XS , S, Size: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. However, when it comes to 29″ wheels, the rear is narrower at 2.0″. "Unlike some bikes on the cheap end of the spectrum that cater to the recreational user, this one is aimed firmly at entry-level riders who want a bike that's affordable yet capable of riding and racing hard.". At the moment these are the greatest offers that I’ve seen anywhere online. Marlin 5’s frame is available in SEVEN sizes, so there’s absolutely no chance that you won’t be able to find the perfect one for your height. Marin is a good brand. Fixed. Mountain bikes are built for riding in all conditions so I don’t think you should worry much. Some of these are better brakes, better hubs, and a better bottom bracket. Гірський велосипед Trek Marlin 5, з обладнанням початкового рівня, ідеально підійде для любителів катання по різних типах місцевості: лісам, паркам і дорогах. If you have a budget of $550 to spend on your next trail bike, Marlin 5 is pretty much the most you can get in this category. We are reader-supported. Alpha Silver Aluminum, internal routing, chainstay disc brake mount, rack and kickstand mount, 135x5mm QR, Size: XS , S , M, Size: - 37.4". Hey Jeff, I like your review on the Marlin 5 but I have 2 questions. - 5'5.6", 72.0 - 5'1.0", 64.0 Another positive aspect of Trek Marlin 5 is that the entire drivetrain is composed of Shimano parts. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. For a detailed explanation of Trek’s collection and use of personal data please see the. It is characterized by a versatile head tube angle of 69.5 degrees, which is a good compromise between steep and slack geometry. Gravel vs. Cyclocross Bikes: Are They Really Different? Bought a bike we talked about in one of our reviews? It seemed very large for him but the salesman told me it was perfect. - 33.1", 177.0 Get special offers, exclusive product news and event info straight to your inbox. We provide valuable and informative articles to help guide your bike and cycling equipment purchases and partner only with the most reliable bike stores and manufacturers. Her får du nemlig en fantastisk affjedring med SR Suntour CCE 28-støddæmpere, og hvor der er op til 100 mm vandring for en stabil kørsel. Limber up those fingers and go. This design makes for a lower standover height, which is good for shorter riders because it allows them to straddle their bike more easily. If we like it, we shoot it: exciting races, exotic places, candid moments, random weirdness. This design makes for a lower standover height, which is good for shorter riders because it allows them to straddle their bike more easily.

2017. Marlin 5 is equipped with a low-ranked SR Suntour XCE 28 fork with a coil spring. Ne vous inquiétez pas Il nous est arrivé à tous de prendre une mauvaise route. RATING: Fantastic value Trek is known for bikes that have good value to money, so this Marlin series model has some worthy components and does not make too many compromises. Setting your bike's tyre pressure correctly will give you a more comfortable ride with better grip and handling. Marlin comes in seven frame sizes to suit riders of any height, and Smart Wheel Size ensures you’re on the fastest wheel that fits. Trek Marlin 5 is an entry-level trail bike that has a lot to offer to the lovers of mountains and rugged dirt roads. Yes water can get inside especially when you ride for longer periods under the rain. 1.) BEST FOR Beginner trail riders It’s built in Trek's MTB heritage, so you get a great ride for all your adventures. Details Support You might also like: Share the ride. I will try to answer all your questions. My name is Jeff!

The MSRP is $829.99. Trek makes all of these parts specifically for their bikes, which means they are 100% compatible and perform for a long time without any issues. Hi Prasanna It is hard to decide which one is the best but, your budget will decide in the end. But it's also versatile, and Marlin 5 is a popular ride on college campuses because the rack and kickstand mounts make it easy to accessorise and haul a load. Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek… 2.

It’s packed with features usually found only on more expensive bikes, like a stylish frame with internal shift cable and brake hose routing, which can help your cables last longer by protecting them from the elements. Bontrager stem technology lets you clip your gear directly to the stem for clean looks and maximum user friendliness.

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