( Log Out /  There was the Kinetic Algernon, a choleric artificer of icons and triptychs, who wanted to write a trilogy. Congeries (n.): In American English, congeries is pronounced with stress on the initial syllable, “CON-juh-reez,” whereas British English (and, oddly enough, NBC) prefers it on the second syllable, “con-JEER-eez.” Either way, if you’re not familiar with it, it might come as a surprise to find that congeries is a singular noun meaning “a disorderly collection” or “a heap.”. The announcer voice has evolved over the years to adopt a more friendly and conversational tone. by ๖ۣCoffecssion.

Both sports announcers and news reporters became well known and trusted by those tuning in, which gave advertisers an easy way to connect to people. Triptychs (pl. Three squawking geese Seven thousand Macedonians, in full battle array As one of the most popular sportswriters of all time, Grantland Rice used his quick rise to fame to begin advertising for companies who would pay him to talk about their product during games.

League of Legends: Riot Games will release the Announcer Pack to help change the voice of the Game. ( Log Out /  To be read in a 1920’s announcer voice. n.): Risibility is laughter or laughableness, but in this case the word is often used in the plural to mean “an inclination to laugh.” It rhymes with visibilities.

Sollux went over to Nepeta’s so they can have a video game swap marathon. Transitioning the announcer to the role of an advertiser meant that companies also used them as their first model of a celebrity spokesman. The exact model of the switch used in this demo is HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1920S 48G 4SFP PPoE+ (370W) …

(If you found it easy, the 1951 NBC Handbook of Pronunciation has a much longer version for aspiring radio announcers to try at home.)

Eventually radio advertising transformed into commercial breaks where the announcer would stop his normal broadcast to advertise for a sponsor. n.): Ignore the H in that weird –tych ending, because triptych—namely a three-paneled artwork—rhymes with cryptic. The switch will be used for connecting Cisco 8851 IP phone, which will detect the Voice VLAN and get an IP address from the correct VLAN.

Announcer voice lines/de.

Two ducks

a2k me anythiing iif you thiink iit2 nece22ary, whiich iit ii2nt. Rice is also credited for beginning radio interviews with some of the leading sports stars such as Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, and Bobby Jones. Nine apathetic, sympathetic, diabetic, old men on roller skates, with a marked propensity

Six pair of Don Alverzo’s tweezers From the Portal Wiki < Announcer voice lines. Proving that there are really no right or wrong answers here—and that the prescriptivist rules of pronunciation that would have been so important in the 1920s have relaxed—it’s worth pointing out how many of these have two or more recommended pronunciations, or else are given different readings in different dictionaries. Radio personalities were widely known and using their voice in addition to their face in order to sell products proved extremely useful. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Advertising through radio began as simple statements that mentioned a product during their announcing. After, he reaches back and maneuvers a can of soda out of the plastic bag and cracks it open with one hand.

Ten lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who hall stall around the corner on the As opposed to old media announcers who would read through a script in one breath, modern voice actors add a certain twist to this style. Switching up his legs, he goes through the start menu and straight to the options to set some stuff around. Algernon (n.): The boy’s name Algernon is stressed on the first syllable, but what you do after that is debatable: According to most English dictionaries, both “AL-jer-nun” and “AL-jer-non,” with a longer final syllable, are acceptable.

Just imagine how cooler the game would be if you could pick your own announcer voice pack. His asthma caused him to sough like the zephyrs among the tamarack. As we can see today this tactic is still used in sports broadcasting, but now also includes advertisements that have no connection to the announcer. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Putting a face to radio personalities drew people in since most had not had the opportunity to see exactly who was behind the radio voice. Later announcers’ tests went even further. With all that in mind then, try reading this: Penelope Cholmondely raised her azure eyes from the crabbed scenario. Graham McNamee: WEAF 1925 America’s most popular announcer- Indianopolis 500, Kentucky Derby, sports, Ted Husing: WJZ and CBS- Invention of the Spotter Board, so his assistant could identify players on the field. quo of the quay of the quivvey, all at the same time.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She meandered among the congeries of her memoirs. Before you learn how to cultivate an announcer’s voice, you must first learn how it came to be. Crabbed (adj. ): In its native Scots dialect, dour is pronounced with a long “oo” sound, like that in wooer or bluer (this is NBC's preference), but most English dictionaries suggest that it should be pronounced like power or sour. Dour (adj.

towards procrastination and sloth Career.

Using a different character’s voice to replace the default notification voice is nothing new in League. Tamarack (n.): Another name for the eastern larch, and frequently used to mean several different larches, tamarack essentially rhymes with anorak, and is pronounced “TAM-uh-rack.”. Sough, a verb meaning “to moan or whistle like the wind through the trees,” can be pronounced either “suff” (NBC's preference) or “sow” (rhyming with cow). Risibilities (pl. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. PREVIOUSLY IN NEPETA’S HOUSE. The subtlety  of  this product placement made it seem as if radio listeners were not even being targeted. In this post we will configure voice vlan on HPE OfficeConnect 1920S switch. Although based around artifice, which is stressed on the initial syllable, artificer is usually stressed on the first I, “ar-TI-fi-ser.”. The PC connected through the IP phone will remain in a Data VLAN. “I’m not cute,” he mumbles, people already never taking him seriously because of his lisp, “I’m manly ath hell.” Of course his deep voice tries to make it sound serious, but the lisp betrays him again. ): Cambridge also lists no less than eight different pronunciations of azure, depending on whether the first or second syllable is stressed; whether the A is pronounced long (as in “bay”) or short (as in “bat”); and whether the Z is pronounced like the Z in zoo or like this “zh” sound in leisure or treasure. Did any of those words trip you up? So would you have passed it? ): Meaning “easily angered” or “bad-tempered,” choleric is stressed on the first syllable, “COL-uh-rick.”, Artificer (n.): An artificer is a skilled craftsman or mechanic. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Sough (v.): Not even the dictionaries can agree on this one. your name is 2OLLUX CAPTOR, and you enjoy thiing2 liike CODIING- okay thii2 ii2 ju2t fuckiing 2tupiid. ( Log Out / 

Come to grips with all those inconsistencies and you’ll still have to contend with the fact that English has a troublesome spelling system that permits a word like zoo, with its straightforward double-O spelling, to rhyme with hew, blue, to, you, lieu, coup, flu, two, through, queue, hoopoe, and bijoux.

Transitioning the announcer to the role of an advertiser meant that companies also used them as their first model of a celebrity spokesman. And add to that the fact that English also has probably the largest vocabulary of any comparable language on the planet, and the problems soon begin to stack up. Change ). Radio personalities were widely known and using their voice in addition to their face in order to sell products proved extremely useful.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Eight brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred, crypts of Egypt Other games like DotA 2 allow you to do it, so why can’t you do it in LoL? Initially he auditioned and was told he would play John-117, but was given the role of the multiplayer announcer. ).

): Meaning “difficult” or “bad-tempered”; if you’re using it as an adjective, crabbed should rhyme with rabid, not jabbed. Just like it’s possible to install custom skins in League of Legends, it’s also possible to modify and pimp up your announcer pack.

Here’s what the dictionaries have to say about some of the trickiest parts of that passage: Cholmondely (n.): Despite appearances, the surname Cholmondely/Cholmondeley is pronounced “Chumley,” according to the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. ( Log Out /  Five corpulent porpoises

Four limerick oysters Sollux went over to Nepeta’s so they can have a video game swap marathon. November 29, 2019. For years she had stifled her risibilities with dour moods. This particular test is one of the oldest on record: According to I Looked And I Listened, the 1954 memoir of former New York Daily News radio columnist Ben Gross, this was in use back in the early days of American commercial radio in the mid-1920s, and was passed on to him by renowned New York radio announcer Phillips Carlin. Well, actually, you can! It’s unclear precisely how the test would have been carried out, but given how later tests were organized, it’s likely that auditionees would have been given it cold, with little or no time to prepare beforehand. He began as a newspaper writer, but his announcing career began during the 1921 World Series at the New York Polo Grounds IV and he soon became one of the most beloved radio personalities. Azure (n., adj. Posted on 11th Jun at 10:03 PM, with 12 notes.

It’s fair to say the English language can be a bit of a minefield at times. Penelope Cholmondely and her memoirs suddenly don’t seem quite so difficult …, for aspiring radio announcers to try at home.

That is an announcer’s test—an intentionally challenging piece of prose once used to audition prospective radio announcers. That is an announcer’s test—an intentionally challenging piece of prose once used to audition prospective radio announcers. Jeff Steitzer studied theater at the University of Northern Iowa and graduated in 1975.. Steitzer has done voice acting for multiple video games, and is best known for voicing the multiplayer announcer in the Halo video game series.

What else can you say about a language in which enough, cough, dough, bough, and through don’t rhyme with one another, or in which the plural of goose and mongoose are geese and mongooses?

But if you’re looking for a job at NBC in the 1950s, they want it pronounced "AZH er.". As sportswriters became known for their individual announcing, companies saw their first opportunity to sell to the radio audience. Prospective new talent at NBC in the 1930s, for instance, were reportedly tested with a list of foreign names, place names, and tongue-twisters, like “the seething sea ceased to see, then thus sufficeth thus.” And in the 1940s, announcers at Radio Central New York were given a list of 10 ever-lengthening and ever more complicated numbered sentences, which they were required not only to recite in a repeating sequence (1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4-5 …) but from memory, and in one single, expertly controlled breath at a time: One hen

Choleric (adj.

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