bigger than Gründer’s head.

There are not that many, I think there are two or three down through there that are programmed on the Navionics chip, but anywhere you’ve got a deeper hole or a pocket, you definitely want to hit those places.”.

Welcome to the New and Used Classifieds from our Dealers, Teen goes expert on a giant Adams County 12-point, Former LSU football player preaches hunter safety after accident, Cool weather means great trout, redfish action. However, after his fishing pole started moving around, he realized he had a big fish on the line. Become the most informed Sportsman you know, with a membership to the Mississippi Sportsman Magazine and The fisherman reeled this colossus in at River Po, Italy. Some incredibly large catfish have been caught at this location in summer, but be prepared for the fight with heavy tackle. “I think a lot of the tournament catfish guys call it controlled drift,” he said. Benjamin said when he first felt his hook caught on something he figured it was a tree root. “I don’t guide doing this, but If somebody just wants to catch a flathead, that’s the best luck I’ve had,” he said. Benjamin Gründer, 37, is described as a professional fisherman. Posted by Benjamin Gründer on Saturday, April 7, 2018. If you want a trophy catfish, the best bet is to target “the boils” below the dam during periods of generation. Hardin County (Tenn.) Fishing; Fishermen; Fish; Catfish; Motorboats; Rivers; Dams: 5/16/1950: RG 82 Box 23, File 137 : View Full Citation: 16858: J. Already, the place boasts a reputation for having massive catfish. “I use the Secret 7 Stink Bait if I can find it,” he said. But freshwater creatures can be as impressive as their saltwater peers. Benjamin Gründer, a 37-year-old professional fisherman from River Po in Italy, hooked one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet, a 9-foot-long catfish setting a new world record. RELATED: Guinness World Records- Tallest Dog. He uses the same spinning and light baitcast tackle he uses for small blues but forgoes cut bait for commercially made dip baits to catch channels.

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